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  • May - OctOber 2012


  • WhO iS Ch2?

    Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2) is today Australia’s largest national Pharmaceutical and Medical Healthcare Service Provider utilising local knowledge and local people to provide pharmaceuticals, medical consumables and equipment products to the healthcare market. With branches in each state, CH2 is able to provide a complete supply solution with quality customer service and sales support.

    NatiONal healthCare ServiCe PrOvider

    exteNSive PrOdUCt raNge

    CH2 carry a comprehensive range of medical and surgical products, pharmaceuticals, general consumable items and healthcare equipment.

    Ch2 direCt®

    CH2 Direct® is our web based online ordering system, providing a simple and intuitive ordering interface. CH2 Direct® allows you to place orders directly into CH2’s computer system using your internet browser and does not require installation of software.

    WardBox® iS UNiqUe tO Ch2

    It is designed to reduce stock holdings and offers a range of service model options that assist in achieving operational efficiencies.


    Local representatives and customer service team in each state.


    Go on-line to access CH2 Link and download your invoices & credit notes. You can also access CH2 Direct, our new web based ordering system. Browse our National Product Guide, brochures and corporate information.

    imPOrtaNt iNFOrmatiON

    my Ch2 aCCOUNt NUmBer _____________________________

    Ch2 direCt® PaSSWOrd __________________________________

    Ch2 liNk PaSSWOrd _______________________________________

    CONtaCtS ______________________________________________________




    aBOUt thiS eqUiPmeNt FOCUS CatalOgUe

    CH2 is always looking for ways to make purchasing easier for our customers. We have designed this Equipment Focus catalogue as a quick reference guide to some of the products we provide in this market segment.

    It is divided into the different categories available to you and also includes the products codes, units of measure, product descriptions, manufacturer part number, and price for each product.

    We have also provided additional information about CH2 and our contact details. There is also a space for you to record your CH2 Account number and passwords.

    For further information on our full catalogue please contact customer service 1300 720 274.

  • Prices are correct at the time of printing, but are subject to change. All prices are excluding GST. Products are subject to availability in each state. These prices are valid from 1st May to 31st October 2012. Freight charges apply.

    May - OctOber 2012


    CONteNtS aSSeSSMent 1

    diagnOSe 24

    treatMent 35

    inFectiOn cOntrOl 41

    terMS & cOnditiOnS 44

  • 1


    addteCh latex Free diSPOSaBle tOUrNiqUetS FOr imPrOved iNFeCtiON CONtrOl

    • Reduce infection Risk between patients

    • Reduce costs and time associated with cleaning of Reusable touRniquets

    • easy to use clip method oR tie method

    Colour AvAilAble in The Clip MeThod

    mt-6350 white,

    mt-6350 blue,

    mt-6350 Red

    tga appRoved no 164864


    • latex fRee

    • soft and comfoRtable foR patients

    • one hand opeRation foR with quick Release buckle, soft and comfoRtable foR patients

    • excellent fit on all limbs shapes and sizes due to its stRetch and length

    addteCh raPid digital thermOmeter


    • display Range: 32.0~42.0oc/90.0~107.6of

    • accuRacy: ±0.1oc/±0.2of

    • min. scale: 0.1

    • measuRement time (RefeRence only, it diffeRs fRom people to people):

    • 10±1 seconds in Rectal

    • 17±2 seconds in oRal

    • 26±3 seconds undeRaRm

    • beepeR function

    • auto shut-off

    • batteRy: 1.5v button batteRy (lR/sR-41)

    • size: 134 x 22 x 14mm

    • lcd: 20 x7mm

    • n.w.:12.5g

    • memoRy: last measuRing Reading

    2002253 ADDTEC-CM-KO1A


    2002229 ADDTEC-MT-6350BLUE


    2002237 ADDTEC-MT-6350CART


    2002202 ADDTEC-MT-6350RED


    2002211 ADDTEC-MT-6350WHITE


    2002245 ADDTEC-MT-6340

    $62.50 BOX25

    CliP methOd

    tie methOd

  • 2


    WelCh allyN 767 deSk tOP aNerOid SPhygmOmaNOmeter

    • lifetime calibRation waRRanty

    • laseR engRaved dial face pRovides unmatched accuRacy

    • ceRtified accuRate to ±3mm hg

    • built-in stoRage basket foR cuffs

    • meRcuRy and latex fRee to ensuRe clinician and patient safety

    • flexipoRt blood pRessuRe cuffs aRe antimicRobial tReated to help pRevent mildew and bacteRia gRowth

    1967221 WELCH-7670-16

    $345.00 Comes with Adult Cuff only

    WelCh allyN 767 Wall aNerOidS

    Improved ergonomics and a new modern design make the 767 Aneroid an easy-to-use and attractive blood pressure aneroid. Based on Welch Allyn’s near century of experience building and designing innovative blood pressure technology, it’s the smart choice for accurate and reliable readings in your facility.

