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Having protective motorcycle clothing whilst riding is really essential for making the riding more enjoyable and safe. You can know about all the latest motorcycle clothing and accessories from

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  • ESSENTIAL MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING Although motorcycle riding is really amazing and enjoyable experience, but it can be dangerous too as motorbikes dont have any outer shell as like cars or any other vehicles. But having appropriate motorcycle clothing whilst riding can greatly reduce the possibility of getting injured even after a severe accident. A recent survey showed that having motorcycle helmet while riding can reduce the risk of being injured about 60% than that of without any helmet.
  • ESSENTIAL MOTORCYCLE CLOTHING Since protective gears are really important for safe riding, thats why almost all countries have laws making it mandatory to wear motorcycle helmets while riding. Besides such protective gears help improve bikers riding experience and vision and thus reduce the likelihood of involving with an accident.
  • Essential Motorcycle Clothing - Helmet There is a saying that if you've got a $20 head, buy yourself a $20 head. Thats because helmet can protect bikers head incase of a severe accident occurred. 3 kinds of helmets are available- full face, open face and half shell helmets For better protection, full face motorcycle helmet is always recommended which covers the entire head and has a face/chin shield.
  • Motorcycle Clothing Leather Motorcycle Jacket Not like ordinary leather jacket Specially designed high quality motorcycle jackets are found in various motorradbekleidung shops like Bogotto Good quality jackets should have sufficient vents and insulation systems in both front and back side to help circulate air in hot weather. Light weight textile jackets with padding are also available now.
  • Motorcycle Clothing Armored Pants Though most riders wear jeans, but armored jeans are recommended for more protection. In fact, one shouldnt wear Tshirt, ordinary jeans and sneakers unless you like slipping your skin across the asphalt at around 60 miles per hour!!! Dainese lederkombis are great in this regard which comes with 2 pieces.
  • Motorcycle Clothing- Motorcycle Gloves Wearing motorcycle gloves is really essential whilst riding which can protect palm and fingers in the event of an accident. Besides, wearing gloves also provide extra gripping and comfort while riding. One should wear a light weight pair for summer riding and a heavy pair for cold weather riding.
  • Motorcycle Clothing - Boots Full length leather boots are really great which can effectively protect feet and ankles. Boots with laces should be avoided which can cause immobilize bikers feet when he wants to put it down to stop. Motorcycle boots must have high quality rubber soles and heels to grip the road when the bike stops.
  • Motorcycle Clothing Balaclava Balaclava is a silk- thin head cover which helps keep the riders warm in really cold winter. Besides, it also helps keep the helmet clean and perfectly fit with bikers head.
  • Motorcycle Clothing Eye Protector If any rider isnt wearing full face helmet, then eye protector is a must for him. Eye protectors helps keep wind from making tears streak through bikers face. Also keeps all kinds of debris and bugs from flying into bikers eyes. Though motorcycle helmets come with visor, many riders love to wear separate eye protector whilst riding.
  • Essential Motorcycle Clothing One can find many other protective gears available in the market, but these are the most crucial gears that every bikers must wear to keep their riding safe. Actually which gears bikers must wear and which they dont largely depends on bikers riding skills, his personality, riding styles etc.
  • Essential Motorcycle Clothing In fact, riding motorcycle is really enjoying only if you have enough protective gears. Hope this document help you decide which clothing and protective gears are essential for you to ride safely.
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