EPortfolio Overview Fall 2011 BBA Orientation Jessica Lowy Assistant Director BBA & Pre-BBA...

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Transcript of EPortfolio Overview Fall 2011 BBA Orientation Jessica Lowy Assistant Director BBA & Pre-BBA...

  • ePortfolio OverviewFall 2011 BBA Orientation

    Jessica LowyAssistant DirectorBBA & Pre-BBA Advising & Programming

  • What is an ePortfolio?

  • How will I benefit from using an ePortfolio?Assess and reflect upon yourpersonal growth throughoutthe program

    Determine areas of strengthand weakness, and set goals

    Track experiences during and beyond the BBA

    Share your accomplishments and goals with others

  • What kind of information will I document?Courses that have had a significant impact on your professional and leadership development

    Co-Curricular ExperiencesOrientationCase competitionsSenior seminarsBusiness research certificateLeadership Academy

  • What kind of information will I document?Study Abroad


    Extracurricular and LeadershipActivitiesStudent organizationsSportsFraternities/sororities

    Service and Volunteer Activities

    Life Experiences/Interests

  • Related skills/leadership competenciesSynthesis and analysisCreative problem solvingPositive impact in organizationsGlobal worldviewSocial responsibility & ethicsDifferentiated leadershipCommunicationSelf-awarenessTeamwork & relationships

  • Skills matrix

  • Creating portfoliosMain purpose of ePortfolio site is self-reflection and assessment

    You can create different portfolios showcasing your skills to share with others (online & PDF)

  • Getting startedAll students enrolled in BUS 365 Business Communication will be sent log in information

    If not enrolled in BUS 365 e-mail me via FirstClass to request an account

    System is connected to EagleOps can log in there and resumes will be shared

    Will be required in 365, but then its up to you to continue!

    Im very excited to have the opportunity to be here to tell you about our ePortfolio system. Creating an ePortfolio will enhance your experience in the BBA Program, allowing you to tie together the skills you gain across the program and to visualize the progress youve made towards developing competencies. It is a singular place where you can track experiences from all aspects of your college life, think about the skills youve gained, and upload supporting documents for posterity.

    This makes the ePortfolio an ideal tool for career management by reflecting on the experiences youve had in college, and then tying those experiences to specific skills, youll have ample information to share with employers when applying and interviewing for internships and jobs.*In addition to tracking your growth throughout the program, youll be able to visualize areas of strength and weakness early on, and then devise plans in conjunction with your advisor to address any areas that need attention.

    In addition, the ePortfolio stays with you forever. In this way, youre able to gather and store a critical mass of information, like a virtual file cabinet, that you can access as an alum over and over again when preparing for future interviews and meetings. Years from now, this will be extraordinarily useful as it is quite hard to remember that much information! In addition, all the files you upload will still be there.*There are 7 broad categories of experience that you will use the system to track.*By reflecting upon and documenting these experiences, you will have the opportunity to assess your development in the following core skill areas that are directly tied to the learning objectives of the BBA Program and which correlate with demonstrated leadership competencies

    Synthesis and analysis - Integrating the functional areas of business in analyzing and solving business problems.

    Creative problem solving - Approaching issues from multiple perspectives, utilizing a variety of resources and paradigms to arrive at new and innovative solutions and possibilities.

    Positive impact in organizations - Applying theoretical knowledge in real-world settings, working on behalf of organizational aspirations, making meaningful and enduring contributions to organizational unit.

    Global worldview - Having a broadened world perspective, understanding the global marketplace, valuing diverse worldviews.

    Social responsibility & ethics - Considering and weighing traditional business objectives in the context of community and environmental impact, exhibiting responsible stewardship of resources, possessing the courage of ones convictions, upholding and modeling organizational values.

    Differentiated leadership - Developing as a professional through cognitive, emotional behavioral and relational growth. Includes skills such as political savvy, resilience, and dealing with ambiguity.

    Communication - Communicating ideas, proposals and intentions effectively.

    Self-awareness - Developing self-regulation, self-awareness and empathy.

    Teamwork & relationships - The ability to build relationships based on trust, mutual respect, and shared commitments. Developing the ability to motivate others, connect with diverse worldviews, negotiate, build teams and lead change.

    *The Skills Matrix is where youll go to both enter information on your experiences and provide supporting files (documents, pictures, videos, etc.) and to visualize/chart your progress.

    Where possible, were in the process of entering information on experiences that you may access through drop-down fields. For instance, were pre-loaded course information and information on certain co-curricular activities such as Orientation, so that you wont have to enter as much information on your own. Your primary goal will be to reflect upon the skills that youve gained from these different experiences.

    The matrix allows you to view your progress and visualize your body of skills in a unique format. The number in each cell signifies how many items you have created that match the corresponding Skill & Experience Category. The progress bar under each skill name will help you track how close you are to the suggested minimum number of experiences to support that skill. The bar will start off red under all the skills, and will likely stay that way for most skills for quite a while. As you amass more experiences under each skill category, the bar will grow and change to yellow and then green. Keep in mind that this is only visible to you its a means for you to chart your own progress. So you shouldnt feel pressured to make all of your bars green!*After entering this information, you will have the opportunity to create multiple tailored and appealing portfolios that include the specific experiences and/or skills you wish to highlight. You can then share the portfolios via e-mail in both online and PDF formats, with any supporting documents you wish to include.*