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Epsilon Sigma Phi Alpha Delta Chapter
2018-2019 Annual Report
Martha Maddox, President
ESP Membership Meeting
August 28, 2019
Ft. Myers, FL
List of Officers, District Directors, and Committee Chairs 4
2019 Annual Membership Meeting Agenda (DRAFT) 8
2018-2019 Actual Budget 10
2019-2020 Proposed Budget 11
Committee Reports
Abstract 13
Nominating 24
Retirees 28
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Dear Florida ESP,
It has been my privilege to serve as the 2018-2019 president of the
Alpha Delta Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) to help shape the
future of the Extension system, foster excellence in the Extension
profession, and cultivate a strong relevant ESP organization.
This year, ESP has had the honor of our past president Alex Bolques
chairing Extension Professionals Association of Florida (EPAF).
EPAF is a coalition of the Florida Association of County Agricultural
Agents, the Florida Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, the Florida
Association of Extension 4-H Agents, Epsilon Sigma Phi – Alpha Delta Chapter, and the Florida
Association of Natural Resources Extension Professionals. Under Alex’s leadership each of
these organizations have worked together to organize the 2019 state professional development
conference. Great job Alex! Florida ESP along with ESP chapters throughout the United States
successful adopted this year the National ESP Online Membership Dues Renewal system. It
seem the National ESP Office was successful in resolving and streamlining the functionality of
the Wild Apricot membership system. The National ESP is working to offer ways to educate
member how to use technology by connect using text messaging and learning the do’s and don’ts
of data through the innovative idea of data parties.
We are grateful to Betsy Crisp and Chris Kilbride for publishing the ESP Life Member & All
Extension Retirees Newsletter.
I want to thank the Florida ESP Officers: Henry Mayer, President-Elect, Abbey Tharpe,
Treasurer, Nancy Moores, Secretary, Lori Wiggins, Analyst, Linda Seals, Chaplain and Alex
Bolques, Past President for supporting me throughout the year. To the Florida ESP District
Directors and Committee Chairs, thank you for giving your time and efforts in support of the
many functions of the organization. To the membership, we all thank you for being a member of
ESP and for your service to others as an Extension professional. It takes all of us working
together to be successful. I have had an Awesome TEAM!
Martha Martha Maddox
Florida ESP President
Phone: (813) 404-6120
Fax: (305) 246-2932
Bushnell, FL 33513-8716
Phone: (352) 569-6871
FAX: (352) 569-6861
Phone: (813) 404-6120
Phone: (813) 404-6120
2019 EPAF Professional Improvement and Administrative Conference
Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort and Ft. Myers, FL
August 28, 2019, 10:00 – 11:00AM
Draft Agenda
Thought of the Day Linda Seals, Chaplain
Recognition of Guests and Retirees Nancy Moores, Secretary
Alpha Delta Chapter Annual Report (Committee Report) Samantha Kennedy
Webpage Management Committee Report Linda Seals
Treasurer’s Report Abbey Tharpe, Treasurer
Finance Committee Report Abbey Tharpe
Audit Committee Report Sonya Crawford
Analyst’s Report Lori Wiggins, Analyst
Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee Report Lori Wiggins
Initiation of New Members Lori Wiggins
EPAF Memorial Committee Report Linda Seals
District Directors Reports
South District Linda Seals
Life Members (including Retirees Committee Report) Betsy Crisp
Other Standing Committee Reports
Professional Development Vacant
Global Relations Vanessa Campoverde
Old Business
Vote: 2019-2020 Officers and District Directors
Professional Development Opportunities
2020 PILD Conference, Apr. 5-8, Arlington, VA
EPAF Auction-2018 $ 1,500.00 $1,274.86
National Donations $ TBD $200.00
Public Policy Conference (PILD)-Public
JCEP Meeting – President Elect -
Office Expenses $ 50.00 $0
EPAF Auction-2019 $ 1,500.00
Public Policy Conference (PILD)-Public
JCEP Meeting – President Elect -
Note about Dues Increase
The following is a massage from Greg Price, ESP Executive Officer relative to ESP membership
dues increase.
