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Engaging Key Communities. Protecting Civil Rights. U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Initiative to Combat Post-9/11 Discriminatory Backlash. Investigate Complaints. Role of CRCL: 6 U.S.C 345 Constitutional & Statutory Rights Discrimination/Profiling Conditions of Detention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Engaging Key Communities

  • Protecting Civil RightsU.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Initiative to Combat Post-9/11 Discriminatory Backlash

  • Investigate ComplaintsRole of CRCL:6 U.S.C 345Constitutional & Statutory RightsDiscrimination/ProfilingConditions of DetentionScreeningTraveler Redress - www.dhs.gov/trip

  • Community Roundtables

    Community-Government forums in key cities.- CRCL has targeted 6 key cities. Colleagues have such forums in several other cities.

    ChicagoBuffaloHoustonLos AngelesDetroitSan DiegoBostonWashington, DCNew York/New Jersey

  • Cultural Competency

  • Cultural CompetencyHajj Travel Information http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/hajj.shtm

  • Civil Service

  • Civil Service

  • DHS Incident Community Coordination Team

    With American, Arab, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian, and Middle Eastern American Communities

  • Shaarik H. ZafarSenior Policy AdvisorOffice for Civil Rights and Civil LibertiesDepartment of Homeland Security Shaarik.zafar@dhs.gov

    CRCL assists our dedicated DHS colleagues to secure our country while preserving our freedoms and our way of life. We provide legal and policy advice to DHS leadership on issues at the intersection of Homeland Security and civil rights.Re: radicalization -- We believe promoting civic engagement can help reduce the or even prevent the feelings of isolation and alienation that some believe are necessary precursors for radicalization. Work with a variety of communities, immigration advocates, disability community. Work with Arab, Muslim, Sikh, South Asian, Middle Eastern Americans.Considering moving to issue-specific rubrics.

    Special CounselHate Crimes The Department has investigated more than 800 bias-motivated incidents since 9-11 involving violence or threats against individuals perceived to be Muslim, or of Arab, Middle Eastern, or South Asian origin. We have obtained 35 federal convictions in such cases. Five defendants are currently pending trial. The Department also has assisted local law enforcement in bringing more than 160 such criminal prosecutions.

    Complaints The Homeland Security Act states that the Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, who shall report directly to the Secretary, shall review and assess information concerning abuses of civil rights, civil liberties, and profiling on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion, by employees and officials of the department.

    Outreach/Engagement The Homeland Security Act also requires us to publicize our office and give information on how to file a complaint. Thus, community outreach continues to play a major role in our work. There are many reasons for this, but 2 major reasons stand out:

    First, by meeting regularly with communities, we become sensitive to cultural and religious considerations, which frankly allows us to do our jobs better;Second, outreach allows us to learn first hand what the issues of concern are, and report these to our leadership.

    2.Roundtable Meetings: We have engaged in a great deal of outreach to community leaders in cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago, and Washington. Policy vs. the Implementation of Policy, Our Office prepared a CD-ROM that gives our law enforcement officers a tutorial on our policy prohibiting unlawful racial profiling. The tutorial takes about 20-25 minutes, taking the officers through a series of hypothetical fact patterns.Head covering posters; Arab/Muslim cultures DVDs. Helped CBP and TSA issue guidance in preparation for the Hajj. Stress that this is not sensitivity, cultural competency.

    Mantra: Not part of the problem, but part of the solution. S1 supports Speaking before ADL, he said And that's why reaching out to embrace these communities Arab communities, Muslim communities, and South Asian communities is so important to us. We need to make sure that everybody in this country, whatever their religious belief and ethnic background, feels connected to the American way and to the government. We have to listen to their concerns and ideas. We have to encourage people from these communities to join public service, to become part of the FBI, or DHS, or part of the military, so that they have a full stake in the venture and nobody feels excluded. * FBI/DHS Internship program Incident Community Coordination Team: This is a mechanism that allows us to connect with community leaders immediately after an attack or natural disaster.

    Can deal with backlash issues, also a mechanism to provide information or feedback. POTUS use of Islamofacism following Airliner Plot

    We have conducted a joint tabletop exercise with community members, and have actually used this process following the JFK and Fort Dix arrests.

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