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Transcript of ENW in Southampton - Hiroshima University's English ...pod.flare.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/cms/media/3/...


ENW...in Southampton!

ENW Episode 306 | August 25 2017

Part 1 | Topic Warm Ups[1] ENW 306

Warm Up 1 Odd One Out

Look at these 4 British flags Which 1 is different from the other 3? Write your reason on the line below! If you dont know - GUESS!




Warm Up 2 Brainstorm

Read the word in the box. How many different words can you connect to that word? Write as many different words / phrases as you can!

Warm Up 3 English Cities by Size!

Read the list of English cities below. Then put them into the correct order by size of population! Nos 1, 5, 6 & 18 are easy is because they are all ENW podcast travel cites!

Cities: The Correct Order

1: _______________________ 8.6m2: _______________________ 1.2m3: ______________________ 761,0004: ______________________ 617,0005: ______________________ 552,0006: ______________________ 520,00018: _____________________ 282,000

English CitiesA: Birmingham

B: BristolC: Leeds

D: LiverpoolE: London

F: Manchester G: Newcastle

Part 2 | Pre-Listening / Reading[2] ENW 306

Pre-Listening / Pre-Reading 1 Famous Southampton Locations

The city of Southampton is one of the most historic cities in England. The coastal city has many interesting and vibrant things to do and see. But, can you name some of the famous Southampton area locations?


1: Tudor House ____ 3: City Sea Museum ____ 5: The New Forest ____2: Hobbit Pub ____ 4: St Marys ____ 6: Bargate ____

Pre-Listening / Pre-Reading 2 Southampton Quiz

Read the sight questions about Southampton. Can you choose the correct answers? If you don't know - use the Internet, ask a partner or GUESS!

1 | What is the population of Southampton?a: 2.53m b: 253,000 c: 25,300

9: Which is the badge of Southampton FC?

2 | What year was Southampton founded?a:43 BC b: 43 AD c: $30 AD

3 | What is the name of the river in Southampton?a: Itchen b: Isis c: Thames

4 | What ship did not sail from Southampton Docks?

a: Titanic b: Mayflower c: Normandie

5 | Which seafood dish comes from Southampton?

a: fish fingers b: Fish cakes c: Devilled Fish

6 | Southampton is the only UK city with what type of power station?

a: Nuclear b: Gas c: Geothermal

7 | What is the nickname of Southampton FC?a: Red Devils b: Saints c; Spitfires

8 | What English county is Southampton located in?a: Hampshire b: Essex c: Kent

Part 3 | Reading & Listening 1[3] ENW 306

Location 1 City Sea Museum

Read the title for the 1st part of this special Southampton podcast! Next read the three statements below. What do you think is the answer? If you are not sure - GUESS! Choose YES' or NO!

A: The Mayflower took passengers to the USA in 1620.B: The Titanic departed Southampton Dock in 1912.C: The SeaCity Museum has oral testimonies from Titanic victims.


Location 1 | GAP FILL

Read / Listen to Location 1. What is the correct answer for each space? Write one word in each space.

Gateway to the World Good morning and welcome to Southampton! This is the second city on our summer trip and sadly the 1: _______ is not as hot as it was in Abu Dhabi. It is actually a little cool and it is also raining. Now, ENW would like to try and dispel a myth about our home country - it doesnt always rain! However, yes this 2: _______ morningit is raining. Quite hard actually.

As the weather isn't great ENW has decided to to visit the SeaCity Museum which is located near the Southampton Docks. This city is famous as being one of Englands most important ports, for trade, defence and 3: _______. Some of the famous ships that have set off from Southampton include the Mayflower which took the Pilgrims to America in 1620 and perhaps the most famous 4: ______ in the world - SS Titanic which set sail from Berth 44 in April 1912.

The CitySea Museum which opened on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, has a special exhibition 5: ______ to the tragic ship. Inside are artefacts from the ship including a pocket watch taken from a steward which stopped at the time of the sinking. Also inside is the Disaster Room which has oral 6: _______ from those people who survived. Well the museum opens in about 15mins at 10am and ENW is waiting patiently to buy our 8.50 entry ticket.

