Esperanza Rising

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Esperanza Rising. By Pam Munoz Ryan. Chapter 1 Aquascalientes , Mexico 1924 Esperanza is 7 years old. Chapter 1. Hot Springs, Mexico . Chapter 2 . Scythe (p4) [sky the]. Chapter 2. Silk (p5) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising

Esperanza RisingByPam Munoz RyanChapter 1Aquascalientes, Mexico1924Esperanza is 7 years old

Chapter 1Hot Springs, Mexico

Chapter 2 Scythe (p4)[sky the]

Chapter 2Silk (p5)

Chapter 2Crochet (p13) [crow shay]

Chapter 2Thorn (p14)

Chapter 2:GrapesPapas buckle

Chapter 2Bandit

Chapter 2shawl

Chapter 2:GrapesMarisol and Esperanza liked talking about their Quinceaneras page 7

Chapter 2Because Esperanza had no brothers, she had the honor of cutting the first grapes.

Chapter 2:GrapesWhere was Papa?

Chapter 2:GrapesRiders page 19

Chapter 2: CharactersEsperanza Ortega Father dies and must move to California to work as a poor farmerMiguel son of Alfonso and Hortensia, who work for Esperanzas family. Esperanza grows up with Miguel. Do you think they will be boyfriend or girlfriend? Miguel prefers to be poor in the United States than live in Mexico. Why?HortensiaMiguels mother. Takes care of Esperanza like a babysitter

Chapter 2:GrapesBlood is bad luck

Chapter 2Las Uvas the Grapes FORESHADOW (language arts)Blood & darknessEsperanzas cut finger, which signals bad luck, foreshadows Papas death. Foreshadowing provides a hint about what will happen later in the plot.

In your culture, what is bad luck?

SYMBOLISM (language arts)hair in blanket love and good wishes

The Great Depression 1930s (social studies) in Mexico

Connection Past PresentGreat DepressionNo jobs, bad pay, bad working conditionsLabor Unions (United Farm Workers Cesar Chavez) through non-violenceStrikes Non-violence Gandhi Cesar Chavez Martin Luther KingNew laws to protect against financial breakdownsLabor Unions Job protection, health benefits, overtime pay through non-violenceStrikes Non-violence Gay rights, womens rights, Latino rights

Social Studies + Language Arts + ESL Chapter 3:Las PapayasPapa had been ambushed

Chapter 3The Uncles Tio Luis and Tio Marco settle the Estate:

Page 29

Chapter 3Tio Luis solution: marriage page 32

Chapter 4:Los HigosFigsThe house is on fire!

Chapter 4: FigsThe cowboys release the horses page 41

Chapter 4The Uncles had caused the fire page 43

Chapter 4Mama says she will consider Luis proposal

Chapter 5:Las Guayabas: GuavasMama and Esperanza escape in a wagon

Chapter 5

Esperanza remembers the train ride with Miguel and Papa

Chapter 5The dining car had linens and silver page 65

Chapter 5The train to Zacatecas page 66

Chapter 5. The train had poor people and goats

Chapter 5I am poor, but I am rich says the woman with 6 red hens.

Chapter 6:Los Melones: CantaloupesJuan, Josefina, Isabel and the twins

Chapter 6Marta criticizes Papa page 97

33Chapter 7:Las Cebollas: OnionsThe servants on her ranch had better cabins

Chapter 7sharing a cabin

Chapter 7The ditches page 103

Chapter 7Scrubbing diapers on a washboard page 114

Chapter 7Someday, you will make a good servant!

Chapter 8: Las Almendras / Almonds

Our Lady of Guadalupe page 123

Chapter 8Esperanza expects Hortensia to bathe her

Chapter 9:PlumsEsperanza is alone with the babies

Chapter 9Dresses made of flour sacks page 144

Chapter 9Dust storm

Chapter 9The dust makes Mama sick page 151

Chapter 10:Las Papas / PotatoesMama has Valley Fever

Chapter 10She has infected lungs and a rash page 161-165

Chapter 10Potato eyes

Chapter 11:AvocadosMama goes to the hospitalEsperanza goes to work

Chapter 11Esperanza tells Miguel she saves money in her valise page 190

Chapter 11We were thrown out of our camp because I was striking. My family has not eaten in 2 days. page 194

Chapter 11People come from other states. The strikers cant win because there are always people who want work.

Chapter 11Miguel gets a job in the machine shop page 197

Chapter 12:Los Esparragos/ AsparagusThe strikers make trouble for the workers

Chapter 12Strikers organize

Chapter 12Please, Esperanza. Dont tell. I cant get caught. I must take care of my mother. page 208

Chapter 13:PeachesMay Day

Chapter 13Miguel loses his job.He says We have to keep trying! page 224

Chapter 13Esperanza gives Isabel the doll. Friendship lasts more than a day

Chapter 13The money is gone!

Who stole it?

Chapter 14:Las Uvas / Grapes Did you bring back what you have stolen?