Enjoying Library eBooks on Non-Kindle eReading Devices

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Learn how to search, checkout, download and transfer library eBooks to your non-Kindle eReading device. (Includes Nook, Kobo, and Sony Readers.)

Transcript of Enjoying Library eBooks on Non-Kindle eReading Devices

  • 1. Enjoying LibraryeBooks usingnon-KindleeReadersIncluding:B&N NookKobo ReaderSony eReader Photo credit: Flickr user sam_churchill http://flic.kr/p/91S3rn
  • 2. Using a computer with an Internet connection, visit http://www.orionlibrary.org/ .Select OverDrive located below our navigation menu.
  • 3. Select Adobe Digital Editions.
  • 4. Select Get Adobe Digital Editions. Select Install.
  • 5. Authorize Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID.If you do not have one, select get an Adobe ID online. * Nook / Nook Color * OverDrive recommends using the same email address & password for your Adobe ID as you use for your Barnes & Noble account.
  • 6. Return to the Digital Catalog andLog In using your Orion Library card.
  • 7. Use the Search Box to find specific titles or authors - or return Home and browse the eBook collection.
  • 8. If an ePUB or PDF copy is available, select available add to bookbag.If no copies are available, select place a hold.
  • 9. Continue Browsing or Proceed to Checkout* If you continue browsing, the title will remain in your bookbag for 30 minutes. If not checked out in 30 minutes, it will be made available to other users.
  • 10. Select your lending period, then Confirm Check Out.
  • 11. Select Download.
  • 12. The title should open using Adobe Digital Editions. Select Library View.
  • 13. Connect your device using the USB cable. Allow authorization.Drag the title and drop it onto your devices Bookshelf.
  • 14. Congratulations! Your library eBook is now ready foryou to enjoy.Depending on your device, library eBooks may appearseparately from purchased eBooks.(Ex. Nook devices place library titles under My Files >> Digital Editions.)Questions? Problems? Let us know. Orion Library Adult Services Desk 248-693-3000 orionref@orionlibrary.org