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You’ve created a Facebook account, sent a Tweet and pinned a few items to Pinterest. Now what? To engage your community, you’ll need a social media strategy, and a philosophy of engagement that wins the hearts and minds of your followers. This session assumes familiarity with social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Transcript of Engaging communities through social media

  • 1.Engaging Communities Through Social Media Sarah Coleman Jefferson County Public Library sarah.coleman@jeffcolibrary.org

2. Presentation Outline Philosophy of Community Engagement Social Media Strategy Tactics Questions? Philosophy Strategy Tactics 3. Philosophy of Community Engagement Goal: Create emotionally invested followers for your organization or cause. Image credit: http://blog.kromamarketing.com/blog/2012/10/15/emotional-investment-emotional-capital/ 4. Philosophy of Community Engagement Create a space for followers to interact with each other, and you Deliver content that has value to your followers; put yourself in their shoes Ask your followers what they want Do not talk like a brand with followers, give your organization a human voice NO overt advertising/marketing 5. Community Engagement Example: Sharpies Website 6. Community Engagement Example: Sharpies Instagram 7. Social Media Strategy Who will manage social media accounts? How many times a week will you post? I dont have time for multiple social media accounts! Scheduling posts with HootSuite Time to answer comments/interact? 8. Strategy: Planning Your Social Media Content Dynamic vs. Pre-Planned Content The Power of the Image Using Humor Re-Posting Content From Friends Feeds Examples of Pre-Planned Topics Examples of Dynamic Topics Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) Local festivals and events Library programs Library Friends Book Sales E-books for Beginners Book-of-the-day Response posts for trending topics on Google New book and movie release information Sharing content from friends accounts 9. Strategy: Measuring Responses To Posted Content Facebook Insights Learn to Use Facebook Insights: http://goo.gl/DGtDN 10. Strategy: Measuring Responses To Posted Content Pinterest Analytics Learn to Use Pinterest Analytics: http://goo.gl/P857r 11. Strategy: Maintaining a Two-Way Conversation Dealing with complaints, negativity Answer followers in a timely fashion Images via: http://www.pamorama.net/2013/06/09/7-types-of-social-media-fans-how-to-connect-infographic/#more-7906 12. Tactics: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words 13. Tactics: Humor 14. Tactics: Infographic 15. Tactics: Get Them Involved 16. Tactics: Deal With Public Criticism 17. Tactics: Dont Feed The Trolls 18. Tactics: Great Tweets 19. Tactics: Perfect Pins 20. Questions?