Erasmus+ Sport Deadlines - MOVE Congress Erasmus+ Sport Deadlines 2015 Action Deadlines (note midday

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Transcript of Erasmus+ Sport Deadlines - MOVE Congress Erasmus+ Sport Deadlines 2015 Action Deadlines (note midday

  • MOVE Congress 2014 Erasmus+ Fundraising session

    Practical information for applicants and partners

  • Erasmus+ Sport Deadlines 2015

    Action Deadlines (note midday Brussels time)

    Amount allocated (80% eligible costs)

    Estimated number of projects selected

    Collaborative Partnerships

    22/01/2015 (for projects related to European Week of Sport; project start between 1 April and 1 September 2015)

    14/05/2015 (for projects not related to European Week of Sport; project start 1 January 2016)

    1,600,0000 (total) 500,000 (max)  

    13,178,938 (total) 500,000 (max)



    Not-for-profit European sport events

    22/01/2015 (for events organised for European Week of Sport; project start 1 May 2015*)

    14/05/2015 (for events organised outside European Week of Sport, project start 1 November 2015)

    600,000 (total) 250,000 (max)  

    1,400,000 (total) 500,000 (max)



    *Note: European Week of Sport runs from 7-13 September 2015 (EU level) and 7-30 September (National events in European Week of Sport context)

  • Examples of organisations which are eligible to apply

    !  A public body in charge of sport at local, regional or national level !  A National Olympic Committee or National Sport confederation !  A sport organisation at local, regional, national, European or international level !  A national sports league !  A sport club !  An organisation or union representing athletes !  An organisation or unions representing professionals and volunteers in sport !  An organisation representing the 'sport for all' movement !  An organisation active in the field of physical activity promotion !  An organisation representing the active leisure sector !  An organisation active in the field of education, training or youth.

    Programme countries

    !  28 EU member states

    !  Non-EU programme countries: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey

    Partner countries (conditional)

    "  Western Balkans: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia

    "  Eastern Partnership Countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Territory of Ukraine as recognised by international law

    "  South-Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia

    "  Russian Federation: Territory of Russia as recognised by international law

    #  Switzerland and non-European countries not listed to the right can be partners only under special conditions

    Third-country status

    Applicant or



  • All applicants and partners must be registered on ECAS:

  • All applicants and partners must have a PIC number:

    Applicants: Make sure your partners are registered as “non- profit organisations”. Gather PIC numbers and organisation information from your partners early so you can give them a hand if needed...

  • It is important for partners to provide their PIC number to the applicant.

    But first, they need to know what a PIC number is...

    And they only need to have one (the same applies to the applicant).

  • • Read the Eramus+ Programme Guide

    • Check for calls

    • Review the priorities/topics for 2015

    • Develop your project idea – consider carefully who can partner you and what their roles will be

    • Download the application form annexes (project description, declaration of honour, budget spreadsheet)

    • Complete these documents and consult your partners during the process

    • Download the online application form and ensure all required fields are filled in before submission – inform your partners that it has been submitted

    Checklist for project applicants:

  • Make sure you are filling in Detailed Description of the Project on the right template and in the right format.

  • Budget table: annex to application

  • Create a new application for funding and select Erasmus+

  • Select the language version of your application form and follow the steps

  • Add your and all of your partners’ PIC numbers to generate the form. Core partners’ PIC numbers are required, associated partners’ are not.

  • Don’t think your form has downloaded properly? Check your “Downloads” folder – it is most likely there.

    ← Remember to test your connection before you try to submit.

  • Don’t forget to extract a project summary from your description – it can only be 2000 characters long

  • Make sure this balances with your green budget table annex

  • And make sure this balances too

  • Remember to attach all of your annexes

  • You know that your application has been successfully submitted when you see a number like this appear. If you get an error screen, press print screen and save the error message in case you can’t solve the problem by yourself.

  • Now you can relax knowing that you’ve done all you can do.

    It’s time to cross your fingers and await the results of the reviewing process…

  • Thank you for listening and

    remember your deadlines so you don’t

    miss the boat ☺

    Rachel Payne, ISCA Fundraising and

    Communications Officer