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EMPOWERING FARMERS IN UGANDA Slide 2 UNDERSTANDING THE CHAIN Slide 3 HOW TO EMPOWER FARMERS SPECIALISATION IN ENTERPRISE MARKET AWARENESS CONTROL OVER PRICE DECISION FARMER PROTECTION POLICY BRIGDE FARMER TO CONSUMER GAP (GROUP FORMATION) ENCOURAGING PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (P.P.P) STORAGE OPTIONS TECH TRANSFER PROMOTING VALUE ADDITION Slide 4 VALUE ADDITION Slide 5 BRITANIA ALLIED INDUSTRIES LIMITED TABLE SHOWING EXPENDITURE ON FRESH FRUITS WEIGHT (KG) PRICE (UGSH) EXPENDITURE PER YER MANGOES5,000,000500/=2,500,000,000/= PINEAPPLES1,000,000500/=500,000,000/= PASSION FRUIT800,0001300/=1,040,000,000/= TOMATOES400,000700/=280,000,000/= 4,320,000,000 Slide 6 FRUIT PRODUCTION Fruit producedDISTRICTS WITH MASSIVE PRODUCTION APROXIMATED yield (TONES) MANGO local & improved Kumi, Soroti, Budaka, Pallisa, Bukedea, Rakai, Luweero, West Nile and northern. 1,200,000 Tons PASSION FRUIT local purple Kasese,Mbale,Kabale40,000 Tons PINEAPPLE Smooth cayenne Iganga, Luweero, Kayunga, Masaka, Mbarara. 540,000 Tons TOMATOESMukono, Mpigi, Masaka, Mubende. 200,000 Tons ORANGESoroti, Serere, Kumi750,000 Tons Slide 7 KEY BENEFITING REGIONS Slide 8 CHALLENGES MET BY COMPANY Seasonality of fruits Poor quality is delivered Competition with exporter creates hiking of market prices. Specific quality and variety are still low for bulk processing. Machinery for refining and extraction of some fruits i.e. apple, banana. Slide 9 CHALLENGES MET BY FARMERS Identification of the correct varieties for processing Lack of market information for farmers Pest and diseases decrease the expected yield Farmers still have a challenge to form supply groups which can handle industrial production Lack disease free planting material for farmer to grow the required variety Slide 10 BREAKTHROUGH BY BRITANIA Decision of setting up an independent fruit processing plant. Investing in a 5million dollar state of the art plant with all modern technologies. Capacity around 5000 kg of fruit per hr Fruits- mango, pineapple, passion, tomato and orange. Good enough to produce pulp of export quality Slide 11 BREAKTHROUGH BY BRITANIA Linked with biggest net work of fruit growers Scope includes to involve farmers from all over Uganda Ensures the farmers to buy their whole crop Local varieties will be preferred with technical modifications through agronomy inputs Can cater to the regional demand of pulp to the importing nations Slide 12 BREAKTHROUGH BY BRITANIA Will provide the best quality fruits and pulp to the growing market Will provide employment to about 1000 Ugandan people About 75,000 farmers house holds will be benefited The environmental friendly technology through ultramodern water treatment plant Slide 13 THANK YOU