Emotion, Intuition and “Hot” Thinking I.Psychological Perspectives on Emotion  the...

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Transcript of Emotion, Intuition and “Hot” Thinking I.Psychological Perspectives on Emotion  the...

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  • Emotion, Intuition and Hot Thinking I.Psychological Perspectives on Emotion the role of thinking in emotion II.Studying Emotion III.Blink: Thin Slicing Emotions
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  • angerfearhappycontempt
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  • Emotion 101 Emotion Families Three Channels of Output Subjective Feeling Expression Physiology Appraisals of Meaning (aka the role of thinking in emotions) Hot Cognitions You intentionally demeaned me
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  • Can we study emotion scientifically? Emotions in the Context of Couple Interactions Laboratory Based Interaction Revealed Offense Task Videotape ==> Observational Coding Physiological Indicators of Emotion VIDEO RECALL On-line Feelings and thoughts
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  • Affect Rating Slide
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  • How I felt during this discussion Wifes Negative HAM Wifes Positive HAM
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  • Hot Affect Moments (HAM) Questionnaire
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  • Does this study show that you can use science to examine emotion? How do you know emotions when you see them? What cues do you use? BLINK: Thin Slicing Emotions
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  • Ekman: FACS SYSTEM page 413 for score page 382 for score page 381 for score video 4 w4 page 465 page 465 w0 page 465 page 465 4ii page 466 page 466 4i page 466 page 466 0 page 465 page 465 Action Unit 4 Brow Lowerer
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  • Anger The eyebrows and corners of the mouth are pulled down. Happiness The eyebrows and corners of the mouth are raised.
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  • Specific Affect Coding System (SPAFF) GOTTMAN (from Blink) Long Manual Gestalt Approach Body Language Facial Expression Speech Content Speech Qualities (tone, prosody) Extensive Training Multiple emotions coded SPAFF vs. FACS More inference, harder to get interrater agreement, more subjective
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  • Our Method of Observing Emotion View Videotapes 30-second epochs 16 emotions and couple behaviors e.g., Anger (0=not at all; 9=A lot) 5-6 independent nave observers ratings pooled
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  • Nave Coder Approach vs. SPAFF More reliance on intuition, subjective judgment thin slicing Less thinking and reliance on heuristics in manual More or less objective???
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  • Does it Work? Highly correlated with SPAFF coding Emotional Coding Predicts Marital Quality and Stability 83% accuracy in predicting dissolution Why might be the advantages of nave coding vs. SPAFF manualized approach?