Engaging students with the learning and teaching agenda

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Presentation with Dr Pam Parker on how we engage students and how we want to do this in the future.

Transcript of Engaging students with the learning and teaching agenda

  • 1. Engaging students with the learning and teaching agenda Dr Pam Parker Professor Susannah Quinsee City University London

2. Overview Why engaging students is important to us at City Our grand plans Challenges in student engagement Proposals for the future 3. Why is student engagement important for us? PSR New model Student Voice but need more Introduce ladder of engagement 4. LEARNING ENHANCEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (LEAD): SERVICES Learning Development Learning Success Student Counselling and Mental Health Services Student facing specialist services Staff facing development 5. Partnership - a negotiated curriculum Studentsincreasinglyactiveinparticipation Students in control Student control of some areas of choice Students control of prescribed areas Wide choice from prescribed choices Limited choice from prescribed choices Dictated curriculum no interaction Participation claimed, tutor in control Students control decision-making and have substantial influence Students have some choice and influence Tutors control decision-making informed by student feedback Tutors control decision-making Other than student voice award limited opportunity for students to be in control except some very small projects. Wanted to explore curriculum interventions Wanted students to engage with strategy Student Voice Award 6. Our Grand Plans Student Advisory Board Student led projects Student initiated work/services of LEaD Compatible with Advisory Board staff for LEaD 7. Challenges Publicity that reaches students Lecturers willing to hand over power Institution focus on research for last 18 months Staff time from LEaD to get this type of development going 8. Findings so far.. City programmes valued for professional focus and balance of theory and practice (supports staff view to be included in strategy) London-location and research/practice-led teaching attractive for students Lack of community and extra curricula activities are barriers to student engagement and satisfaction Desire for more engaging lectures Calls for greater staff-student collaborations, more community activities and more online resources 9. Student suggestions for educational development Academic practice sabbaticals Communication skills Pastoral support Mandated development peer review and teaching programme Enthusiasm consistent theme 10. Student suggestions for engagement activities Responsive feedback and constructive criticism Incentives! Annual induction Improved feedback eg Expectation survey at start of the year 11. Questions for you How do students contribute to the education agenda in your institution? What is the impact of any student engagement in setting the agenda? What are the barriers to student engagement? How can you overcome the barriers? 12. Our next steps Projects linked to Education and Student Strategy eg PT Engagement post in LEaD Student Advisory Board with incentives