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Look at how children.org can increase engagement of potential donors by implementing specific gamification mechanics

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  • 1. Give Hope Sponsor children in need
  • 2. Problem Millions children around the world live below the poverty line
  • 3. Solution Encourage people in the 1st world countries to sponsor specific children in need around the world
  • 4. How The system to help children is already in place - https://children.org, but many aspects of the current web site can be drastically improved by increasing engagement of donors with the help of gamification.
  • 5. Encourage Donations When a potential donor gets to the web site she sees: Color-coded map by number of children in poverty and/or the severity of their situation Blink a region/city every time a donation is made there Add kiva.org type of widget that shows the real impact of this program (x children were helped in last 30 days, $ donated, etc) Simplify billing by eliminating lengthy forms and instead leverage PayPal-and digital wallet type solutions
  • 6. Make it viral Use social login (e.g. via Facebook), which not only will enable better understand each donor, but also give tools to donors spread the word in their communities and encourage others to do that as well.
  • 7. Make it a game Donors vs Adversities game (models after Plants vs Zombies) Point of the game is to fight adversities (hunger, lack of education, bad health, etc) by making donations and supporting children in need The goal is to raise awareness and incorporate opportunities to make real donations
  • 8. Player Types The system is primarily targeting two player types: Socializer who loves helping children. Socializers will be the force to make this platform viral. Achiever who will not only make sure that the money is spent wisely for a sponsored child, but also who is going to be more inclined to sponsor more and more children.
  • 9. Gamification Mechanics 1. Points for making all actions (providing personal info, picking a child, making a donation, writing an email/mail to child, referring to friends etc 2. Badges (levels) for major accomplishments, like helping 1 child, 2 children, 5 children, 10 children, referring friends who started to donate etc) 3. Progress Bar (similar to LinnkedIn profile progress bar) to show the progress of donors engagement and encourage to do next step 4. Widget that would show the real impact of this program (x children were helped in last 30 days, $ donated, etc)