As previously announced, the delegates of the 2018 National Council Meeting voted to raise
dues for the first time in 10 years. National ESP dues will increase to $55 for annual renewal,
$55 for new members, and $275 for life membership for the 2020 membership year.
2020 FL / Alpha Delta Chapter Dues
Annual Renewal - $20
New Member - $25
Life Membership - $0
Annual Renewal - $75
New Member - $80
Life Membership - $275
National Membership Dues Collection Calendar - When do changes go into effect for 2020
The ESP membership year is a calendar year. The national campaign starts in October for the
upcoming year. We recognize that some chapters adjust this schedule slightly to accommodate
local needs. The following are the National guidelines and the dates that the online system will
be changed.
On October 1, 2019 the National Office will send out renewal invoices for 2020 to FL / Alpha
Delta members for the amount of $75. Any change in chapter dues should be reported to the
National Office by September 1 so the change can be properly reflected in the October 1 invoice.
The new rates will be updated in the online system as of May 1 to accommodate any chapter that
desires to collect 2020 dues prior to October 1.
After October 1, 2019 Life Members will be invoiced $275 for 2020.
Effective May 1, 2019 all New Members will be invoiced at the new rate of $80.
For additional information please review and share the link:
Invited reviewers: Laurie Osgood, Prudence Caskey, and Laura Valencia reviewed 10 abstracts.
Eight (8) of the submissions were accepted. I was the fourth reviewer on the team this year.
Abstracts will be presented during two days at EPAF with an additional 7 abstracts added to the
ESP room for a grand total of 15.
I encourage Extension faculty to submit strong abstract proposals to share ideas and inspiration
as well as refreshing for seasoned members of each association.
Submitted by Yolanda Goode, Chair
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Officers, district directors, and committee chairs were solicited for information to include in the
ESP Annual Report. Four reminders were sent out via email and information was collected for
inclusion in the report. The information received was collated and formatted for the Annual
Report. Placeholders were left for information not received in anticipation of being added to the
final version of the Annual Report at a later date. Therefore, this version is a draft version of
the report, pending final submission of the currently missing pieces.
Thank you to everyone who sent their information in for the Annual Report. It is a big
undertaking and could not be completed properly without your cooperation. When everyone
submits their reports on time, the entire process goes much more smoothly.
Submitted by Samantha Kennedy, Chair and Editor
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Audit Committee
Audit will be conducted prior to EPAF. More information regarding the results of the audit will
be available at a later date.
Submitted by Sonja Crawford, Chair
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
The Constitution and Bylaws Committee had no requests this year. However, the committee is
looking for new members and a co-chair.
Submitted by Brent Broaddus, Chair
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
The following Extension colleagues passed away in the last year:
Fred Burkey (Farmer Fred) (1940-2019)
Jesse Godbold (1940-2019)
Robert Bezelle Whitty (1934-2019)
More information about the lives and careers of these treasured colleagues will be presented
during the memorial service at the Friends of Extension and Retirees Lunch on Wednesday,
August 28, 2019.
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Finance Committee
The 2018-2019 ESP Budget (page 10) and the 2019-2020 ESP Proposed Budget (page 11) have
been submitted for review by membership.
Status of Accounts as of July 11, 2019:
Checking Account (as of 7/12/19)…..…..……..………………..$5,330.49
Savings Account (as of 7/12/19)……………………….….…...$5,156.92
Total $10,487.41
(Maturity Date 12/06/19- this account will automatically renew for 2 years)…....$6,430.90
Total $6,430.90
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Member Services Committee
All awards and scholarships were reviewed and scored by three members of the member services
committee. The highest average score received the final award.
