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  • Employee Relations

    Training Session For New Nordstrom Employees

  • Training objectives & tacticsGoals: Improve effective communication among new Nordstrom employees, in efforts to enhance the employee relations and business goals already established within the Nordstrom company.


    Education on employee relations and what nordstrom offers its employees Build Awareness on what other companies in the industry are doing to improve ITS

    employee relations Education on benefits of effective communication Disc model activity

  • What is Employee Relations?

    According to the University of Pittsburgh, employee relations provides directions and oversight for a variety of non-union staff employment matters, including leaves of absence, staff performance and disciplinary issues, staff employee grievances including formal complaints, investigation of harassment and other workplace misconduct allegations, all anticipated terminations, and unemployment compensation claims(2016).

  • Nordstrom Employees - Open Door Policy

    Primary goal is to speak as a company, who speaks with one voice, with a consistent message through appropriate channels

    Philosophy Nordstrom encourages Listed Officials Anonymous hotline Horizontal communication Other incentives

    Benefits package Merchandise discount Medical coverage Employee-matched retirement plan

  • Trends in the industry? What are other companies providing for their employees? Build A bear, H&M, REI, Bloomingdale's

    Employee discounts Paid days off

    birthdays vacation (3 weeks) sick days holidays Parental leave Volunteer

    Scholarship opportunities Health benefits 401K Commuting pre-tax benefits Additional pay

  • What improvements can nordstrom offer for employee relations? Provide training sessions for new employees Require employees to attend seminars Managers help employees reach career goals through the open door policy Weekly meetings to keep employers-employees aligned Promote employee challenges with rewards Create employee boss relationships to promote better work performance

    Create out of office employee activities (cookouts, family fun days) Provide more educational opportunities Paid Maternity leave (males and females) Monthly HUman Resource meetings between employees and management

  • Benefits of Effective communication

    Builds and maintains relationships Encourages innovation Creates an effective team Helps manage employees Promotes growth as a company Provides transparency

  • Disc Model

  • Why DISC is beneficial to you?DiSC profiles help you and your team:

    Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems

    Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members Become more self-knowledgeable, well-rounded and effective leaders

  • DISC MODEL behavior styles

    (d) - DOMINANT Described as demanding, vocal, adventurous and competitive, people with dominant personalities often make the first move in social situations and take the lead at work. They are often project leaders, pioneers in their field, and innovators. People with this personality type may seem rude as they are often in a hurry and tend to interrupt other people as they are speaking. Most people would consider them blunt, opinionated and not up for open discussion.

    (i) - INFLUENTIAL Influential people are the social butterflies of the world. They love to communicate, to perform and joke around. They often appear excited, open and friendly with everyone they meet. This personality type is also almost unfailingly positive.

    (s) - STEADY Steady personality types are stable, deliberate and follow a system. These are the people that like routine and dislike distractions. They proceed carefully and like to have all the details before making a decision. They can be quiet. However, they are great listeners when communicating one-on-one with someone. People with this personality type are rarely jealous and tend to keep their emotions on an even keel.

    (c) - CONSCIENTIOUS Precise, logical and preferring perfection, conscientious personality types are hard on themselves and like to follow the rules. They are often not very expressive in person and prefer to communicate in writing. For this reason, they can come across as cold and distant. However, this is not the case. They do not like to disagree or to be wrong, so they often keep their feelings to themselves.

  • Disc model activity! Break into groups based on personality trait and answer the following questions on a sheet of paper:

    1. 3 things you appreciate most about your own DISC behavior style2. 3 things that hinder you when interacting with other DISC behavior styles3. 3 ways your style is misunderstood4. 3 things you appreciate about each of the other DISC behavior styles

    Present and Enjoy! :)

  • Improvements for Communication with behavior styles (D) Dont be so quick to talk. Instead, give others time to speak. Practice patience and try not to dominate

    conversation. Consider other peoples feelings before saying something that could be construed as blunt or impolite. Bottom line: take a deep breath, enjoy the small talk, and slow down.

    (I) Try not to talk as much and allow others to join in the conversation. Do not violate other peoples personal space by getting in their face or talking too closely. Keep to the subject at hand and do not derail the conversation and lead it in a different direction.

    (s) Allow yourself to talk and join in the fun. Try to be more expressive and animated in your discussions without becoming too emotional. Dont be afraid to talk about things youre unfamiliar with and focus a little less on the details.

    (C) This personality type needs to talk more as well, but not include as much detail. Ignore the facts and figures and spend more time talking about your emotions. Strive to inspire others and not to appear aloof and uncaring.

  • Helpful TiPsAlways Remember:




    Its for the good of the team!

  • Thanks for participating! tha