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  • Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy -Molecular Healingby Russell Henderson MNCP Pg Dip Adv Dip CAPS

    'In the history of tdea^, magic alprecede-^ science, that the intuition ofphenomena anticipated their ohjective

    knowledge'- Gauguelin 1974

    RbstractEnergy Psychology, Meridian Based

    Psychotherapy. Energy Medicine.Vibrational Medicine, etc., is as old asmankind itself- the energetic paradigmutilized in this modality, is the same asReiki, Acupuncture systems and theory,and Chakra Philosophy. It has its rootsembedded in the ancient healing arts,such as Ayurvedic Medicine. TraditionalChinese Medicine and Tibetan Medicine,to name but a few. Modern science andits increasing ability to understandthrough valid research the functioning ofthe human psyche/soma, is confirmingwhat the healing arts of antiquity havebeen saying for millennia: currentresearchers into tho bio-energy arena areseeing that the human species could beregarded as 'liquid crystal under tension,capable of vihrating at different frequen-cies, some in the range of visihle light*.'

    The Thought field is a pivotal linchpinin the scaffold of the Energy Psychologyparadigm. Thought Fields could bedescribed as domains of influence,which have elements of electro,magnetic, gravitational, light, sound,elastic and many other constitutes ofbio-energy, which are visuallyunobservable, however, inferredthrough their effect.

    Energy Psychologj- rests upon acentral theme that all psychologicaltrauma, 'emotional wounding' resides'phase locked' inside of the body, and thatthis trauma can be understood as adisruption of the bodies' 'Thought Fieldenergy syste..;'. If untreated, the traumaremains as 'active information' whichwhen triggered, is energetically encoded.and the subsequent Thought Field/sactivated, which is then experiencedsomatically as affect, and dissociation.The Thought field is a pivotal hnchpin inthe scaffold of the Energy Psychology

    paradigm. ThoughtFields could be

    described as domains ofinfluence, which have

    elements of electro,magnetic, gravitational,

    light, sound, elastic andmany other constitutes of bio-

    energy, which are visuallyunohservahle,


    inferredthrough their

    effect.Another key compo-

    nent inside of the psychology of

    bio-energetic medicine is 'intentionality'.It is hypothesized that the focus of themind creates Thought Fields; this opensnew and fascinating dimensions for theprocess of healing, whilst raising aprofoundly interesting question 'canhumans proactively, or self consciously,or intentionally change the margins oftheir biology in medically significantways by what they think and feel?'

    If this proves to be accurate, andcurrent research trends are orientingthemselves in this direction, then EnergyPsychology as an intervention for condi-tions other than 'psycho-pathology' createpermutations of immense proportions.

    Psychotherapy. Bodywork, and otherheavily mentally focused practices suchat; Yoga. Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan.Meditation etc.. may gradually lead tomore structural coherence (crystalliruty)in the tissues, facilitating vibrationaUyentrained fields which just get strongerover time. The field maintains thepattern of thought in the midst of a fluxof components.

    Conversely it could also mean thathumans suffering Post Traumatic StressDisorder (PTSD) living m regressedDissociative states, might be reinforcing

    16 POSITIVE HEAITH October 2005

  • destructive behaviours, ultimatelycompleting and reinforcing the Gestalt oflack of self-worth.

    As opposed to certain therapeuticinterventions, the chances of painful'abreactions' witb tapping and or tabbing,including that of cold laser spray, isvirtually non existent. This ia as a resultof the trauma being 'clearfed' as quicklyas it was made, but not in the same state,EnGrg\' Psychology research is showinghow our bodies' molecular structure withits atoms and electrons, interact andcommunicate with the coherent light(photons) at tbe cellular ievel and muchdeeper still, this information is decodedinside of our bio-energy fields as affect. Itis hypothesized that trauma resolution isthe realignment of dissonant molecularoscillation at the sub-atomic level.

    their symptomolo^. by pouring immenseamounts of intra psychic energy intotheir painful Thought Fields.

    I have seen Energy Psycbolog>' inter-ventions used successfully for the cessa-tion of drug use.(both licit and illicit) andalcohol cravings, including nicotine.migraine, period pains, post operativepain, sleep disorders, PTSD, hyperactivity,hypoactivity. psychosis, enuresis, chronicsomatic pain, performance anxiety,bereavement, phobias - even clearingprevious life trauma, to name a few.

    Psychological Trauma can be consid-ered as phase locked frequencies, ener-getically encoded into the bodies''Thought Field Energy System', are debil-itating over time and cannot be dissolvedin the same state in which they werecreated. Energy Psychologj' has a focusupon transferring the locus ofcontrol back into the domain of theclient.

    Energy Psychology should notbe regarded as a 'quick fix cure allintervention'; thorough clientassessment, and all of the tried andtested psychotherapeutic funda-mental prerequisites, includingextensive training and supervisionare included in the approach.

