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Company presentation featuring a wide a range of equipment for extinguisher and cylinder maintenance, service and testing. We produce units for CO2 transfer, powder extinguisher filling, cylinder maintenance and testing, clean agent filling and recovery, inert gas filling, refrigerant filling. Our product range is fully designed and produced at our headuarters in North-West Italy.



2. ABOUT US > Italian manufacturer featuring international leadership, VANZETTI EQUIPMENT produces equipment for fire extinguisher and cylinder maintenance, testing and filling > 30 years of field experience. Established in 1982, the company has been working with most relevant gas, fire & safety organizations and multinational groups > Export > 60% and customers portfolio established in Europe, Northern Africa, Middle & Far East > Nowadays, VANZETTI EQUIPMENT owns a comprehensive range of safe and efficient units for the following applications: riempimento refrigeranti EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING CO2 CYLINDER FILLING CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING CLEAN AGENT TRANSFER INERT GAS FILLING REFRIGERANT FILLING CO2 CYLINDER FILLING EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING CLEAN AGENT TRANSFER INERT GAS FILLING REFRIGERANT FILLING 3. OUR WORLDWIDE PRESENCE riempimento refrigeranti IN RED WHERE WE USUALLY EXPORT OUR INTERNATIONAL DEALERS 4. DRY POWDER EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE Equipment and accessories for extinguishing dry powder filling, transfer and recovery. Vanzetti units are suitable to fulfil all needs connected to fire-extinguishers maintenance, also for mobile workshops: from portable extinguishers to latest service trucks. DRY POWDER TRANSFER TOTEM GALAXY II Other available models: TOTEM E and TOTEM MATIC TOTEM M TOTEM MTS TOTEM TS EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 5. DRY POWDER EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE TOTEM BAG Unit for recovering exhausted powder from fire-extinguishers directly into BIG-BAG containers SKID AC/FG8 transportable workshop for extinguishers maintenance EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 6. TOTEM MATIC CAR AUTOMATIC portable workshop for fire extinguisher maintenance PORTABLE WORKSHOP EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTINGDRY POWDER EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE 7. AUTOMATIC FILLING STATION FOR HIGH PRODUCTIVITY MAINTENANCE TOTEM AUTO BAG DRY POWDER EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 8. ACCESSORIES DRY POWDER EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE CADDIE BENCH On-site service trolley MANUAL VICES PNEUMATIC VICES ELECTRONIC SCALES EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 9. CYLINDER TO CYLINDER CO2 TRANSFER CO FILLING Extinguishers and cylinders filling systems with CO2 coming from cylinders / bundles or cryogenic storage tanks. CO2 transfer and filling units available also pre-assembled on skid: pumps and filling stations with automatic or manual control. 99/D1 pump for cylinder to cylinder liquid CO transfer 151/MIX CO2+N2 filling of cylinders inflating the life-rafts 103/D1 pump for liquid CO transfer 99/D3 SODA units for recharging CO2 cartridges and cylinders used to gassify water, beverage, beer CO2 CYLINDER FILLING 10. CO2 TRANSFER FROM CRYOGENIC TANK TO CYLINDER CO2 FILLING STATION FROM CRYOGENIC TANK TO CYLINDERS/EXTINGUISHERS CO2 PUMP 103D Series CO FILLING CO2 CYLINDER FILLING 11. CO2 PUMPING FROM CRYOGENIC TANK TO CYLINDER AUTOMATIC CO2 PUMPING STATION FROM CRYOGENIC TANK FCD/103 SNOW CO FILLING - CRYOSNOW - AEROSOL SPRAY - PLASTIC EXTRUSION / FOAMING - SUPERCRITIC CO2 CO2 CYLINDER FILLING 12. FIRE EXTINGUISHER AND PORTABLE CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING Complete line of equipment and accessories for portable cylinder and extinguisher maintenance and testing FIT 350 hydraulic testing unit N7/4 T + HT MANIFOLD pump + testing manifold DRY SERIES extinguisher drying unit N7/4 - WSR testing unit EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 13. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING Complete line of equipment and accessories for fire-extinguisher and cylinder testing and maintenance in compliance with ISO CGA standards: cylinder/extinguisher hydraulic testing and drying, valving/devalving, outer surface cleaning, internal grid-blasting, internal inspection, marking EL60 VALVING/DEVALVING UNIT Available also ATEX certified Vulcanised rubber Jaws Small cylinders adj. support available on the ELBA model HEAVY FRONT PROTECTION ELPA-HY model Special KEY for any valve type LPG, FREON, etc. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 14. