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Transcript of Eng07 - Poetry Freedom - Portfolio - Tasha Wiradjaja

  • Poetry

    Portfolio Freedom

    By: Tasha Wiradjaja


  • Table of Contents



    Haiku #1 Introduction

    Haiku #1

    Found Poem Introduction

    Found Poem

    Haiku #2 Introduction

    Haiku #2

    Haiku #3 Introduction

    Haiku #3

    Free Verse Introduction

    My Only Wish


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  • Dedicated to Mom and Dad


  • Introduction

    Poetry can be used to evoke emotive

    responses. The purpose of writing

    poetry is to send readers a variety of

    moods and messages. Poetry can be

    used to communicate freedom by using

    figurative languages, diction, sound,

    comparison, etc. Freedom is the right to

    do anything without restriction. It is the

    ability to do whatever you want, and

    whenever you want. Everyone has a

    teaspoon of freedom in their live. Even if

    it isnt noticeable or everyone else

    doesnt grasp it, one can feel it.


  • HAIKU #1


    Haikus are usually 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 again on the last. There is also the Indonesia translation below the English version. This poem is about the freedom of a bird. I chose to write this haiku about a bird because weve been reading lots of poems about birds and how they are a good example to explain freedom.


  • HAIKU #1

    Above, the birds chirp

    Fly away from trees to trees

    Off they go, singing

    Di langit, burung burung berkicau

    Terbang dari pohon ke pohon

    Pergilah mereka, bernyanyi


  • Found Poem


    I got this found poem from an anonymous blogger. It took quite a while to find a prose that relates to freedom. I chose this prose because its a very powerful piece and I really liked it. There is a few figurative languages in this poem. An example of a metaphor is bathing the back lawn. (line 2, stanza 1). I figured that there are lots of people that can really relate to this prose I turned into a poem.


  • Found Poem

    Autumn sunshine Bathing the back lawn.

    Reaching to touch everything.

    Moving as if responding to a lover's touch.

    In a blink of an eye, The sun disappears

    behind a cloud, Leaving everything dull and colorless.

    I wish to be the clouds

    Constantly floating able to escape from


    I want to run away from my broken body. For a blissful moment, I want to be accepted.

    my heart, still beating I wish it wasnt

    Ripping, tearing, and gnawing sensation.

    I want to scream out in shear frustration.

    I feel increasingly

    worthless I wish I could be burnt

    away, like clouds are on summer


    But my husband, he sees the real me.

    A woman, and his best friend

    In these uncertain times, I hope,

    there will be more people like him.


  • Haiku #2


    This haiku is about autumn, and how lots of leaves fall during that season. This haiku is related to freedom, because when the leaves fall of the trees, I imagine it as if theyre prisoners that are set free from prison. There is also a rhyme in this haiku, leaves on trees (second line).


  • Haiku #2

    Autumn is coming

    The wind tickles leaves on trees

    One by one they fall

    Musim gugur akan datang

    Angin menggelitik daun pada pohon

    Satu satu, mereka jatuh


  • Haiku #3


    This haiku is about wars that have been going on in a lot of countries, from long ago until now. While writing this haiku, I tried to imagine what it was like being there. I got inspired by Joan Baez when she came to our school and talked about what its like during the war. I also like the Indonesian translation of this haiku better than the other two, because this one doesnt sound as awkward as the other ones did.


  • Haiku #3

    Tears are streaming down

    People are running around

    Soldiers are fighting

    Air mata mengalir

    Rakyat berlarian

    Tentara berjuang


  • Free Verse


    The poem My Only Wish is about people who dont feel as free as other people, such as slaves, prisoners, etc. I tried to imagine, then describe what it would feel like being them. I wrote a couple of figurative languages, such as metaphor and rhyme. The rhyme is fly. and bye (line 2 & 3, stanza 2). The metaphor is I want to be a bird set free, (line 1, stanza 2). Its a metaphor because I wasnt exactly talking about a bird, but a human being.


  • My Only Wish

    I want to feel the warmth of the sun.

    Walking on concrete,

    jumping on puddles,

    feeling the ocean waves on my feet.

    I want to be a bird set free,

    flying through the open sky.

    Saying hello and bye

    whenever I pass someone.

    I want to know what freedom feels like.

    Most of all,

    I want to be free.


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