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Employee Engagement Dr A Jagan Mohan Reddy Institute of Public Enterprise

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Page 1: Employee engagement

Employee Engagement

Dr A Jagan Mohan Reddy

Institute of Public Enterprise

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What is Employee Engagement ?

“A combination of commitment to organization and its values and a willingness to help out colleagues”

Commitment, co-operate and contribute.

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What Else ? ?What Else ? ?

Beyond Job Satisfaction [not simply motivation]

Something Employees has to offer

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Why Employee Engagement ?

When Employers deliver on their commitments-positive psychological contract

Employees have choices and can decide on the level of engagement.

Engaged Employees help in promoting brand-help in attracting and retaining employees e.g., South West Airlines

Page 5: Employee engagement

How to Build Engaged Workforce?

Measure Employee Attitudes-Barclays Good People Management and Development

Policies-Active Support of Manager[Gallup] Aligning People Management Strategies with

Business [SWAL] Make them see the big picture i.e., how their

work contributes e.g., Machilipatnam DM-Driver behavior

Page 6: Employee engagement

Tips to Ensure Employee Engagement Inform, involve and inspire to make them perspire Care them beyond imagination. Story: waves

clearing the foot prints of crab;kalam and scientist-marriage anniversary

Taking Responsibility-Satellite Launching :kalam and Dhavan

Find time for your employees e.g. Muthuraman vs Davar

Never Make Statements which you cant keep up Remember always-Things are to be used and

people are to be loved .Story: car scratch wrench

Page 7: Employee engagement

For Accelerating Performance

P: provide positive work environment R: recognize and reward: live for two months

on a good compliment-Mark Twain I :involve/ improve employee engagement D: develop skills and potential of workforce E:evaluate and make continuous


Page 8: Employee engagement

Give 100%in relationship. Story-boy keeps 1 good marble in exchange for sweets to his girl friend.

Pygmalion [content, communicate and connect] and Galatea effect .

Consult sub-ordinates,e.g.,Drutarashtra summoning royal council after pandavas return [Stephen Covey-loyalty, commitment]

Page 9: Employee engagement

Train Competent Subordinates-Arjuna-Abhimanyu in mothers womb,chakravyuh-can enter not break

Never Initiate Unhealthy Practices-Backlash of killing Abkimanyu from behind-Bheema breaking Duryodhan’s thighbone

Page 10: Employee engagement

Build a Trust Culture-very, very important.

Capability Trust-drawing people to make decisions and involve

Contractual trust-keeping agreements and managing expectations

Communication trust-sharing information, providing constructive feedback and speaking with good purpose about people

Page 11: Employee engagement

Build a loyal team-take pulse, create great jobs [variety, fair balancing efforts with rewards] and create great carriers

Rebalance the Blame Culture-FGM Sanctioning on Tissue paper

Acknowledge Individuals-specific and personal thanks goes a long way-Indira Nooyi

Page 12: Employee engagement

“a manager who is quick to apportion blame for mistakes is highly corrosive”

-Jo Owen

Page 13: Employee engagement

Put employees in to the big picture and be realistic about what you can offer

Be nice to your staff Become an Arm for your colleagues to lean-

important part in the body-Story

Page 14: Employee engagement

“Employees Subjected to Rudeness at Workplace are much more likely to make

mistakes” - The British Medical Journal

Page 15: Employee engagement

What is in it for me [WIFM]-encourage people to want

to come to work and provide reason do so ?

Page 16: Employee engagement

HKC model

To engage with each other-

Haldi-make secure-joke

kumkum-add positive energy-complement

chaval-main conversation

HKC establishes the human connection generates energy where people are happy exchange ideas thoughts and opinions.the results of a meeting initiated with HKC are always positive

Page 17: Employee engagement

The only thing that separates winners from losers is the quality ,the training the

commitment and the empowerment of workforce

Encourage, Empathize, Energize, Enthuse and


Page 18: Employee engagement

People may forget what you said, may forget what you gave but they will never forget

How you made them feel

Story: hungry-asks for water-instead milk is served-becomes a doctor-bill full settled-Glass of milk.

Page 19: Employee engagement

Implications for Manager’s Inter-personal relationships-effective and

efficient response Communicating Effectively Building the team-opportunity to feed views Creating environment where people

experience positive morale and recognition Keeping informed about what is going on

Page 20: Employee engagement

Need to see that Manages are Engaged-authenticity.e.g.,CEO taking voluntary cut

Fair and just management processes to deal with problems.i.e., FedEx

Respecting the Employees as individuals and treating them as adults-what do you say

Anyone can be a leader and make a difference.e.g,Oseola McCarty-Washerwoman donating to Univ.of Mississipi:Motorcycle champion Joey Dunlop-Compassion for starving etc

Page 21: Employee engagement

Lead by example and recognize when other’s do

Helping People grow and develop Engagement Events must include employee

families .e.g,Nooyi Ponder for an employee’s excessive need for

attention.e.g., Duryodhan-insecurity Need to make work personal-gathering


Page 22: Employee engagement

The measure of a leader so often is not what he or she

does when things are simple, it is what that leader does when

times are tough

Page 23: Employee engagement

Four Reasons People will Follow you.

Be a Humane personAttending to their

needs-physio/psycho/emotional and spiritual

Tough Empathy – not less < best Uniqueness-good example

Page 24: Employee engagement


Dr A Jagan Mohan Reddy

Institute of Public Enterprise