Encyclopedia of Life and Rocking the Boat an overview

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Encyclopedia of Life and Rocking the Boat an overview

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Encyclopedia of Life and Rocking the Boatan overview

The goal of EOL is to bring together the world's knowledge of biodiversity in one place and make it freely available to anyone with access to the internet. EOL covers plants, animals and microorganisms and its content comes from over 230 international partners and many individuals. The interface can be viewed in 12 different languages, we have some content in several languages (although the vast majority is in English), and it is growing all the time. All content is served under Creative Commons licenses, so can be re-used and re-purposed. In this way, it is excellent for school or student projects because it is free to be used for derivative works. They can also contribute to EOL.

Anyone can use EOL, even without signing up as a member. But, signing-up for a free account is easy and allows one to do many more things, such as make Collections, add text or use on-line tools including developing user generatedfield guides, make and shareobservationsor upload/downloadimages, video or soundsto EOL.

Many of these features can be found in ourDiscover Pages(introductions to EOL).

Here is an example Collection and a podcast that might be useful for your projects in the Galapagos:Darwin's Finches CollectionMarine Iguana Podcast

But, anyone can pull together a Collection of anything they want and there are several other podcasts that might be of interest, too.

I'm happy to discuss any of this further if you have interest and/or questions. Screen-sharing is also possible for a walk-through.

contact: Marie StuderRockingtheboat.orgCommunity organization aimed at cleaning up the Bronx watershed, and helping kids Contact [email protected] director of education programs