EnOcean – Flexible, batteryless, maintenance-free room operation

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The sensors with EnOcean technology require no batteries and no maintenance, and their flexible installation enables switches to be fitted in any possible configuration without the need for additional cabling.

Transcript of EnOcean – Flexible, batteryless, maintenance-free room operation

  • 1. Wireless room units and walltransmittersRoom units with EnOcean technology Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Content 1 Introduction 2 2 Technology 6 3 Portfolio with EnOcean technology 10 4 References 15 Siemens AG 2010. All rights reserved. 2011.Page 2 T. Huber Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 3. EnOcean missionGreen Smart Wireless Energy harvesting Intelligent sensor Radio standard World-class miniaturized networks Bi-directional energy harvesting Connectivity communication components Programmableeverything embedded in easy to integrate, easy to use standardized modules Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.Page 3 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 4. EnOcean GmbH & EnOcean Alliance for whole value chain EnOcean GmbH EnOcean Alliance OEM partner Building professionals & users Components XXX Modules Products Solutions clean technology Solution for green buildings EnOcean GmbH EnOcean Alliance Green = energy harvesting No batteries. Smart = smart sensors No wires. Wireless = wireless standard No limits.Spin-off company of Siemens CT Founded in April 2008 as a non-profit,founded in 2001 and venture founded. mutual benefit corporation Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved. Page 4 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 5. EnOcean Alliance eco-systemEnocean Participants Associate membersalliance promoter >160 associated members 100 OEMs offering final goods Koenig Consulting Inc. >700 compatible products >100,000 buildings deployed IEC standardization kicked off Award winning Green Technology Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.Page 5 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 6. Self-powered wireless sensor technology Energy: Motion, temperature, light Sensor radio module System radio module Energy Micro- RF Micro- converter controller Transceiver controller RF Status, Energy measured value management Sensor Transceiver control signal Information: Actuator/ buil- Temperature, pressure, position, etc. ding services Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.Page 6 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 7. Choosing a suitable radio protocolRange1,000m Residential 100m aftermarket Home and building PC auto- networking 10m mation Demand Headsets response Home UWB PC peripherals networking Wireless Industrial metering PDA / phone Video USB infrastructure Video/ distribution audio links 1m Factor 1 Factor Factor Factor Factor Energy 10s 100s 1.000s 10.000s requirements Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.Page 7 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 8. Environment Comparison of different power flux densities Device W/m distance (m) 100 x duration EnOcean RF switch 0,000013 1 some ms 700 x Conventional switch 0,0015 1 some ms WIFI access point 0,01 2 7.000 x stream during data WIFI card 0,1 0,5 during data stream DECT phone 1 0,1 70.000 a call during x Mobile 12-42 0,1 during a call 1,6 Mio.x Mobile-base station 0,00001 - 0,1 permanent average Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.Page 8 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 9. How much energy needs an EnOcean device? 100 EnOcean devices transmit 432000 telegrams per day This requires daily totally 86 J energy To compare: ONE jelly bear contains 7000 J A jelly bear would offer enough energy to conduct the system for 81 days Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.Page 9 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 10. Multi-vendor interoperable productsOver 300 energy-saving products in production AutomationLighting controls HVAC devices systems gateways Light switches / dimmers Occupancy / motion LON, BACnet, TCP/IP, Occupancy sensors Humidity KNX, serial Light intensity Door / window Key card Temperature Timers Siemens AG 2011. All rights reserved.Page 10 Industry / Building Technologies Division
  • 11. Maximize your building efficiency!Energy efficient lighting Energy-optimized building automationIndividual, present, and daylight dependant Building automation system Lights Blinds Heating Ventilation Air conditioning Gateway Siemens AG 2011. All rig