Energy & Natural Resources Conference

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Energy & Natural Resources Conference December 6 - 7, 2016 Le Parker Meridien New York

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Page 1: Energy & Natural Resources Conference

Energy & Natural Resources Conference

December 6 - 7, 2016

Le Parker Meridien New York

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Three principal business lines:

1. Reservoir Description

2. Production Enhancement

3. Reservoir Management

Core Lab’s operational focus remains on producingcrude oilfield development projects, with growingemphasis on delivering technology to our clients toassist in their efforts to maximize the return fromtheir unconventional, conventional, onshore andoffshore producing fields.

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Energy & Natural ResourcesConference

December 6 - 7, 2016

Le Parker Meridien New York

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Slide 4 80 Years of Innovation

Presentation Walk-away Points:

• The Decline Curve Will Always Win

• Core’s Differentiating Technologies

• Core’s Industry Leading Shareholder Returns

Over the last 80 years Core Lab has evolved into the industry’s technology leader in Reservoir Optimization.

Slide 5 80 Years of Innovation

Our international platform now spans across 50countries and more than 70 locations.

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Slide 9 80 Years of Innovation

Primary Business Drivers

1. Reservoir Description: Laboratory-based Services with International& Oil Focus

2. Production Enhancement: Products and Services for Wellbore Completions – 2/3 North America & 1/3 International

3. Reservoir Management: Global Focus

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Our services and products focus on maximizing daily production rates and ultimate recovery to maximize our clients’ return on their investments.

Slide 8 80 Years of Innovation

A growing business due to aligning our technology development with our client’s efforts to maximize their ROI.

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Slide 11 80 Years of Innovation

The Decline Curve

Core Lab provides services through its three operating segments at points all along the decline curve:

Reservoir Description Production Enhancement Reservoir Management

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Reservoir Description

Our first business unit – Reservoir Description – analyzes actual reservoir rocks and fluids to provide data sets that accurately characterize the reservoir.

These precise measurements create the “base truth” from which to build the field’s reservoir optimization model. These measurements are invaluable in order to determine probable versus proven reserves in-place.

Slide 10 80 Years of Innovation

Core Lab targets the more stable, less volatile,production and production enhancement componentof the oil companies’ capital and operating budgets.

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Slide 13 80 Years of Innovation

Reservoir Description

Leaders in rock property analysis

from the traditional perspective to …

Slide 14 80 Years of Innovation

Reservoir Description

… the most advanced.

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Reservoir Description

Leaders in reservoir fluid analysis …

Analyses of reservoir fluid properties are gaining in importance as the fluids (e.g. – oil and gas) are indeed the economic driver of the reservoir.

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Slide 16 80 Years of Innovation

Reservoir Description

The value of crude oil is directly related to the amount of gasoline that can be refined from the particular crude oil being produced. Our clients want to know the characteristics of their crude oil to better assess the economics that can be obtained from the crude oil and its derived products.

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Reservoir Description

Fluids analysis range from traditional methods used toderive the basic characteristics of fluid, to the moreadvance fluids testing using medical imaging CT scanners(shown here), to perform enhanced oil recovery (“EOR”)tests at reservoir temperatures and pressure.


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Reservoir Description

…the CT scanners can be used to produce 4D-timelapsed fluid analysis, showing the fluids moving throughthe reservoir rock with natural gas (depicted in red)displacing the oil (depicted in green) over time. Thisinformation is integral to determining expectedincremental recovery from an EOR project.

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Slide 19 80 Years of Innovation

Production Enhancement

Our next business unit – Production Enhancement –provides products and services designed to minimize formation damage and maximize production flow rates.

The Goal - optimizing reservoir value.

Following are some of the most recent applications of our services and products aimed at enhancing production from long-reach horizontal well bores being drilled to exploit unconventional reservoirs.

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Production Enhancement

Our Production Enhancement segment began almosttwenty years ago to assist our clients in increasing theirrecoveries.

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Production Enhancement

Refrac Technology

Refrac technology is being used to recomplete existing wellbore by using state-of-the-art techniques to improve daily flow rates and ultimate recoveries.

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Slide 23 80 Years of Innovation

Production Enhancement

Refrac Technology

Core’s proprietary big-data drive Shale Reservoir QualityIndex (“SRQI”) identifies the best wellbore candidates torefrac first.

Production Enhancement

Refrac Technology

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Slide 22 80 Years of Innovation

Refrac Technology

The primary goal of a refrac is to alter the decline curve by pushing it up and to the right.

Production Enhancement

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Slide 25 80 Years of Innovation

Production Enhancement

Refrac Technology

Shale reservoir quality does matter. That’s why refracs willbe done first in reservoirs of high quality.

Slide 26 80 Years of Innovation

Production Enhancement

Refrac Technology

Our wellbore diagnostics assist the operator to determine the status of an existing completion …

Slide 27 80 Years of Innovation

Production Enhancement

Refrac Technology

… which enables the operator to determine where to place perforating guns to complete unstimulated reservoir rock.

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Slide 27 80 Years of Innovation

Reservoir Management

Our third unit – Reservoir Management – focuses on leveraging the knowledge gained from the data sets we created in our Reservoir Description unit along with our Production Enhancement projects to solve reservoir-wide issues which a client may have.

Our integrated approach is designed to help clients solve wide ranging production problems they may be incurring.

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Reservoir Management

Internationally, Reservoir Management continued to focus on West and East Africa development projects. Regional petroleum systems studies are being performed in cooperation with national oil and gas ministries in Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Slide 29 The Horizontal Well

Reservoir Management

These central Atlantic studies are directed toward providing data sets consisting of biostratigraphy, geology, reservoir quality, petrophysical properties, and seal evaluation with ties to seismic data sets for companies exploiting these deepwater provinces.

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Slide 30 80 Years of Innovation

Reservoir Management

This Pre-Salt Angola study proposes to integratepreviously evaluated well log and rock data with acomprehensive suite of newly acquired log, cuttings andkey core material. This extension to our Pre-Salt, WestAfrican Margin Study, will provide a detailed and fullyintegrated regional assessment of the sedimentologicaland diagenetic characteristics of Pre-Salt carbonatesand will also evaluate the complex relationship betweentectonic and igneous activity and sedimentation patternswithin the syn-rift basins from this region.

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Our operating margins have continued to expand as we have been able to develop new technologies - which we then strive to offer our clients throughout our existing international platform.

These three growth strategies have been essential ingredients to our improving performance.

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Cowen and Company Energy & Natural Resources Conference New York, NY

December 7, 2016

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