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  1. 1. rsalina lim london College of fashion - Postgraduate diPloma in Pattern design & garment teChnology fashion design Portfolio
  2. 2. exPosure 57 - 73 armored nightmare Wrath Contents 30 - 56 4 - 29
  3. 3. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim4 5 Wrath Anger is not A shy emotion thAt wAits to be Asked to emerge -CAnnon, 2011- autumn Winter 2015/2016
  4. 4. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim6 7 PAntone 1797 C blood red PAntone ds 3259 winter white PAntone 426 eC midnight blACk the ConCePt behind wrAth is insPired by one of the seven deAdly sins, Anger. Anger is An ACid thAt CAn do more hArm to the vessel in whiCh it is stored thAn to Anything on whiCh it is Poured -mArk twAin- Anger As A bAsiC emotion, PortrAys A distinCtive fACiAl exPression suCh As ClenChing of ones teeth, glAring As well As ChArACteristiCs AutonomiC nervous system resPonses. these PhysiologiCAl resPonses Are usuAlly AssoCiAted with inCreAsed body heAt, Pulse rAtes, internAl Pressure, AgitAtion And interferenCe with ACCurAte PerCePtion. this ProjeCt seeks to exPlore these Attributes of Anger And interPrets them into the finAl gArments. blACk nAPPA leAther white moleskin 100% blACk wool Polyester blACk lACe
  5. 5. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim8 9 detail develoPment red foiled leAther striPs inserted through the slits of the wool resembling heArt Pulses leAther striPs Are utilized to AttACh two fAbriCs together
  6. 6. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim10 11 detail develoPment threAd embroidery with fAbriC PAint PAinted over to further emPhAsize the effeCt of rAPid heArt Pulses Anger CAuses inCreAse in heArtbeAt rAtes to eight more beAts Per minute thAn normAl. the rAPid Pulse rAte is refleCted in the fAbriC mAniPulAtions
  7. 7. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim12 13 red PAlette to rePresent Anger And Aggressionthe threAd embroidery is embroidered on the seAm lines of the white And blACk wool to CreAte A soft grAdient, thus, ConCeAling the seAm lines of the two ContrAsting Colours -reevy, 2010- Anger is Poison, you must Purge it from your mind or else it will CorruPt your better nAture
  8. 8. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim14 15 final detail develoPment ombre thread embroidery mAChine stitCh embroidery As A detAil Along the Cuff of jACket
  9. 9. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim16 17 sleeveless Coat
  10. 10. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim18 19 2 1 3 4 sleeveless Coat toPstitCh Along CollAr 1) medium weight CAshmere wool mix seAm lines - 100% Cotton, blACk - 15mm thiCk - lining stitChes - generAl stitChes fabriC details Closure finishing thread 4) bremsilk CuPro lining 3) blACk nAPPA leAther 2) medium weight Cotton moleskin
  11. 11. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim20 21 gerber marker / lay Plan sleeveless Coat fabriC usage CalCulation fabriC usage CalCulation fabriC usage CalCulation medium weight Cotton moleskin medium weight CAshmere wool mix bremsilk CuPro lining
  12. 12. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim22 23 final detail develoPment laCe aPPlique With ombre beading this detAil is insPired by the ChArACteristiCs of An Angry individuAl
  13. 13. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim24 25 embroidered CroP toP
  14. 14. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim26 27 - 32Cm length, [silver teeth with white tAPe] - vArious sizes, [silver, trAnsluCent white] - lining stitChes - generAl stitChes fabriC details Closure finishing thread 3 1 2 embroidered CroP toP 3) bremsilk CuPro lining 1) medium weight Cotton moleskin 2) Polyester lACe
  15. 15. Ersalina lim Ersalina lim28 29 gerber marker / lay Plan CroP toP fabriC usage CalCulation fabriC usage CalCulation fabriC usage CalCulation medium weight Cotton moleskin wArP knitted interlining bremsilk CuPro lining