The following state/national awards went unapplied for:
• Continued Excellence Recognition
• Administrative Leadership Recognition
• Retiree Service Recognition
Applicants Winners
Distinguished Team Award (1) 1
Holly Abeels
Carol Alberts
Early Career Award (1) 1 Laura Valencia
Friend of Extension Award (1) 2 Mike Casey
Visionary Leadership Award (1) 1 Libby Carnahan
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
These state award winners will be submitted by Member Services Chair for recognition at the
national level in 2020. A special congratulations goes out to Elver Pardo and Chris Decubellis,
the 2018 Diversity/Multicultural Team Award winners from the Alpha Delta Chapter, who won
the Diversity/Multicultural Team Award for the ESP South Region in 2019!
2019 Recognitions (Chapter-only
Awards) Recognition (# given)
Liz Felter
Outstanding Specialist Award (1) 1 Heidi Radunovich
Retiree Recognition (no limit) N/A
Pam Allen
Monica Brinkley
Terry Delvalle
Diann Douglas
Cindy Higgins
Barbara Hughes
Nan Jensen
Gene McAvoy
Marjorie Moore
Jane Morse
Clay Olson
Marvin Weaver
Applicants Winners
Stephanie Toelle
Each scholarship is $400.00. One more scholarship opportunity will be announced after EPAF
for the JCEP Leadership Conference. This conference will take place February 12-13, 2020 at
the Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX. The Alpha Delta Chapter of ESP has
dedicated a scholarship to support attendance and participation in this conference. The deadline
for this scholarship is December 1. The application is available on the ESP Alpha Delta Chapter
website. Applicants MUST have contributed to the High Five/High Ten campaign to qualify.
Member Services Committee
Thank you to the following ESP members who served on the Member Services Committee,
helping to judge scholarship and award winners: Linda Seals, Brian Estevez, and Judy Corbus.
Submitted by Samantha Kennedy, Chair
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Member Recruitment and Retention Committee
Our second year of online membership via Wild Apricot seem to go a lot smoother.
Thank you to all the members for being patient and working with us on this new system. In the
long run it should be to everyone’s benefit. Our membership as of July 1, 2019:
• 9 new members
For a total of 215 members this year.
Remember, enrollment for FLORIDA must be submitted by December 31, 2019, despite the
system saying you have until Feb. 1, 2020.
The national membership operates on a calendar year. The official membership collection
campaign starts on October 1st prior to the new membership year and continues to February 1st of
the membership year. The National Office will send a dues renewal invoice to every Annual
Member on October 1st via email. However, members can renew membership for the next year
beginning May 1st. Any New Member that pays their dues after May 1st will be awarded free
membership for the remaining year and their dues will be credited to the next year.
Submitted by Lori Wiggins, Analyst
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
2019-20 Proposed Roster of Officers
The following slate of officers for 2019-20 will be presented to the membership at the annual
business meeting. The proposed officers, except treasurer, will rotate into the next position the
following year.
Central Kalan Taylor
Southeast Laurie Hurner (Will serve another 2-year term expiring in 2022)
Southwest Crystal Snodgrass
Committee: Alex Bolques, Chair; Martha Maddox, Jennifer Bearden, David Nistler; Grantly
Ricketts; Lara Milligan; Linda Seals; Jennifer Gillett-Kaufman; and Betsy Crisp
Submitted by Dr. Alex Bolques, Chair
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
No report.
We (Betsy Crisp and Chris Kilbride) just finished the third/latest issue of the ESP Life Members
& All Extension Retirees Newsletter with lots of great information!
All Newsletters are here posted on the ESP website.
