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English 467: Capstone presentation

English 467: Capstone presentationBy pei yun liuMagical Girls, Empowered Women: An Analysis of Sailor Moon ForecastDefinitionsLiterature/ConversationThesis Research Questions and ContextApplication of Context to Sailor Moon Conclusions definitionsShoujos definition : In Japanese Shoujo refer to a girls age between 7-14 years old (Prough). Shjo = ShoujoManga = Japanese Comics Shoujo manga is Girls manga, which covers many subjects in a variety of narrative and graphic styles, usually with a strong focus on human and romantic relationships (Toku).Magical Girl Manga: is a genre of Japanese fantasy manga that portrays young girl heroines who, usually at puberty, discover they have magical powers that they use to help save the world (Orbaugh).ConversationIn 1994, 2.27 billion manga and magazines were published, which is 35% of all material published in Japan.Annually published : 1.1 billion in 1980, 2.7 billion in 1994. Mangas many categories and genres. 2 ladies manga in 1980, 8 in 1984, 19 in 1985, and 48 in 1991. It is significant that after 1985 the number of ladies manga increased dramatically, impacted by cultural changes resulting from The Equal Employment Opportunity Law was passed in Diet (parliament) in 1985.

conversationMagical girl manga are designed for perverts and to make a profit: featuring school uniform and romance. (Saot Tamaki) The definition of shoujo manga is what girls want and what will sell to girls; the representation of sex in shoujo manga has increased is because thats what Japanese girls want and what sells the best to them. (Jennifer Prough)

ThesisMy research discusses the ways some girl characters demonstrate empowered womanhood, a strong self-image, and support womans rights. I have chosen one genre of shoujo manga: magical girl manga, on which to do my research. For this presentation, I will focus on one popular magical girl manga: Sailor Moon (1992-1997).

Research questions and Context for framing this research Research question: Why does shoujo manga start to show empowered womanhood? Before the 1970s, the (girl) shoujo moved directly from puberty and high school to marriage. Between1970-1980, more girls were attending college before marrying. After 1980, postponing marriage later and remain at work for salary.What is the strong self-image depicted in the magical girl manga?I use feminist lens analysis on Sailor Moon (1992-1997).

Application (Findings)Sailor Moon:

Magical Girls Transformation (puberty) how to retain power after pubertyMagical girls fight as a groupEvil/Villains are symbol of patriarchy

TransformationNormal school teenagers + Transformation = Power, confident, and adult responsibilities

Group fight A group of women will be able to complete and defeat the patriarchy society

Evil/Villains are symbol of patriarchyEvil + Villains + Older women figure = Patriarchy systems

Weapons: upgradeWeapons upgraded and more abilities shows more empowered

Conclusion Weak, shy, and only following mans voice.

Conclusion Confident, stronger, and stronger womanhood.

Thank you!! Dr. Amy Rupiper TaggartDr. Elizabeth (Betsy) BirminghamDr. Eunice Johnston