Energy Transformation Crossword

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Across Clues 1. Is the energy transfered from hot to cold objects. 4. It is a colourless gas (like air) that can be burnt in homes for cooking and heating. 7. Energy produced by movement 9. Sources of energy that took millions of years to form and will run out one day. 10. Materials that can burn and give off heat and light energy. 14. Means "rock oil" or "oil from the earth" 15. This energy is produce when radioactive minerals are joined or split together. 16. This energy is produced when an object vibrates 17. Black rocks come from fossilised plants and is mined from underground.

Down Clues 1. It is sourced from water driving a water turbine and generator 2. Renewable fuel that can replace gasoline in the coming years. 3. Sources of energy that exist infinitely or never run out. 5. Place where gas is produced by chemical reactions upon the waste and putrescible materials 6. Energy produced by wind turbines and converts wind energy into electricity. 8. This energy comes from the heat found under the earth in volcanic regions. 11. Comes from living things: wood products, dried vegetation,crop residues and aquatic plants 12. Using this dry animal waste has long provided heating and cooking fuel for rural societies 13. Whithout this type of energy there will be no life.

Science Faculty

Mrs. Vikki Waisman /Mr. Jos Novoa

Science Faculty

Mrs. Vikki Waisman /Mr. Jos Novoa