    Psycho-pathology, can be viewedas ultimately a disease ('dis-ease')of the vibrational energy at the sub-atomic level. The pathology maypresent as chemical imbalance;however, the underlying problem isof an electromagnetic nature. Theenergetic interventions such as

    Energy Psychologyshould not be regarded as a 'quick fix cure~all intervention'; thorough client assessment, andall of the tried and tested psychotherapeuticfundamental prerequisites, including - ^ ^extensive training and ^supervision are include^in the ^approach.

    tapping, tabbing - laser sjjiay, seemto balance/correct tbe perturbation, hence'entraining or resonating' the oscillationsback to coherence. This modality modelssafe, non toxic ways witb which to dealwith trauma and other manifestations ofenergetic disruption.-;, to which clientsoften attempt to sell'soothe through toxic-

    It is hypothesized thatthe percussion or stimulating

    motion of the Acupressure, transduceskinetic energy into the bio-energy system.changing the vibration of the intrusiveperturbation, thus relieving the energeticproperty of the trauma. It is thought thatthe effect is created by the specific pointof the Meridian being worked upon, islocated to or very close to bone which iscrystallized calcium. Subsequently themechanical stress created by tbe tappingbas a 'piezoelectric' effect inside of theenergy path way/meridian. For example,an imbalance or disharmony of bio-energy

    (Chi) inside of the stomach meridian,could be the energetic charge for theemotional experience of irrational fear.

    Case StudyLast year I worked with a client who

    I shall refer to as Don. This young manwas referred to me via a GP sufferingsymptoms of hyperarousal, sleep disorderand panic attacks. Don had been to see acounsellor, but after a few sessions termi-nated the work as he said it made thingsworse.

    I met with Don over two sessions andcompleted my initial assessment. It wasvery clear Don was suffering symptoms ofPTSD. He attributed it to finding anelderly relative who had suffered astroke, lying on the floor when be gothome from a night out with friends. What

    Don did not tell the GP was that hebad taken Ecstasy, an hallucino-genic amphetamine wbich caninduce feelings of euphoria, and alsoa class A drug. Don was painfullymesmerized by the continuing hallu-cinations of tbe relative whosestroke caused the eye sockets tobleed; be just kept repeating 'theeyes, I can't stop seeing the eyes'This was the first time Don hadused this drug, and apart fromusing alcohol on a controlled sociallevel, was not using any otherdrugs, otbtT than Zopicloneprescribed by his GP for sleepmanagement purposes.

    What I was being presented withwas quite simple in terms oftrauma; any regressive work withDon would trigger his extremelyacute Fight, Flight, Freeze.Fragmentation programmes. TheTrauma has to have two main

    psychological components, the introjectwhich was the relative, and the dissocia-tion which was the abject terror.

    For symptom relief and social control,we did two rounds of Touch and Breathe(TAB),' in which I showed Don the 12meridians and two connector vessels topress with his finger and invited him tobreathe very deeply, one slow inhalationand exhalation with each point. Formaximum sedatory effect I asked Don toTAB on both of the bodies' bi-lateralmeridians. At the end of tbe session Donreported zero on the Subjective Units ofDistress; prior to the work tbe SUDswere at ten.

    The following week I invited Don towork with the Tapas Acupressure

    P.--:T.'.E HEALTH. Ociober 2005 17

  • It is hypothesized that the percussion or stimulatingmotion of the Acupressure, transduces kinetic energy intothe bio-energy system, changing the vibration of theintrusive perturbation, thus relieving the energeticproperty of the trauma. It is thought that the effect iscreated by the specific point of the Meridian being workedupon, is located to or very close to bone which iscrystallized calcium. Subsequently the mechanical stresscreated by the tapping has a 'piezoelectric' effect inside ofthe energy pathway/meridian. For example, an imbalanceor disharmony of bio-energy (Chi) inside of the stomachmeridian, could be the energetic charge for the emotionalexperience of irrational fear.

    Technique (TAT),' in which heheld the Urinary bladder points, onthe head, and third eye point - whilstcradling the back of the head at the occip-ital ridge. I invited Don to tune into thememory of the moment he discoveredhis relative. I used Cold Laser Spray, onboth ears, throat area and at variouspoints upon the head - we worked likethis for approximately ten minutes withno dialogue at all, juat concentrating onthe process. At the end of the sessionDon was beaming, he said no matterhow hard he tried, the face was gone,and so had the somatic sensations whichwere energetically linked to theemotional states.

    I met with Don the following weekand he reported that the prohlems hehad discussed with me at our first sessionthree weeks ago had completely gone,and he was sleeping well. In this sessionwhich was to be our last we put closure tothe work we had done. On an energeticlevel I saw the Acupressure and theLaser removing/dissolving the painfulfrozen thought form of his relative (intro-ject removal), allowing instantaneous re-integration and re-association.

