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Transcript of Engaging Your Library Community Through Storytelling ... Social media Public speaking, community...

  • #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Takeaways � Why storytelling is so vital to

    your fundraising & marketing strategy

    � Ways you can use social media to tell stories

    � Examples from libraries and nonprofits who are doing great storytelling

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Why Storytelling? � People don’t

    remember bullet points.

    � People respond to emotion.

    � Feelings, not analytical thinking, drive actions.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • What Storytelling Will Not Do Fix bad management.

    Fix a lousy product or service.

    Replace other fundraising & marketing strategies.

    Replace tried-and-true fundraising tactics.

    BUT if done well, it will augment all other communication efforts!

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • How To “Do” Storytelling? � Think of your audience


    � How can you tell a story in a way that will resonate with them?

    � What is important to them?

    � What will inspire them to action?

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • “It’s less about technology and more about what the visitor can bring to the equation.

    In the end, we want people to feel ownership of this museum.

    We ask them to tell us what they think.

    They can give us a bad review; when we make a mistake they can come to our rescue.

    We want to engage with our community.”

    ~Shelley Bernstein, Chief Technology Officer, the Brooklyn Museum

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Change In Mindset � Become a storytelling


    � Most library communications are boring and org-centric.

    � What is interesting and new?

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Change In Mindset � Need to focus on

    BENEFITS, not features.

    � Need to focus on PEOPLE, not programs.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Creation Stories � What was the need?

    � What is the need now?

    � Story of the founders

    � The real WHY you exist

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

    Reference: http://www.thegoodmancenter.com

  • Creation Stories � Example –Environmental

    Defense Fund � Started by a small group of

    passionate conservationists in Long Island.

    � They wanted to save the osprey, bald eagle and peregrine falcon.

    � Went to court, got a ban on DDT in 1966. In 1972, they played a large role on a nationwide ban.

    � They play up the “strong foundation” and grassroots approach which informs their work today.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Continuous Improvement � Express resiliency

    � Show that your org is always trying to improve

    � Mistakes, lessons learned

    � Helps other organizations

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

    Reference: http://www.thegoodmancenter.com

  • Continuous Improvement Example – The Denver Foundation

    � 10 Years 10 Stories – Celebrating 10 years of inclusiveness

    � Stories from the Journey – stories told by the nonprofits awarded grants

    � Nonprofits discussed what they learned and what they still have to work on.

    � Focused on their target audience and thought about what would resonate with them.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Behind-The-

    Scenes Stories

    � Feature donors

    � Feature Board members

    � Feature staff

    � Feature volunteers

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

    Reference: http://www.thegoodmancenter.com

  • Behind-The-Scenes Carolyn Miles of Save the


    Pinterest Board: http://www.pinterest.com /savethechildren/carolyn- s-corner/

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Behind-The-Scenes Stories

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Behind-The-Scenes Stories Central Rappahannock Regional Library in

    Fredericksburg, Virginia

    “Libraries Will Survive” on YouTube

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8QjjKrEK 7Y

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Behind-The-Scenes Stories

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2614974/The-selfie-intellectuals-Rise-shelfie-geek-chic- social-media-trend-book-collection.html

    The rise of the #shelfie

  • #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • User-Generated Stories

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial http://www.care.org/get-involved/international-womens-day/iamcourage

  • User-Generated Stories Geek The Library: www.geekthelibrary.org

    “Yes, librarians geek, too. See what they are passionate about and why they think the public library is a vital community resource. Are you a librarian? Tell us what you geek.”

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • User-Generated Stories Libraries for Real Life:


    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • User-Generated Stories “Why Didn’t You Just Leave?”

    Writer Beverly Gooden shared her own reasons for staying in an abusive relationship on Twitter, using the hashtag #WhyIStayed.

    Within hours, hundreds of survivors were tweeting their own reasons for doing the same.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/12/why-didnt-you-just- leave_n_5805134.html

  • Impact Stories � Showcase the

    difference you are making

    � Showcase the impact on the community

    � Doesn’t have to be sugary sweet

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Impact Stories "I am a mother of 3 who is trying to finish my

    bachelors degree. I love the quiet glass enclosed room. I come here regularly to study, and because of this solitude I have been able to accomplish much more of my classes than I had been able to do at home. Thank you for providing a quiet, non-distracting place for me to study!!" http://www.librarypoint.org/patrons_love_st


    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Impact Stories Greater Twin Cities United


    Success Stories section on their website

    They start with the impact they had on the nonprofit, then the direct impact on a recipient of services

    Miguel’s story

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Impact Stories Always show donors where

    their money is going.

    Make them smile when they see the results their gift helped achieve.

    https://www.facebook.com/ BostonChildrensHospital

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Where To Find Stories? � Everywhere!

    � Everyone is responsible!

    � Requires a big change of culture.

    � No silos!

    � Get on the front lines.

    � Talk with people.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

    http://www.ala.org/advocacy/advleg/ whyineedmylibrary

  • Everyone Has A Story Everyone has a

    story – it might not be one that you can use, but it might lead you to an idea or person who can help.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • How To Get Good Stories � Look over all of those thank you notes!

    � Ask users– include a “share your story” page on your website, conduct surveys, ask at live events.

    � Be enthusiastic.

    � Explain the purpose.

    � Keep it varied. Make A Wish Foundation doesn’t just tell about the people that benefit, they also tell the stories of the wish-granter, the volunteers and their sponsors.

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Story-Generating Questions When did our library:

    � Help you through a difficult situation?

    � Make you laugh?

    � Make you think?

    � Teach you something important?

    � Contribute to your education, empowerment, employment, etc.?

    How would life be different if the library didn’t exist?

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Story-Generating Questions Delainey L. (Lincoln), 7th grade, Gere Library customer

    One summer, boredom got me full throttle. I would basically lay in my room, wishing I had something to do besides swim just to stay cool. Then one day my mom asked if I would like to go to the Library with her, and loved it so much! I had been to the library before, but that day really got me into a reading frenzy, which I've had ever since! I love going to the Library, it has done a lot for me :)

    favorite book: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowlings

    currently reading: Indigo by Alice Hoffman http://www.lincolnlibraries.org/info/Your_Library_Stories.htm

    #libraryvision @JuliaCSocial

  • Have A System � Collect stories & all story ideas. Keep these

    confidential for now.

    � Nothing is too small to collect.

    � Save your stories & ideas in a virtual Story Bank.

    � Use Dropbox or Google Drive.

    � Form a Storytelling Committee.

    � Start thinking like a reporter.

    � Use your smart phone, tabl