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Transcript of Entrepreneur Skills on Business Performance of Small and ... fileII. LITERATURE REVIEW Entrepreneur...

Entrepreneur Skills on Business Performance ofSmall and Medium Enterprise

Ratih Hurriyati, Girang Razati, S.Sulastri, Novian Perdana PutraFaculty of Economic and Business Education

Universitas Pendidikan Indonesiaratih@upi.edu

Abstract The low business performance of SMEs inIndonesia caused by weak managerial and technological, lowmarket share, the shortage of capital, the narrow range of themarket, cannot be ignored. One of the solutions to increasebusiness performance in SMEs is improving their entrepreneurskill. The purpose of research is to know the description of theentrepreneurial skill in SMEs on Narogong, Bekasi, and knowthe describe of the business performance level of the SMEs inNarogong, Bekasi, and also entrepreneur skills influence onbusiness performance at SME in Narogong, Bekasi. This type ofresearch is descriptive and vericative, with explanatory survey on30 owners of the SMEs. The result show that entrepreneurialskill has influenced business performance at 38,05% and 61,94%is influence by other factor. It means there is a strong significantinfluence of entrepreneurship skills against the businessperformance. To improve the business performance, the ownersof SMEs should increase the entrepreneur skill in running theirbusiness to get satisfactory result.

Keywords Business Performance, Entrepreneur Skill,Entrepreneuship, SMEs


Small and medium size enterprise (SME) has acomplementary role with major companies in the creation ofemployment opportunities as well as economic growth in acountry. Small and medium enterprise in Indonesia had playedan important role in several thing: 1) SMEs is a major player ineconomic activities in Indonesia; 2) SMEs has provide inemployment opportunities; 3) Become important players forbeing a development of local economic and communitydevelopment; 4) Become the creator of markets and innovationthrough dynamic versatile and sensitivibility as well as withdependencies with certain companies; 5) SMEs is contributedto increase of export and import non-oil and gas. These pointscan be supported with the ability of entrepreneurial skill inimproving their business performance. Performance in a resultwho generates over specific job function or activity in period oftime. Business performance is the result of work that can beaccomplished by a person or group of people in anorganization, according to the authority and responsibilities inorder to achieve the objective of the organization. Performancecan be success if the goal achieved. [1,2,3]

The development of SMEs in Indonesia has increase overyears, the Indonesian government should continuing to supportthem by providing both capital or their entrepreneurial skills,moreover at this time SMEs in Indonesia faced the ASEAN

Economic Community (AEC) which inevitably forcing them tobe ready and compete against foreign products that may enterthe Indonesian market, this condition should not beunderestimate by entrepreneur in this country, because if theyare not prepared with this condition, their business can bedefeated with the similar product that come from other country.

There are 4 factor which cause low business performance inSMEs in Indonesia, these are: 1) Almost 60% of small businessstill using traditional technology; 2) Low market share due tolack of capital, technology and managerial; 3) Most of SMEsare not able to meet the requirement for administrativeassistance from the bank; 4) Their dependency againstgovernment facilities is too much. [4]. Then, common problemwho faced SMEs in Indonesia, these are: 1) Low productivity;2) Low added value; 3) Small investment; 4) Narrow ofmarket; 5) Limited networking; 6) Limited access to capitalresources and raw materials; 7) The management is notprofessional and human resources that do not have the qualityto compete, these problem should always be concern for SME,because low business performance can make their businesscannot operate properly. [4]

Based on condition from analysis above, the factor whoaffect low performance business should be improved, one ofthem is to increasing their entrepreneurial skills for the SMEsowner. Implementation of entrepreneurial skills improvementneed concrete data belonging to the current condition if there isinfluence on the performance of the business. Therefore, tomeet the concrete data and information require study through aresearch in this field.


Entrepreneur skill are abilities such as knowledge,management, and other about entrepreneurship that should beowned and known by entrepreneur that required to support hisbusiness, entrepreneur must have the competence and shouldalways be improved due to the dynamic business conditions.[5,6,7,8,9,10]

Performance can be interpreted as an achievement of thework accordance with the rules and standardization that applyon the organization. Business performance refers to the level ofachievement on the company in a period time. Theperformance of a company is a very decisive in thedevelopment of the company. The purpose of a company is: afixed stand or survive, to earn a profit, growth, these purpose

1st Global Conference on Business, Management and Entreupreuneurship (GCBME-16 )Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, volume 15

Copyright 2016, the Authors. Published by Atlantis Press. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/).


can be reached if the company has a good performance.[11,12,13,14,15].


This type of research is using verivicative method. Thisresearch was conducted to find out the entrepreneurial skillsinfluence the performance business on SMEs owner inNarogong, Bekasi. The research period is less than one year,then the method used was cross sectional method. Theindependent variable in this research is entrepreneurial skillwith a research problem is the dependent variable is businessperformance.

The entrepreneurial skill variable in this study focuses onfour this things: 1) Technical skills; 2) Management skills; 3)Entrepreneurship skills; and 4) Personal maturity skills.Performance can be interpreted as an achievement of the workin accordance with the rules and standardization that apply ineach of the organization. Business performance indicatorsinclude: 1) Sales growth; 2) Capital growth; 3) Addition to theworkforce; 4) Market growth; 5) Marketing; and 6) Profitgrowth.

The population of this research include all owners of theSMEs in Narogong, Bekasi whom still active their businessuntil 2016 which numbered 30 people. So, the sample in thisresearch is classified into census.


Based on the correlation between entrepreneurial skills (X)on business performance (Y) is 0,617, its interpretation ofcorrelation coefficient 0,60 to 0,799, that means there is strongcorrelation between entrepreneurial skills on businessperformance. P-Value in the column sig. (2-tailed) 0,000