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Helping to shape your successful life journey

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  • ESSEC Asia-Pacific

    Natalie, age 29. Senior consultant, strategy consulting firm. ESSEC 2008

    Helping to shape your successful life journey

  • ESSEC Asia-Pacific

    4,400Students, including 35% students of non-French origin representing 90 nationalities

    5,000Managers in executive education

    700Corporate partners for training and recruitment

    141Full-time faculty members, including 44% of non-French professors representing30 nationalities

    3Campuses in Cergy and Paris-la Dfense, France, and Singapore

    725Articles and books published during

    of research activity

    44,000Alumni around the world with representations

    157Partner universities

    180Companies created with the support of the student business incubator ESSEC Ventures

    Founded in Paris, France, in 1907, ESSEC has been developing a unique learning model based upon its strong identity and core values: innovation, humanism, responsibility, diversity and excellence. As an established European institution in global management training, ESSECs mission is to educate res-ponsible leaders for tomorrows world. ESSECs teaching method is focused on deve-loping the creativity and critical abilities of each individual. ESSEC offers a wide range of academic and executive programmes inter-nationally and fosters new ways of thinking to prepare its students and executive partici-pants to face the challenges of a changing world.>

    ESSEC Asia-Pacific opened in 2005. The s c h o o l h a s s i n c e w e l c o m e d o v e r

    headquartered in Singapore, ESSECs opera-tions in Asia-Pacific present the perfect foo-thold for ESSEC to be part of the vibrant growth of Asia and to bring its expertise to this dynamic region. ESSEC Asia-Pacific offers innovative academic and executive programmes with Asian insights and pers-pectives. Backed by world class faculty, ESSEC Asia-Pacific aims to conduct influen-tial high-level research in Asia. The school also leverages on its Asian faculty and regio-nal network of premium partnerships to offer executive workshops and customised corporate programmes tailored to the speci-fic needs of organisations and individuals.>

    ESSEC Business School

    ESSEC Asia-Pacific


    ESSEC Advanced Master in Financial Techniques.


    ESSEC Master of Science in Management, in recognition of the programmes graduates earnings, level of responsibility and international exposure.


    Executive education

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  • Foreword by Prof. Herv Mathe

    Professor and Dean of ESSEC Asia-Pacific, President of the Institute for Strategic Innovation and Services

    Business schools have a duty to provide an appropriate setting in which to address the challenges currently facing societies and the environment. New business models must be implemented for every industry and region. Co-creation, serial experimentations and the application of design thinking are required to formulate winning answers.ESSEC has devised innovative ways to deliver economic and business education since its founding in Paris in 1907. In Asia, we launched exchange programmes with leading Japanese and Indian universities decades ago. Multiple other initiatives have been implemented since then, including executive education and dual degree programmes in China and throughout the entire region. In 2005, we established our campus in Singapore as a gateway to Asia, focusing mainly on offering our students and scholars from Europe a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the worlds fastest-growing and most strategic economic area.

    ESSEC has subsequently expanded into a fully-fledged multicultural academic institution spread across campuses in Europe and Asia, strengthened by the resources of its network of partner institutions in America and other regions. In Singapore, ESSEC is nurturing a growing vibrant and research-driven learning community. We have introduced numerous graduate programmes including the leading Master of Science in Management in addition to a series of specialised master degree courses, executive workshops and advanced programmes in order to provide optimal long-term value to students, managers and organisations all over the region. Integrating social sciences into the curriculum, reintroducing emotional intelligence in decision-making processes, extending the creative ability of managers, and running consulting projects for the good of the public are just a few of the initiatives we have taken to manage the current necessity to reinvent business education.

    To engage in ongoing discussions with businesses and governments, ESSEC Asia-Pacific frequently organises public lectures and professional events with themes central to our fields of study: geopolitics and globalisation, cross-border innovation, healthcare economics and management, the evolution of finance, the global supply chain, environmental and social issues, to name a few. Based on the communitys pedagogical creativity and strong values, we believe that education today must blend field experience with in-depth learning, and geographical mobility with an articulated understanding of cultural diversity. This is key to address the complexity of a globalised economy and to develop the skills required to formulate and implement positive value-enhancing decisions. ESSEC Asia-Pacific has defined itself as the place to learn about innovative problem solving, strengthen the self-confidence demanded of responsible leaders and finally fight for a better world.

    3ESSEC Asia-Pacific

  • ESSEC Asia-Pacific

    ESSEC is guided by the values of dialogue, creativity, innovation, responsibility, excel-lence, and openness as the basis for training tomorrows business and government leaders. Our history dates back to 1907. Since then, ESSEC has become one of the worlds top management schools, while remaining true to the pledge of its founders to promote eth-ics and openness to the world. In a fast-changing world, ESSECs mission is to prepare future managers and leaders to deal with the most complex and global issues and to con-tribute to equitable social change. We strive to give students and working professionals a top-level education and guide them toward lasting professional success in line with their personal career plan. Constantly seek-ing educational innovation, our academic programmes are based on the students autonomy, responsibility and freedom, with a strong focus on experience in business,

    international exposure and a taste for entrepreneurship.Our mission is also to help improve the management of organisations by producing knowledge, concepts and methods that meet the challenges of our age. For over forty years, the ESSEC Research Centre has been coordinating the activity of professors and researchers in strategic fields such as consumer behaviour, economics, finance, governance, entrepreneurship, marketing analytics, and corporate sociology. Our research covers a full range of management issues to foster the most relevant and effective solutions for companies and decision-makers. In connection with top academic institutions and major companies throughout the world, ESSEC encourages the development of a multipolar world open to a diversity of management and governance methods.

    What we stand forAs an innovation-driven

    institution, ESSEC focuses on the individual

    and believes that tomorrows leaders need to form well thought-out

    convictions to guide them through ever more

    complex decisions and situations.

    Cergy-PontoiseOur campus in Cergy-Pontoise was estab-lished in 1973 in a vast landscape of 2,000 Paris. Convenient and welcoming, it features the best amenities for studying, networking and communicating, including auditoriums, digital-era libraries, residences, restaurants and sports facilities.

    Paris-la DfenseHoused in the well-known CNIT building of Europes first business district, this campus

    -grammes. Thanks to its strategic location and areas for group work and computer use, relaxation, reading and socialising, it offers the perfect conditions for education pro-grammes aimed at managers and executives.

    SingaporeSince 2005, ESSECs third campus has been welcoming students to the heart of a major economic, commercial and financial crossroads, offering an ideal platform in the Asia-Pacific region for understanding the forces, complexity, diversity and challenges of a key region in the 21st century.

    One school, three campuses


    ESSEC Business School Pioneering Spirit

  • As the business world becomes rapidly more global, management education must adopt a more global approach if it is to address the resulting economic challenges. ESSEC Business School is dedicated to expanding its international reach in an ever-evolving market. It is strategically positioned to attract future generations of leaders looking for programmes that emphasise an interna-tional outlook while maintaining academic and economic excellence rooted in European and French traditions. This international focus has led to the development of numer-ous academic and corporate partnerships that offer students substantial exchange, internship and dual-degree opportunities. With 1,350 students representing 90 nation-alities and a faculty from 30 countries, ESSEC attendees really begin an international

    life as soon as they arrive at one of our three campuses.ESSEC Business School is listed in all top international rankings, and its global reach is reinforced by its AACSB and EQUIS accreditations. In addition to its partnerships

    initiated the creation in 2011 of the Council on Business and Society, a