- https://extadmin.ifas.ufl.edu/esp/seniortimes.shtml
Summer 2019 issue
Hurricane Michael Update, Dr. Marjorie Moore (Bay) • EPAF Retirees FREE Luncheon August
28 Registration info • Retirements (12) • A Fond Farewell (3) • Hello from Retirees: Donna
Peacock, Joe Pergola, Jana Hart, Nan Jensen, Ray Zerba • Retirees in Action In the News: Bill
Thatcher, Reggie Brown, Tim Hurner
Fall/Winter 2018 issue
Hurricane Michael • Retirements (27) • A Fond Farewell (7) • Hello from Retirees: Mary Beth
Salisbury, Larry Arrington, Mary Keith, Tom McCubbin, Tom Braddock, Want to Keep Your
UF Email? • Retirees in Action • News from the State Office • EPAF Retirees Luncheon 8/18
May 2018 Issue
FCS Summit • Hello from Retirees: Betsy Crisp, Dan Culbert, John Woeste, Marilyn Norman,
Mary Williams, Mike McKinney • Retirements (9) • A Fond Farewell (13) • Invitation to EPAF •
New Extension Districts Map
We received these two notices after we finished the newsletter. Please note that these both come
before EPAF so we included their email in case you want to send a note.
1. Steve Futch - retiring soon 6/30/19 - Citrus Research and Education Center, Lake
Alfred • Multi-County Citrus Agent: Manatee, Hardee, Sarasota, Desoto, formerly Indian
River - [email protected] http://citrusindustry.net/2019/06/12/farewell-to-futch/
Agent - [email protected]
We have already started collecting articles and personal notes from retirees for the next issue. If
you have anything that you would like to share, please email to either of us (Betsy/Chris – our
contact info is on the newsletters)
Also, once you do retire, unless you provide us with your personal contact info, we will have
trouble keeping in touch. Sometimes, we have to track you down through mutual friends (UF
will not provide that info) but we would rather hear from you directly. And just in case we do
track you down or you no longer wish to receive the info we provide, just let either of us know
and we will gladly remove your name for our email list.
Hope to see you at EPAF on Wednesday, August 28 for the ESP General Meeting at 10am;
FREE Retirees Luncheon at 11:30pm (register at https://extadmin.ifas.ufl.edu/epaf/epaf-
conference/ ); and Retirees Meeting with Dean Place at 2pm
Note: At this moment, I am not sure that I will be able to attend this year and if not, I will miss
seeing you all!
Webpage Management Committee
Thanks to everyone who sent updates for the website this year. The IFAS Webteam plans to
transition the ESP website to the Terminal 4 platform in the fall of 2019. If you have any
suggestions or concerns, please share them with me.
Submitted by Linda Seals, Chair
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Bay: No Report
Calhoun: No Report
Vacancies None
Potential new ESP members Nick Simmons, Rick O’Conner, Carrie
Announcements(personal or in general 2 agents seeking promotion for 2020
Budget Issues None
Franklin: No Report
Vacancies 1 - Hort (vacant 4+ years)
Potential new ESP members Kenda Woodburn
Announcements(personal or in general None
Budget Issues - Budget cuts (5%) expected; no county raises
Vacancies None
Announcements(personal or in general *Since 12/2018 – Had two Admin Associates
to retire, two Program Assistants(Hort & 4-H)
resigned, two new Admin Associates were
hired and two new Program Assistants(Hort
& 4-H) were hired.
that consisted of canoeing, team building, and
a picnic style lunch last Spring. Retreat
included all faculty and staff.
Budget Issues No budget issues but the county has decided
to move 13 people in the Leon County
Extension Office. The entire extensionoffice
is moving to one side of the building and
Leon County Human Services and
Community Partnerships will occupy the
other side.
Vacancies Administrative Assistant
as Gulf rebuilds from Hurricane Michael.
Badly need a new county vehicle. I am
working with the county to submit a new
facility grant this year.
Vacancies 4-H position
Potential new ESP members Jill Breslawski
Announcements(personal or in general We have a great new front office person,
Austin Chisholm, who just joined our team in
with the expectation of cost of living and
merit raises.
Vacancies Horticulture Agent (Sept)
Potential new ESP members
Announcements(personal or in general Most of my agents are relatively new, less
than 5 years
County & CED’s Name Liberty, Marie Arick
Vacancies none
meetings/preliminary yet to be addressed
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Vacancies None
Matt Orwat
Mark Mauldin
Budget Issues none
No report.
