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Introduction to Social Psychology Introduction to Social Psychology Equallyoked” Equallyoked” In a multicultural society In a multicultural society College Level: Sophomore College Level: Sophomore

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  1. 1. Introduction to Social PsychologyIntroduction to Social Psychology EquallyokedEquallyoked In a multicultural societyIn a multicultural society College Level: SophomoreCollege Level: Sophomore
  2. 2. EndogamyEndogamy Endogamy means, In-marriage is when an individual according to his/or her own social customs (Comment: this maybe more like community health, such as, a social mores or an actual religious law). .marries an another individual within his or her own cultural Social group*. *Note; a Social group may be a village, a tribe, a sect or cult, aregion, or a de facto Civil identity, etc. - Sociocultural Anthropology
  3. 3. EquallyokedEquallyoked The term 'Equallyoked' (also, equally yoked)..... Equally - means alike, in a balanced manner, the same or to the same degree of. Yoked - means (Latin jungere 'to join), something fastened around the neck to join together, burdened with. May have evolved from synonyms, with meanings, such as: Equitably, Fairly, Justly Sentence: They were an equally yoked couple of from families of just ordinary means. - Word Meanings / Etymology (equally yoked)
  4. 4. A Multicultural Society:A Multicultural Society: Core ValuesCore Values True Equality vs.True Equality vs. Equallyokedtarianism is a worldwide movement of peoples who possess certain mental clarity for self-image/self- understanding, and certain social purpose in life - true equality.1 PerfectionismPerfectionism Perfectionism is a legal philosophy approach for conducting litigation concerned with marriage, family, and child relationships in order to insure fairness and prosperity among all.2 - Core Values: True Equality verus Perfectionism
  5. 5. EquallyokedtarianismEquallyokedtarianism TheconceptofEquallyokedtarianism amongstaverydiversemulticulturalpopulation iscentraltoscientifichumanecology,the biopsychosocioculturalevolutionofglobal civilization,andtheconservationoftrue humanitarianism UN/World Health Organisation Unpublished Scientific Papers
  6. 6. Social MoresSocial Mores Socialreferstoassociatinginasocial way,i.e.,folkways,socializing,socialization,. Moresthatofmoralcodes,mentalhealth values,valuedstandardsofbehaviour, spiritualideologies,.. *Also;positivecustoms,properconduct/ goodetiquette,healthbehaviours/positive norms,andahealthylifestyle. UseinaSentence:Their family abided in good social mores that reflected their sense of integrity. - Introduction to Social Psychology
  7. 7. Civil IdentityCivil Identity Ancestry Ethnicity Disability Mental Physical Race&Color Age Gender PoliticalParty FamiliarStatus MaritalStatus Religion Beliefs Creed SourceofIncome SexualPreference Arbitrary - Components of CIVIL IDENTITY
  8. 8. Some Examples ofSome Examples of Civil IdentitiesCivil Identities Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Known Age: 21 1/2 Gender: Male Sex Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Couples who share the same (or very similar) civil identities and, recognize, identify with, believe in, bond together and marry who are living in a multicultural society are considered equallyoked. - Intro. to Soc. Psy. : Some Examples Ethnicity: Euro-American Political Party: Republican Race: Anglo, Color: Light Religion: Christian Disability: None Known Age: 21 Gender: Female Sex Preference: Heterosexual Marital Status: Single Example 1 Example 2
  9. 9. Why Equallyoked?Why Equallyoked? Motives - a couple who are equallyoked may do so for a variety of reasons - some of which include: Beliefs about- Life, self-image, truth and God, death, etc. Bonding for long term love, romance, and sex. Marriage, family/children, and financial goals. Self esteem individuals with a clear sense of self -marrying someone of a like civil identitycivil identity. Family identity to maintain the integrity and the longevity of the extended family identity. Social mores a preserved cultural standard in a multicultural society for the sake of community (biopsychosociocultural) health. - Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology
  10. 10. ..as Community Health..as Community Health As a Public Health Issue, it is true that Equallyokedtarianism is a social mores a phenomena observed amongst the conservative segments of a diverse multi-cultural society. Marriage Family and Child Psychology addresses the self-esteem of the individuals who are (or arent) equallyoked as an important issue in mental health/ emotional health/ and self-preservation/ of the integrity of extended family identity. As a Civil Rights issue, justice of the peaces- as civil servants performs marriage ceremonies attaching a signature may be held responsible as attesting to the competence (or incompetence) of the individuals present while performing marriages as a community (psychosocial) health matter. - Introduction to Public Health
  11. 11. Marriage TherapyMarriage Therapy In Marriage & Family Therapy: The equallyoked couple is guided into a win-win problem-solving resolution of each individuals issues Anticipating the collaboration skills that an equallyoked couple needs in order to handle differences in a multicultural society The Therapist mediates: New skills for keeping the emotional tone between the equallyoked couple - happy and loving. No anger, depression, or anxiety and Therapeutic, sharing of affection, words of appreciation, hugs and smiles. - Introduction to Social Psychology
  12. 12. KEY WORDS:KEY WORDS: Equally Yoked, Equallyoked, Equallyokedtarian, Equallyokedtarianism, true equality, social mores, Egalitarian, Normalacy, Unequally Yoked, Abnormal Psychology, Abberation, Deviancy, Perversions, Psychopathology, Sociopathology, Violation of Social Mores, statistical data, Sociology 101, Introduction to Social Psychology, Charter Schools - Advanced Independent Psychological Sociology Studies, Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology, Human Ecology.
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