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Transcript of Employee Focus: Anniversaries Roger Couch ... Belated Birthday Wishes Anniversaries Phillip Carter...

  • Belated Birthday Wishes

    Anniversaries Phillip Carter 08/01/2011

    Jim Verlander 08/09/2010

    David Cain 08/15/2011

    Baron Rice 08/31/2009

    John Hess 08/25/2008

    Cory Pierson 08/19/2013

    Employee Focus:

    Roger Couch

    Jason Kyne June 02

    Kevin Oney June 10

    Eric Culter June 15

    Darin Salyers June 15

    David Salyers June 15

    Zachary Duff June 19

    Eric Posey June 28

    Danny Cvetkovich June 08

    Jon McKee June 01

    Our Employee Focus this month is one of our newest

    CAD Designers at MSD, Roger Couch. Roger chose

    this line of work because he loves building things, he

    has been in this field for 27 years!

    Roger previously lived in Florida for 2 years, which

    is one of his favorite places to travel too. He loves the

    clear water, and the soft sand.

    Roger & his wife, Jeanette, of 28 years, have 2 kids,

    1 grandson, and 1 daughter in law. They also have a


    Roger Couch loves the hot summer time, and loves

    listening to Country Gospel. His favorite artist right now

    is, Gordon Mote.

    Roger’s Words of Wisdom: “ Treat others how you like to be treated.“

    Save the Date! Golf Outing


    Birthdays Scott Pike August 07

    David Cain August 07

    Stephen Grehl August 15

    Steve Storck August 17

    Kiara Ellis August 18

    Brad Bradley August 27

    John Stewart Sr. August 29

    John Back August 29

    Nicole DeBenedetto August 30





    Save the Date! Annual Company Picnic


    Joke of the Day:

    Our Vision

    “MSD will be the first choice for commercial HVAC/R, Plumbing,

    and Service in the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus markets. Our Mission

    “MSD’s Mission is to provide the highest quality commercial open shop for HVAC/R,

    Plumbing and Service in the greater Dayton area. Q: What do you call

    cheese that’s not yours?

    A: Nacho cheese!

  • If you have changed your address, phone

    number, email, or updated your drivers license

    please contact Shelly at EXT.250 or


    Attention: When smoking please go to the appreciate area, and not in

    front of the building or loading

    dock. Thank you.

    All MSD employees now have a company email address. If they have any questions about their email account they may

    contact Shelly at Ext. 250 or swinkler@msdinc.net

    Note: Moving forward all direct deposit notifications will be

    sent to your company email account (vs. your personal email


    Current Job Openings: Business Development Department:

     Commercial Sales Executives

    Service Department:

     HVAC/R Technicians – Dayton

     HVAC/R Technicians – Sharonville

     Commercial Service Plumbers – Dayton

     Commercial Service Plumbers – West Chester

    Special Projects:

     HVAC/R Installer

    Construction Department:

     Plumbers (Journeyman/ Apprentice)

     Plumbing Foreman

     Sheet Metal (Journeyman)


     Sheet Metal Fabrication Trainees (x2)

    MSD would like to welcome all of our Newest Employees:  Kiara Ellis: Assistant Project Manager  Tami Herman: Talent Acquisition Specialist  Roger Couch: CAD Engineer

     Nathanial Waites: Sheetmetal

     Jeremy Shrieves: Sheetmetal Apprentice

     Ryan Shiverdecker: Sheetmetal

    We’re glad you’re here and look forward to working with you!

    Employee Referral Program MSD Office

     $750—Professional/ Manager Level: Sales Executive, Engineers, and Project Managers

     $500—Supervisor Level: Supervisors, and Superintendent

     $300—Office Staff: Non-Manager Level

     $100—General Labor

    MSD Field:

     $500—Foreman Level: Construction (Field, Special Projects, and Controls)

     $500—Lead Technician: Service & Service Plumbing)

     $300—Skilled Trades Level: Journeyman

     $200—Apprentice Level: Construction, and Service

     $100—General Labor

  • MSD would like to take this opportunity to thank all of its team members for their hard work and

    dedication to safety. As of July 1, 2014 MSD’s EMR has dropped from a 0.72 to a 0.65, and after the

    first half of the year its incident rate went from a 7.62 in 2013 to a 2.02. This kind of improvement is in

    direct correlation with the awareness and drive of MSD’s team members to be The Industry Leader in

    everything that they do. This achievement gives MSD the ability to continue relationships it has built

    with clients and develop new ones. It also leaves room for some new programs that will benefit all of its

    team members. Congratulations and keep up the good work, remembering that safety and health are not

    destinations, but journeys.

    MSD is pleased to announce our new “Safety Rewards “program.

    Here is how it works.


    Who- Any team member can nominate any team member (including oneself) for “Safety Team

    Member of the Month”.

    For What- Anything that is “above and beyond” our normal safety requirements.

    Ex. Safety suggestions, voluntary participation in audits and/or training, investigations, hazard

    recognition and abatement, near miss reporting, leading classes, etc…

    How- 1) Paper form, available in the file folder at the front desk, returned to the Safety Manager.

    2) Portal form submitted online.


    All nominations will be presented anonymously to the safety committee, which meets the last

    Wednesday of each month. The committee will select the winner based on the reported actions. That person

    will be named “Safety Team Member of the Month”.

    Other Possible Categories:

    “Co-Safety Team Member of the Month”

    honorable mention

    top nominator


    The winner of each applicable category will receive a comparable prize.

    Ex. gift card, basket, package, cash, etc…

    The winner will be recognized and picture published in the newsletter and on the portal.

    The winner will also be nominated for “Safety Team Member of the Year”.

    Safety Team Member of the Year:

    Each “Safety Team Member of the Month” will automatically be nominated for “Safety Team Member

    of the Year”. The Safety Committee will convene for a special session in December to determine the winner, to

    be announced at the Christmas party.

    “Safety Team Member of the Year” will receive:

    A prize commensurate with their accomplishment.

    Recognition in the newsletter and on the portal.

    A Nomination for ABC National’s “Safety Employee of the Year”.

    Dinner at ABC’s “Excellence In Construction” banquet. (usually in April)

  • Helicopter Lift Safety Helicopter lifting can be a fast and efficient way to move materials and equipment to locations beyond the practical reach

    of perimeter cranes. For buildings or plants with large plan areas, helicopter lifting is often an efficient alternative to crane access

    through the roof, which can require major structural work and disrupt plant operations. Locations suited to helicopter lifting include

    auto plants with their typically large, sprawling plans.

    The operation and control of helicopters requires highly trained and experienced personnel. Helicopter lifting demands careful

    planning. The work must be organized around the aircraft and the factors that govern its operation such as load limitations,

    surrounding terrain and structures, and weather conditions. The prime movers and key personnel during lifting operations are

    the pilots and the mechanics or marshallers who normally work for the helicopter rigging subcontractor.

    Under the aircraft

    • Downwash from aircraft rotors produces high winds and turns dust, dirt, and loose objects into airborne projectiles.

    • Noise and high wind under a hovering helicopter contribute to tense working conditions that can be

    tiring for the ground crew.

    • Constant concentration, safe practice, and vigilance are required.

    Helicopter Lifting Accidents Statistics

    • 90% of accidents occur during pickup or laydown

    • 5% are caused by defective sling gear

    • 5% have other miscellaneous causes.

    Source: Department of National Defence

    (DND does a lot of bulk lifting using nets as rigging.)

    Accident locations

    41% occur at pickup point

    51% occur in flight

    8% occur in drop zone

    Accident causes