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Employee relations

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  • 1. Conflict - Employee Relations

2. Employee relations is the interplay that takes place betweenworkers (or their representatives) and employers (or theirrepresentatives) about working conditions. It often involves conflictand the need for ways to resolve this conflict (or methods ofdispute settlement).!This area of HRM has traditionally been known as industrialrelations. It is also known as workplace relations. 3. What sort of things would an employer and employeehave conflict over?At the heart of most conflict in employee relations arethe different views of employers and employees as tohow the profits from productive effort should beshared.!Generally speaking, in large corporations, employersseek bigger dividends and capital investment forgrowth, while employees seek better pay and workingconditions. 4. Conflict refers to disputes, disagreements ordissatisfaction between individuals and/or groups.RenumerationOH&SEmployment ConditionsJob Security 5. Forms of industrial actionPicket linesWork BansAbsenteeism, vandalism and sabotageWork to ruleStrikeLockout 6. Protected industrial action refers to action taken byeither party to a dispute that has been approved by FairWork Australia.Unprotected industrial action refers toaction that has not been approved by FairWork Australia. 7. From last lesson 8. Negotiation is a method of resolving disputes wherebydiscussions between the parties result in a compromiseand a formal or informal agreement about a dispute. 9. Mediation is the confidential discussion of issues in anon- threatening environment, in the presence of aneutral, objective third party. Many organisations nowspecify mediation as a first step in their disputeresolution or grievance procedures. 10. A grievance procedure provides an orderly systemwhereby the employee and employer can resolvematters relating to complaints about wages, hours,working conditions or disciplinary action.