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CAUSES(a) Oil Shortage:

Reserves of mineral oil in India is only 0.3% of worldsknown oil reserves. Oil shortage adversely effect thetransport sector in the economy. Again rising oil priceshas led to rising general prices in India.

(b) Coal shortage:

Coal reserves are quantitatively and qualitativelypoor. Coal shortages adversely affects generationof electricity, therefore, restricts the economicdevelopment.

(c) Power shortage:

A severe shortage exists in generation and distributionof electric power in India. Power shortage affectsindustrial as well as agricultural production seriously.

(d) Population Growth: The increased population desires more products to use, results in using more energy to make those products in order to provide more infrastructures.(e)Natural Disasters

(f)Attacks By Terrorists

Present usage of different sources of energy

Efforts to be made by the Govt.

Thus, efforts must be made, and structures put in place, by government and non governmental organizations for the development of necessary policies and legal frame works well as programs that promote the adoption of renewable energy for sustainable development.

REDUCING ENERGY CONSUMPTION (at local level)Look for the "Energy Star" logo.Use smaller kitchen appliances.Use lids on pots and pans to reduce cooking times.Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs.Remember that it pays to invest in energy efficiency.Keep curtains and blinds closed at night.Install more attic insulation.If your basement is unheated.Maintain your central air conditioner by cleaning the outside compressor.During late afternoon and early evening, turn off unnecessary lights.If your home can't accommodate central air conditioning, try a whole-house attic fan.During the winter, remove window air conditioners.Reflective window film.

Stress on :Hydrogen Energy

Wind Energy

How we can use hydrogen as a fuel? Hydrogen fuelis a zero-emissionfuelwhich uses electrochemical cells, or combustion in internal engines, to power vehicles and electric devices.

Ways of getting HydrogenElectrolysis (H20 +electricity H2 +02 )Thermolysis (H20 +heat H2 +02 )Biological sourcesHydrocarbons

Some Hydrogen Powered cars:1 Chevrolet Equinox

2 Honda FCX Clarity

3 Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Advantages of Hydrogen Energy1.Readily Available

2.No Harmful Emissions

3.Environment Friendly

4.Used as Fuel in Rockets

5.Fuel Efficient




2.Expensive3.Not Easy to Replace Existing Infrastructure

4.Highly Flammable

Wind energy

Wind TodayWindmills are used for pumping water from deep underground. Modern wind turbine is the result of design and material advances made during the 1980s and 1990s, which enabled wind turbines to become increasingly efficient. Today, wind turbines are size same as the traditional European windmill. It can generate 250 to 300 kilowatts of power- a nearly tenfold increase in efficiency.


Wind Farms In India

Muppandalwind farminTamil Nadu.

Vankusawade Wind Park in Maharashtra

Future Wind Power Plants in India

Sipla Wind Farm will be located at Jaisalmer District (Rajasthan) Narmada Wind Farm at Nallakonda (Andhra Pradesh)Wind Farm in Tamil Nadu by Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd (TEECL)Amreli district of Gujarat by Orient Green Power CompanyWind Farm in Maharashtra by Orient Green Power Company

Onshore Wind farms Advantages

A regular onshore turbine last for around 20 years.Normally it takes about 2-3 months before the wind turbine has paid itself back. This also includes the energy, which were used to produce, install, maintain and remove the wind turbine. Cheaper foundation Cheaper integration with electrical-grid network.

Disadvantages Wind turbines are noisy Each one can generate the same level of noise as a family car travelling 70 mph. Some people thinks that the large towers of wind turbines destroys the view of the landscape

Offshore Wind farmsAdvantages

It lasts around maintain and access 25-30 years, and produces about 50 % more energy than a onshore turbine.When a strong wind blows, it produces around 3-5 MW per hour.Higher and more constant wind speed


More expensive to built .More difficult to maintain and access

Wind Farms Outside India

Texas wind farm, USA

General advantages 1 Wind energy is friendly to the surrounding environment, as no fossil fuels are burnt to generate electricity from wind energy 2 Wind turbines requires less space than average power stations. 3 When combined with solar electricity, this energy source is great for developed and developing countries to provide a steady, reliable supply of electricity

General disadvantages 1 The main disadvantage regarding wind power is down to the winds unreliability factor. In many areas, the winds strength is not enough to support a wind turbine 2 Wind turbines generally produce allot less electricity than the average fossil fuelled power station, which means that multiple wind turbines are needed to make an impact.

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