Q & A

1 | What year did SeaCity Museum open? ______________________2 | What numbered Berth did the Titanic use? ______________________3 | What year did the Pilgrims depart for America? ______________________4 | How much is the cost of the entry ticket? ______________________5 | Where is the SeaCity Museum located near? ______________________

Part 3 | Reading & Listening 2 ENW 306[4]

Location 2 Bargate

Read the title for the 2nd part of this special Southampton podcast! Next read the three statements below. What do you think is the answer? If you are not sure - GUESS! Choose YES' or NO!

A: The Bargate has been standing in Southampton for 900 years+.B: Southampton used to be under French rule in the 13th Century.C: The Bargate has been a prison, law court and the citys town hall.


Location 2 | Wrong Word!

Read / Listen to Location 2. Circle the six mistakes in the text. Then write the correct words below.

Gateway to the City It is unusual for ENW to visit an attraction at night, unless it is a place of entertainment, but this is where you find us this evening, at just past 9pm, we have come to our 2nd Southampton location. The reason it is later than usual is that ENW has standing under the Bargate - a medieval gatehouse situated in the city centre. This used to be the main gateway into the city when Southampton had a town wall that snaked around the citys centre.

The Bargate was first built around 1180 of stone and flint and then became part of a new town wall that was constructed in 1338 after a French raid sacked Southampton. During the last 937 years the Bargate has also served as law court, the citys curfew alarm bell, the town hall and even a prison!

Southampton, unlike most English cities, still has some of its old town walls standing. And the Bargate is great place to begin our meandering path around the old town walls that should take about 90 minutes. As it is after 9pm, ENW might stop off in the odd pub on the way

Write the Correct Words!

1: __________ 2: __________ 3: __________ 4: __________ 5: ___________ 6: __________

Q & A

1 | What time is it in Southampton? ______________________2 | When was the Bargate built? ______________________3 | Who sacked the city? ______________________4 | How long will it take to walk around the town walls ______________________5 | Where might ENW stop on our walk? ______________________

Part 3 | Reading & Listening 3 ENW 306[5]

Location 3 The New Forest

Read the title for the 3rd part of this special Southampton podcast! Next read the three statements below. What do you think is the answer? If you are not sure - GUESS! Choose YES' or NO!

A: The New Forest has doubled for the Miami Everglades in movies.B: Inside the New Forest is a 19th Century Motor Museum.C: The Motor Museum is owned by the Baron Montagus.


Location 3 | Jumbled Paragraphs

Read / Listen to Location 3. What is the correct order for the sentences in each paragraph.

A Motor Museum in a Forest! (a) An abundance of wildlife including birds such as the Honey Buzzard and Red Kite, reptiles including the mildly venomous adder as well as donkeys, ponies, deer, squirrels and mink all live in the forest. (b) Hello, this morning you find ENW in a forest looking for a car museum! (c) The forest also has been the backdrop for famous movies such as Robing Hood: Prince of Thieves, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and The Infiltrator - in which the forest doubled for Miami Everglades! (d) The New Forest is one of the largest wooded areas in England and covers 300 km2 of land.

(a) The National Motor Museum that ENW has come to see was created in 1952 by the 3rd Baron and now has more than 250 motor vehicles from all around the world some dating back from the 19th Century. (b) Today this is the home of the Barons Montagu - an aristocratic English family. (c) ENW has travelled through much of the forest, trying to avoid the adders in particular, to the small village of Beaulieu as we are going to Palace House - which isn't actually a palace!

(a) There are also many exhibitions that allow for interactive and historical experiences. (b) Well, ENW has paid our 19.50 ticket online and so in we go! (c) Some of the famous cars in the museum include a James Bond Lotus, World Championship F1 winners and Mr Beans lime green mini!

P 1: ____ ____ ____ ____ P 2: ____ ____ ____ P 3: ____ ____ ____

Q & A

1 | How large is the New Forest? ______________________2 | What is the name of the museum? ______________________3 | What 2 types of bird live in the forest? ______________________4 | What colour is Mr Beans mini? ______________________5 | How much is the museum tickets online price? ______________________

Part 3 | Reading & Listening 4[6] ENW 306

Windsurfing in the SolentLocation