    • laseR-engRaved dial face pRovides unmatched accuRacy

    • Recessed dial face and high contRast Red pointeR incRease visibility and Reduce paRallax eRRoRs

    • lifetime calibRation waRRanty

    • simple colouR changes give the aneRoid a new look

    • latex and meRcuRy fRee

    1457309 WELCH-7670-01

    $275.00 Comes with Adult Cuff only

    WelCh allyN tyCOS® 767 mOBile aNerOidS

    Great looks and certified accuracy.

    • ceRtified accuRate to ±3 mmhg

    • meRcuRy-fRee and latex-fRee foR safety

    • Ruby-jeweled movement foR long life

    • laseR-engRaved dial face foR accuRacy

    • laRge, easy-to-Read dial face (6.25”/15 cm)

    • built-in cuff stoRage basket

    • mobile stand has adjustable height and 360º swivel foR cleaR viewing

    • lifetime calibRation waRRanty

    1518318 WELCH-7670-10

    $495.00 Comes with Adult Cuff only

  • 3


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Newborn 1836152 WELCH-REUSE-06


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Infant 1836169 WELCH-REUSE-07


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Small Child 1836176 WELCH-REUSE-08


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Child 1836183 WELCH-REUSE-09


    WelCh allyN SPhygmOmaNOmeter dS66 mUlti-CUFF

    1456515 WELCH-5098-30

    $270.00 Comes with Child, Small Adlut, Adult and Large Adult Cuffs.

    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Small Adult 1836190 WELCH-REUSE-10


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Adult 1836207 WELCH-REUSE-11


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Adult Long 1836214 WELCH-REUSE-11L


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Large Adult 1836221 WELCH-REUSE-12


    Sphy Cuff Flexiport - Large Adult Long 1836238 WELCH-REUSE-12L


    Sphyg Cuff Thigh Reusable Flexiport 1839001 WELCH-REUSE-13


    WelCh allyN FlexiPOrt reUSaBle ONe-PieCe BlOOd PreSSUre CUFFS

    Longlasting, easy to use, and affordable, Welch Allyn cuffs are the top choice for hospitals and clinics around the world. Welch Allyn can offer you virtually every type, size, and configuration of cuffs, along with the ability to simplify inventory and reduce confusion with the innovative FlexiPort connection, which makes every cuff a one- or two-tube cuff.

  • 4


    WelCh allyN 3.5 v lithiUm iON reChargeaBle haNdle With SiNgle deSk Charger

    Twice the on-time, half the weight, and fits more comfortably in your hand.

    • half the weight of tRaditional 3.5 v handles

    • fits all welch allyn 3.5 v instRument heads

    • 120 minutes of on-time (compaRed to 60 minutes foR standaRd nicad handles)

    • made of stuRdy cycoloy engineeRing Resin

    • low-batteRy indicatoR

    • lithium ion batteRy technology that has no “memoRy” effect

    • optional chaRging well adapteR allows the handle to be chaRged in consoles oR 71110 desk chaRgeR

    1582840 WELCH-71906


    WelCh allyN Batttery FOr Smart haNdle 3.5v lithiUm-iON

    1624886 WELCH-71960


    WelCh allyN diag Set lOCkiNg COllarS & key Wall traNSFOrmer

    1244435 WELCH-76700


    WelCh allyN WelCh allyN SPare 3.5v reCharge Battery FOr NiCad haNdle

    1343066 WELCH-72300


    WelCh allyN 767 Wall traNSFOrmer

    Accurate Diagnosis within easy reach.

    • offeRs the flexibility to add on as you gRow.

    • handle-based Rheostats foR quick light intensity adjustments.

    • modulaR design pRovides the ability to add a thiRd handle oR suRetemp® theRmometeR.

    • optisensetm sensoR automatically tuRns handles on and off when Removed and Replaced fRom cRadle.

    1384601 WELCH-76716

    $549.00 *Wall transformer only. Diagnostic Heads shown not included

    WelCh allyN OtOSCOPe SPeCUla diSPeNSer kleeNSPeC

    1343053 WELCH-524