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  • 1. Technology EntrepreneurshipEnjoyable DelaysA Worst Idea Converted in to a Best Idea2nd Assignment Presented to: Chuck Eesley Assistant Professor,Management Science & Engineering, Stanford UniversityPresented By: Digicon Valley, Team 17317

2. Presentation Roadmap Overview Enjoyable Delays The Original Business Canvas Why it is Worst? Our Picks From The Business Canvas Redressing of Original Business Canvas Enjoyable Delays Redefined Business Canvas Redefined Business Canvas Brief Final Outcome Digicon Valley Team 3. OverviewThe Digicon Valley Team has reviewed all the worst business ideas contributed by thecourse mates of Technology Entrepreneurship course in Venture Lab of StanfordUniversity.The team found many worst ideas defined by the peers are workable to convert theminto a profitable business. By narrow downing those ideas, we selected a final idea towork on and submit our presentation and short commercial that is Enjoyable Delays.Most of the time, the delay in a flight is very hectic at airports. While airports doesntfacilitate a comfortable environment to the passengers.The original business canvas was submitted by Mr. Sammer H under worst idea with thetitle Enjoyable Delays 4. Enjoyable Delays The Original Business Canvas http://venture-lab.org/venture/team_ideas/5004 5. Why it is Worst?Business Concept: The Original Business Canvas reflects that the business will have ateam of artists and a website to get orders from the airlines to provide them anentertaining artist in case a flight is delayed.Worst: Yes, it is really worst because the airline business runs round the clock and theydont have a pre-defined schedule of delays.Worst: Most of the time, the departure flight delayed is because of maintenance by thetechnical staff. No body knows exactly that how much time it will take to get theairplane clear to take-off.Worst: The airports dont have a setup to allow a person to come inside the airport andentertain the passengers of a delayed flight. There is no such seating arrangements.And airport security rules are not permitting to start entertaining in an open area. 6. Enjoyable DelaysOur Picks From The Original Business Canvas 7. Redressing of Original Business Canvas Problem Identification: We perceived the core idea from the original business canvas, i.e., convert thedelayed flights pain in to an enjoyable activity at airports. We selected HartsfieldJackson AtlantaInternational Airport as the first airport to start the new opportunity: Enjoyable Delays. Solution: We tried to identify the most common activities people perform for an enjoyment and foundthe following key common areas of enjoyment: Bailey Dance Video Games Concerts Cinema Museum Disco Club Library Gym Massage Center Wave Pool Required Resources: Identified as Architect Designers, Construction Companies, Interior Designers,Operation and Maintenance Staff are the key required resources. Key Partners: US Government, Investment Companies, Airlines 8. Enjoyable Delays Redefined Business CanvasConstruct, Operate and Maintain theFollowing Facilities at Hartsfield Well trained customer care staffUS Government Jackson Atlanta International AirportInvestment CompaniesBailey DanceAirlinesVideo GamesConcertsCinemaMuseumDisco ClubLibraryGymKey Resources Massage CenterArchitect Designers Wave PoolConstruction CompaniesInterior DesignersOperation and Maintenance StaffConstruction of the Following at HartsfieldJackson Atlanta International AirportBailey DanceVideo GamesConcertsCinema $10 per passenger from the member airlinesMuseum (included in the airfare)Disco ClubLibrary$150 per passenger from non-member airlinesGymORMassage CenterWave Pool$10 per passenger included in the Airport Tax 9. Final OutcomeIf a hotel have and can afford entertainmentfacilities to its customers, then why not an airport?Total Passengers Arrived or Departured in 2011: 92MTotal Regional Economic Impact: $19.8B+Source: WikipediaA Short Commercial is available on YouTube at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq2qjItZXY0HartsfieldJackson Atlanta International AirportAnd All International Airports are Lacking to provideany entertainment facilities to its customers 10. Digicon Valley Team 1. Azhar Mateen 2. Muhammad Waseem 3. Muhammad Musaab 4. Zohaib Hassan 5. Kashif Latif 6. Sohail Zeeshan 7. Nasir Ali 8. Mohamed Humer Ulla Khan 9. Sergio Alves Jr. 10. Abuzer Firdousi 11. Salman Majeed 12. Maxim Anisimov The team names are in the order as they joined the team leader. Team Page: http://venture-lab.org/venture/teams/17317