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING EL60 VALVING/DEVALVING UNIT optional electronic torque display and controls ELECTRONIC TORQUE DISPLAY EL-CC model ELECTRONIC TORQUE CONTROL EL-CC-TORQUE model Magneto-resistive inline torque sensor 500Nm PLC Inverter Colour touch screen display Load Cell Torque display automatic stop CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 15. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING FIT SERIES - HYDRAULIC TESTING UNIT PROTECTION GUARD FPF50 model CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 16. FIT-6-DUO EVO AUTOMATED TEST BENCH CYLINDER MAINTENANCE & TESTING Integrated advanced superheated drying system Automated operations of: -Cylinder filling -High pressure testing -Cylinder emptying -Cylinder drying CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 17. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING HYDRAULIC TEST Quick connectors 500 bar HTQ12 for 17E HTQ34 for 25E HTQ10 for 1NGT Available adapters for parallel threads CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 18. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING ELECTRIC HIGH PRESSURE PUMP FOR HYDRAULIC TESTING CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING HIGH FLOW ! test at 450 bar q.ty 6 x 50L cylinders in less than 1 19. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING CYLINDER DRYING UNITS CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 20. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING ICS80 / 180 - UNIT FOR CYLINDER INTERNAL CLEANING BEFORE AFTER CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 21. CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING RCP270 - UNIT FOR CYLINDER EXTERNAL CLEANING CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 22. PMS-V80P-B MARKING SYSTEM CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 23. RCP270-VMB 6 CYLINDER EXTERNAL PAINTING CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING RCP270-VMB CYLINDER EXTERNAL PAINTING VMB340-DP PAINT QUICK DRYING SYSTEM HEAT INDUCTION PANELS CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 24. VB016 VB08 BAKE-OUT OVEN CYLINDER HANDLING FOR SPECIAL GAS MIXTURES CYLINDER HANDLING 25. GBMIX5 MIXING INVERTER FOR CYLINDERS CONTAINING GAS MIXTURES CYLINDER HANDLING CYLINDER HANDLING FOR SPECIAL GAS MIXTURES 26. STANDARD LAYOUT OF A CYLINDER TESTING AND MAINTENANCE STATION G1 Possible enlargement of testing area H Tank for cylinders quick filling I Testing pump L Dryer M Dryer N Valving O Internal sandblasting P Inverter for internal sandblasting CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING A Devalving B Internal inspection C Scale D Cleaning and painting E Cleaning and painting filter F Painting G Hydraulic testing CYLINDER MAINTENANCE AND TESTING 27. THB/5 TRANSFER AND RECOVERY Units for filling and recovering fire suppression clean agents and refrigerant gases: NOVEC1230TM , FM200TM , PF23, FE13TM , HFC23, HALON, etc. Mixing inverters for diffusing pressurization Nitrogen inside cylinders. CLEAN AGENT TRANSFERCLEAN AGENT TRANSFER AND RECOVERY 28. HFM/5 FILTERING GBMIX MIXING INVERTER to accelerate the diffusion of pressurization Nitrogen inside the cylinder filled with the clean agent SHN/5 CRYOGENIC SEPARATION CLEAN AGENT TRANSFER AND RECOVERY CLEAN AGENT TRANSFER 29. 100/103 FM FM200 TRANSFER AND RECOVERY CLEAN AGENT TRANSFER AND RECOVERY CLEAN AGENT TRANSFER 30. INERT GAS FILLING Systems for cylinders filling with inert gases such as Argon, Nitrogen, CO2 (IG55, IG100, IG511, IG01) up to 300 bar operating pressure, in compliance with EN12094 and ISO14520 standards. Transfer units from bundles and complete stations from cryogenic tank are also available pre-assembled on skid. SKID B18 transportable workshop for filling the cylinders with inert gases from cryogenic liquid source IG FILL unit for filling the cylinders used in the inert gas extinction systems INERT GAS FILLING 31. REFRIGERANT FILLING AND RECOVERY Units for filling and recovering refrigerant gases such as FREON CYLINDER FILLING STATION FROM TANK / ISO-CONTAINER REFRIGERANT FILLING 32. REFRIGERANT FILLING AND RECOVERY Units for filling and recovering refrigerant gases such as FREON IBC TO CYLINDER TRANSFER Pneumatically driven OIL FREE PUMP transferring LIQUID & GAS phase REFRIGERANT FILLING 33. CUSTOMER SERVICE VANZETTI EQUIPMENT technical staff provides the customers with a comprehensive after-sales technical support: > installation and start-up assistance (including provision of manuals for proper use and maintenance) > trouble-shooting procedure > spare parts and accessories assistance (in order to choose the one fulfilling the customers' needs). Periodically, at our corporate conference room, we arrange courses and seminars concerning the proper use and the correct maintenance of equipment and components. 34.