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  • 1. The Daughters By: Joanna Philbin Erin Jaros Reading- Miss Roche Period 5 5-11-12
  • 2. Joanna Philbin: Biography Joanna Philbin was born in Los Angeles. When Joanna was in the 4th grade, she would always write to Judy Bloom and Judy would always write back. It was then that she decided she wanted to be a writer. She and her family moved to New York City when she was ten so her father, Regis Philbin, could pursue his television host career. Bad acne and braces in high school, only made her strive, even more, to be an author. She went on to graduate from Brown University. After realizing that a job for Seventeen magazine wasnt going to cut it, she went to law school at the University of Notre Dame. She started taking fiction classes there and completed the MFA program in creative writing. In 2006, she tried writing for TV shows. She got her own show Las Vegas. Joanna sat down with a friend and discussed the series she wrote and it was published. Now she follows Judy Bloom on Twitter!
  • 3. SummaryLizzie Summers, the daughter of Katia Summers, doesnt like to be the centerof attention or in the spotlight. But when you have a model for a mom, thatspretty hard to avoid. Lizzie and her friends- Carina and Hudson- are alldaughters of famous and wealthy families. The three friends always have eachothers backs. When Lizzie accidentally says her moms clothes are slutty tosome reporters, it gives her a bad reputation, but a good opportunity. Aphotographer named Andrea asked Lizzie to model for her and that mademany more fashion photographers want to have her featured in theirmagazines. Lizzie had the time of her life with Andrea, but when it came toMartin Meloy, it was a different story. She ended up storming out of the MartinMeloy photo shoot. In the end, Lizzie learned she didnt need the biggest namein fashion to feel beautiful while modeling and that her mom will love her nomatter what..
  • 4. CharactersMain Characters: Lizzie Summers- strawberry blonde/orange hair color, light skin color, doesnt have the best relationship with her mom, Katia Summers, shy at the beginning and not liking much attention, to being perfectly comfortable with cameras and attention by the end of the book Hudson Jones- singer, daughter of Holla Jones, also a singer , fashionista, dark hair and dark complexion, calmer than the other girls, the problem solver Carina Jurgenson- blonde, daughter of Karl Jurgenson, goes to work at her dads multi-million dollar business, tomboyMinor Characters: Todd Piedmont- Lizzies childhood friend, ladies man, breaks a lot of girls hearts Katia Summers- Lizzies mother, wealthy supermodel, married to Bernard Summers, tries to have a good relationship with Lizzie Andrea- the photographer that discovers Lizzie
  • 5. Plot Introduction- Lizzie is terrified by cameras and being the center of attention- Todd, her childhood friend, comes back from Europe with his dad Rising Action- Lizzie starts to like Todd more now that she remembers him- Lizzie gets asked to one of Todds parties- Todd tries to kiss Lizzie but she pulls away- her chances of him liking her are over Climax- Lizzie and her mom are at a red carpet event and some news reporters bombard her. She says some bad things about her mom and the videos are everywhere on the internet. Falling Action- Andrea asks Lizzie to model for her and Lizzie accepts- Andrea gets Lizzie features in New York Style and on the cover for New York Style also.- Martin Meloy (a big fashion name) wants her to model for him.
  • 6. Plot Continued Conclusion- Lizzie storms out of the photo shoot because Martin said her mom was old and useless.- Todds dad was arrested for stealing.- Todd and Lizzie kiss.- Carina leaves town- nobody knows where.- Lizzie goes back to model with Andrea.
  • 7. New Vocabulary Anticlimactic- n. (anticlimax) an event, conclusion, statement, etc., that is far less important, powerful, or striking than expected- pg. 169The first school dance of the year always reminded Lizzie of Christmas: lotsof exciting lead-up, and then a somewhat anticlimactic main event. Sheepishly- adj. embarrassed or bashful, as by having done something wrong or foolish- pg. 133Todd smiled sheepishly as he turned back towards his room. Parasite- n. a person who receives support , advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving anything useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others- pg. 200 Because hes a parasite, honey! Katia yelled. Appraising- v. to estimate the monetary value of; determine the worth of- pg. 218, and then Martin stepped into the room, appraising Lizzie with a fistunder his chin. Inadequate- adj. not adequate or sufficient; inept or unsuitable- pg. 248She felt inadequate around her mother.
  • 8. Starring Actors Lizzie Summers played by: Molly Quinn
  • 9. Starring ActorsCarina Jurgenson played by: Ashley Benson Hudson Jones played by: Zoe Saldana
  • 10. Starring Actors Todd Piedmont played by: Channing Tatum Andrea played by: Michelle Pfeiffer Katia Summers played by: Sandra Bullock
  • 11. Soundtrack Tunes G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S We flyin first class up in the sky We flyin first class, livin the life In the fast lane and I wont change By the glamorous, ooh, the flossy, flossy The glamorous, the glamorous, glamorous By the glamorous, ooh, the flossy, flossy The glamorous, the glamorous, glamorous By the glamorous, ooh the flossy, flossyGlamorous by: Fergie
  • 12. Rating I gave The Daughters a rating of 5 out of 5 starsI LOVED the book. One reason I liked the book wasbecause the girls were around my age. Even though Icouldnt really relate to many of their problems Iunderstood them. As I was reading this book, I wasthinking, Wow, I am reading my dream.
  • 13. Other RecommendationsOther novels by Joanna Philbin:- The Daughters Break the Rules- The Daughters Take the Stage- The Daughters Join the Party