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Transcript of Empowering employees to obtain BENEFITS EMPLOYERS · PDF file data verification drive higher...

  • BENEFITS EMPLOYEES Your employees can be assured that their applications for credit, personal loans, enrollment for government assistance, etc. will be processed in a timely, efficient, and secure manner. Access to employment data to review accuracy and activity.

    Timely verification, Faster decisions

    Security of personal data

    Protecting financial interests


    Empowering employees to obtain the credit they need, when they need it

    Employment Status (active/


    Address (of employer)

    Pay Frequency


    Insurance Pay


    Rate of Pay

    Tenure Job Title

    Social Security Number

    Tax Credits and Incentives Real-time employee screening and data verification drive higher profits

    Form I-9 Management $14 billion saved in penalties and fines

    Personal Loans Securing student loans, personal lines of credit, etc.

    Home Purchase 19% of all verifications (including refinancing)

    Credit Card Application 28% of all verifications

    Auto Purchase Paperless documentation for employee, information direct from employer for dealer/lender

    Affordable Care Act (ACA) Management Platform Managing ACA compliance for over 9 million employees

    Government Assistance Over 18 million verifications in 2014 (including ACA)

    *Equifax requires explicit consumer consent for release of income or salary information. Equifax is a registered trademark of Equifax, Inc. The Work Number is a registered trademark of TALX Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax Inc. All information is current as of 05/01/2015. © 2015 Equifax Workforce Solutions, Atlanta, Georgia. All rights reserved.

    The Work Number: Data and Secure Access Points Verifications require permissible purpose when applying for government assistance, a car loan, a new job, etc.*

    BENEFITS VERIFIERS The Work Number provides a quick and accurate response, offering valuable data to improve efficiency, quality of decisions, and fraud mitigation.

    Over 47M annual verifications

    Reduces risk and fraud

    Comprehensive data = better loan decisions

    Learn more about how this bene�ts you and your employees. Receive a free consultation

    Employees encounter life events and financial choices that require verification of employment and/or income. The Work Number® enables an automated verification service that streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers, ultimately benefiting the employee by creating a secure and accelerated decision process.

    BENEFITS EMPLOYERS The Work Number is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and keeps employee data secure through the verification process, while also powering HR functions–saving time and money. Over 47 million verifications completed on behalf of employers in 2014.

    100% Secure and compliant fulfillment

    Reduces verification requests


    Workforce analytics

    http://www.equifax.com/business/i9-management http://www.equifax.com/business/tax-credits-and-incentives http://www.equifax.com/business/aca-management-platform http://www.equifax.com/business/employment-verifications http://insight.equifax.com/theworknumberanswers/