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International Banking SeminarOctober 20th 2011

You have the answerSince it was founded in 1907, ESSEC has been developing a unique learning model based upon its strong identity and core values: innovation, open-mindedness, responsibility and excellence. As a European leader in global management training, ESSECs mission is to educate responsible leaders for tomorrows world. ESSECs teaching method is focused upon developing the creativity and critical mind of each individual. The comprehensive range of programs covering undergraduate, graduate and executive education reects ESSECs tailor-made approach, and is designed to train entrepreneurs and managers who are ambitious, economically aware and socially responsible. ESSECs dynamic research activity (including the production of over 900 academic articles and publications in the last ve years) and its 18 research and teaching chairs that bring together professors and companies, generates a wealth of knowledge and management theory that is continuously contributing to the improvement of organizational performance for the 21st century. Today, the ESSEC community represents over 90 nationalities, 4,400 students, 5,000 managers in executive education and 141 permanent faculty, on 3 campuses in Cergy-Pontoise, Paris-La Dfense and Singapore. Its immense network of 40,000 active graduates stretches across the globe. Faced with the ever-changing challenges of globalization, ESSECs strategy to develop its resources, global presence and partnership network is in the pursuit of an ambitious goal: rank amongst the top 20 best business schools in the world and position itself as a leading educational institution in Asia.

in executive education

5,000managers 4,400studentsESSEC Master of Science in Management no.8 Advanced Master in Financial Techniques no.3 Executive Education programs no.8

including 1,350 international students

40,000Alumni around the world 90nationalities represented on 3campuses

EditorialWelcome to the 2011 ESSEC International Banking Seminar, a well-known event among leading international banks and institutions. Investment banks are employers who enjoy high reputation among outstanding students. Working in the banking industry requires considerable intellectual skills, notably mastering sophisticated evaluation methods and the ability to work hard and quickly. This represents both a genuine challenge, and a superb professional learning opportunity toward future leadership positions. The public reputation and legitimacy of banking is highly scrutinized today, and never before has it been more important to educate professionals, combining strong analytical skills with philosophical and ethical competences, to afford them the capacity of weighing wisely their decisions. At ESSEC we aim to give students the necessary tools to understand the complex and ever-changing reality of financial products and innovation. At the same time, we provide them with an ethical framework based upon the European culture and value system. Success is unattainable today within the financial industry without possessing the personal passion for macroeconomics as well as for entrepreneurship, considering how value tomorrow will be created by combining these two passions and implicating them into real life situations. We believe that it is this combination of technical background and principled broadmindedness that recruiters require in the industry in their search for the leaders of tomorrow. We strongly believe too that interpersonal skills are important today more than ever in investment banking activities. Thanks to their integrity and education, we hope our students, graduates and alumni will be able to bring to your professional environment, ideas, novel scopes and talents, as well as the ability to create values and value. We wish a fruitful meeting both for the financial institutions and ESSEC students and alumni.

Pierre TAPIE Dean & President, ESSEC Business School


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Messagefrom Career ServicesDear ESSEC Partners, We are delighted to welcome you for the 2011 International Banking Seminar, the main event to recruit ESSEC profiles attracted by careers in Finance. The Financial sector keeps on attracting our students each year for mainly international careers. This strengthens our wish to go on an active and lasting collaboration with you in order to develop recruitment opportunities. We wish you an excellent fair full of new ESSEC contacts, Thank you for your loyalty and cooperation,

Dear Students & Young Graduates, This year, more than 200 recruiters, managers and ESSEC Alumni working in different branches in Finance, will be on our campus to answer all of your questions: - Which graduate program should I choose? - What are the different recruitment opportunities and training programs? - What will be my work environment? ... This event is the ideal opportunity to set yourself apart if you are interested in soon entering the banking sector. If you are considering how to build your professional project, these exchanges can be useful in better informing you. We wish you an intense career fair filled with interesting contacts and opportunities.

Sverine Jauffret Director Career Services

Claire Guillemain dEchon Associate Director Career Services



DEADLINE FOR INTERNSHIPS31 December 2011 - BNP Paribas : Recruitment goes on throughout the year - Corporate and Investment Banking Graduate Program : Long-term internships: France, London & Asia: recruitment is on a rolling basis Summer internships: London & New York end of January/Asia: around March

NUMBER OF PROPOSED INTERNSHIPS250 - BNP Paribas : 1 500 - Corporate and Investment Banking Graduate Program : more than 700 long-term internships offered in EMEA & Asia regions around 130 summer internships offered in London, NY & Asia

DEADLINE FOR PERMANENT POSITIONS15 November 2011 - BNP Paribas : Recruitment goes on throughout the year - Corporate and Investment Banking Graduate Program : Graduate vacancies close normally at the end of November (For certain roles in certain regions we can have Graduate vacancies open until the end of December)

NUMBER OF PERMANENT POSITIONS OFFERED250 - BNP Paribas : 4 000 - Corporate and Investment Banking Graduate Program: Around 240 Graduates globally



6 January 2012

Corporate and Investment Banking Graduate Program : more than 700 long4 November 2011 term internships offered in EMEA & Asia regions around 130 summer internships offered in London, NY & Asia More than 600 internship a year 400 - 450 60 - 80 Not informed 30 November 2011 Throughout the year Please apply 2 to 3 months before your preferred start date on our website: Full-time: 3 October 2011 Work Placement: 8 January 2012



All year round 11 January 2012

Not informed 250-300 Dependent on business need

DEXIA CRDIT LOCAL December Please apply 2 to 3 months before your preferred start date on our website: Summer Programme: 4 December 2011 Spring Programme: 8 January 2012


Around 100




300 2012 Global Businesses Analysts Programme : Start date : Early August 2012 2012 Summer Analyst Programme Start date : Late June 2012 Early September 2012 (10 weeks) 30 approximately

We offer internships all year long on our website HSBC There are no deadlines for internships We offer internships in Back and Middle Office, Risks, Finance, M&A, Equity Capital Market

Application Deadline 13 November 2011 Application deadline 8 January 2012


27 January 2012

30 approximately Summer Internships: Finance; HR; Investment Banking; IB Risk; Sales, Trading & Research Operations & Business Services Technology Seasonal Internships: Investment Banking; Investment Banking Offcyle Internships: Operations & Business Services; Private Bank; Sales, Trading & Research Technology 50

30 November 2011

11 November 2011

11 November 2011

Graduate Opportunities All business areas Postgraduate Opportunities MBA Quantitative Research

8 January 2012 JP MORGAN Spring 11 November 2011 Autumn 25 March 2012

1 February 2012 Recruitment goes on throughout the year We are continuously looking for new candidates and will receive applications all year long. 20 As the team is currently expanding quickly, all applications will be assessed based on the prole of the candidate.


Recruitment goes on throughout the year We are continuously looking for new candidates and will receive applications all year long.


c. 12 to 18 6-month internship positions are available each year.

MORGAN STANLEY Winter Internships: 20 November 2011 NOMURA

Information varies according to division, please refer to

Spring & Summer Internships: 8 January 2012 Insight Programmes (Womens Immersion & Explore): 15 January 2012

Dependent on business need

20 November 2011

Dependent on business need


1 month before the starting date 30 October 2011 (but best to apply as soon as possible) S