New hire: None
Vacancies: Horticulture Agent
Departures/Retirements: Prissy Fletcher transferred to St. Johns County
Vacancies: none
New hire: None
Departures/Retirements: none
Vacancies: none
New hires: Tiare Salvasy Florida Friendly Landscaping Agent
ESP Alpha Delta Chapter – 2018-2019 Annual Report
Gardener Coordinator, Richard Tyson, CED
Vacancies: Commercial Horticulture Agent
CED Name: Tim Wilson.
New hires/Transfer: Prissy Fletcher, Ag EA I, St. from Putnam County
Departures/Retirements: Bonnie Wells Transfer to Brevard County
Vacancies: none
New hires: None
Departures/Retirements: none
Vacancies: none
Charlotte County
• Position Vacancies – None
• Potential New Members (must be with Extension a minimum of 3 years before they can
join)- Betty Staugler
• Permanent Status/Promotions – None
• Personal/Announcements - None
Collier County
• New Hires – Tom Becker, Residential Horticulture Agent, start date August 5, 2019
• Departures/Retirements - None
interviews in September
• Potential New Members (must be with Extension a minimum of 3 years before they can
join)- Twyla Leigh
• Permanent Status/Promotions – None
• Personal/Announcements – UF/IFAS Extension Collier County is happy to be back in our
repaired building, post Hurricane Irma. We were displaced for 18 months. Whew!
DeSoto County
• New Hires - Dr. Karla A. Hernandez (CED and Livestock Agent II); Katelyn Mulinix
(4H Agent); Jodi L. Schaefer (4H PA)
• Departures/Retirements - Dr. Steven Futch, Multi-County Citrus Agent IV
• Position Vacancies - None
• Potential New Members (must be with Extension a minimum of 3 years before they can
join)- None
• Position Vacancies – Multi-County Citrus Agent
• Potential New Members – Mr. Jose Zayas, 4-H Youth Development Agent II
• Permanent Status/Promotions – Jonael Bosques. Promoted to Agent II
• Personal/Announcements – None
Hillsborough County
• New Hires - Pam Bradford (EFNEP Agent from EFNEP PA) and Kimberly Bragg-
Armatrout - FCS Nutrition Agent
Nutrition Agent resigned
• Position Vacancies - None
• Potential New Members (must be with Extension a minimum of 3 years before they can
join)- Charlie Poliseno and Francisco Rivera
• Permanent Status/Promotions - None
Lee County
• New Hires – David Outerbridge – CED and Small Farms/Natural Resources Agent – July
1, 2019
Agent; Joy Hazell – Sea Grant – Accepted new position in Gainesville:
Facilitation/Deliberative Engagement; upcoming in January 2020 – Cathy Suggs, 4-H
• Position Vacancies – 4-H Agent (in 2020)
• Potential New Members (must be with Extension a minimum of 3 years before they can
join)- Jennifer Hagen
• Permanent Status/Promotions - None
• New Hires – Deina Brinker: 4-H Office Specialist 4/1/19; Alyssa Vinson: Residential
Horticulture, Agent I 1/7/19; Becky Schellinger: Food and Nutrition Office Assistant
Program departure 7/5/19; Margaret “Peggy” Baruch: County Extension Liaison for the
SMART Program departure 3/27/19; Martha Glenn: Commercial Horticulture Agent
departure 11/10/18
SMART Program (offer pending), Office Specialist for the Water Conservation Program,
and we were granted a part-time Office Specialist position that we will begin the hiring
process for in October.
• Potential New Members (must be with Extension a minimum of 3 years before they can
join)- Alyssa Vinson
Agent II
• Personal/Announcements - None
Pasco County
• Departures/Retirements - Jean Hink retired (4-H)
• Position Vacancies - None
• Potential New Members (must be with Extension a minimum of 3 years before they can
join)- None
• Departures/Retirements -Nan Jensen- FCS Agent…