    Cold Laser Auricular Acupuncture isa process of stimulating/sedatingacupoints upon the ear. Auricularmedicine cites that the ear is acomplete somototopic representa-tion of the entire acupuncturepoints upon the physical body,and that the ear symbolizes thefoetus, the ear lobe representingthe head and brain of the person.This science is comprehensivelybased upon systematic research andextensive clinical findings of medical

    doctors and acupuncturists inChina and Europe. The use of Cold

    Laser Spray as a means of accessing the250 plus acu points upon the ear, is

    however, it encompasses the benefits ofacupuncture, perhaps even more.

    Electrical resistance on auricularpoints is very low in frequency, therefore,coherent light in the form of cold laser iseasily absorbed as information via theseear points. Cold Laser Spray Acupuncture

    or coherent vibrations recognize noboundaries; it has a frequency reso-

    nance of 635-640 nanometres,which is exactly the same

    frequency the bodies' cellular compo-nentry communicate at. The application ofcold laser will affect the body at a sub-atomic level, and depending upon theintentionality and of the focus of the ther-apeutic relationship, create change atsome cellular level. Often the change is sosubtle it is not registered at a consciouslevel; the client just feels varying degreesof change.

    The light emitted from the wedge-shaped elliptical beam causes energeticshifts, whilst the light ia absorbed anddecoded as essential information. The

    beam causes energetic shifts, whilst the tight isabsorbed and decoded as essential information. The_ light acts upon the same principle as chlorophyii, whereby the surface layers of the skin absorb

    coherent light. When the cellular structure has hadenough light the cells simply close.

    light acts upon the same principle aschlorophyll, whereby the surface layers ofthe skin absorb coherent light. When thecellular structure has had enough lightthe cells simply close. To illustrate theprocess further, the meridian system canbe likened to fibre optic cables, with thelaser as light passing rapidly through, asinformation. When working with trauma,particularly clients who have experienceddegrees of physical abuse, rape, torture,

    etc., and just cannot begin to under-stand their horrifically painful

    narrative, Energy Psychology is amost gentle, respectful mannerin which to engage the client.

    As the work with Don illus-trated, dialogue between thera-pist and client is not alwaysnecessarj'. The client simply

    tunes into the negative ThoughtField, then various energy tech-

    niques can be used, such as TAT,

    undoubtedly a 'whole mind/body/spiritexperience.

    Cold Laser Spray is different formsurgical lasers which operate at the hotend of the spectrum - the pen-sized toolis a non-invasive form of acupuncture,and suitable for body work as well;

    ColdLaser Spray is

    different farm surgicol lasersujhich operate at the hot end of

    the spectrum - the pen-sized tooi isa non-invasive form of acupuncture,and suitable for body luork as uueil;

    houjever, it encompasses thebenefits of acupuncture,

    perhaps even more.18

    POSITIVE HEALTH October 2005

  • which frees up information processingupon the Corpus Callosum and associatedintt'r-hemispheric fibres of the frontallobes Cold Laser Acupuncture, usingspriiyi d light over the ears, crown(Ketheric Chakra). and throat (EthericChakra). which seems to access and inte-grate the experience, Chi Kung Breathingto focus mental intention and transferoperant information processing to tbePara sympathetic nervous system, whichwill in turn start to activate sedatoryneuro-transmitters.

    It is vitally important for the therapistto have an 'open field' and not to carrj' thesignatures of Counter Transference, asthis can allow a process of bio entrain-ment' to become operant. This is an ener-getic process whereby two frequencieswhich have a similar frequency canbecome phase locked and resonate as onefrequency. It could be said the therapist isproviding an energy container.

    Inside of thf context of its clinicalapproach, the Energy Psychology perspec-tive could be said to encompass aPsychodynamic. Cognitive, Humanisticand Transpersonal paradigm, as itaddresses disruptions/disharmonies of

    intra psychic energ>\ which in turn, if leftin a state of dissonance, wilt undoubtedlycompromise thinking, feeling, behaviourand relationships, both internal andexternal. The incorporation of theTranspersonal domain is integral in anytrue resolution of trauma'. Healing aswith lifeforce itself comes to us via tbevertical energ>' spectrum.

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    Hbout the RuthorRussell Henderson MNCP Pg Dip Adv Dip

    C \Ps works a.s a psychotherapist, andtrainer delivering workshops in conflictmanagement, drugs awareness, stressreduction and meridian-based complemen-tary therapy. His working background is inSpecial Needs Education and theDrugs/Alcohol Mental Health Environment.He is on the teaching team at the Iron MillInstitute Exeter, delivering training inEnergy Psychology'. He has trained withTapas Fleming, and has been training withWillem Lammers for the past six years.Russell has been studying and usingenergy therapies for the last 20 years. Hemay be contacted viainfo(