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  • Emotion-Based Medicine: Defining the Practitioners and Their Practice: the Unconscious Causes of Pain and Illness, Sara Lou O'Connor, WholeHealthMedia, 2013, 2013

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    Emotion-base Medicine presents the history of emotion-based medicine in the United States, re- connecting the psychology of healthcare to the practice of medicine. Emotion-based medicine was the foundation of the physiological studies that led to the modern science of mainstream medicine. The understanding that unconscious emotions can cause pain and illness remains the basis of medical research in America, but has been lost from the American practice of medicine. Emotion- based Medicine details the work of American pioneers in the field of emotion-based medicine, including reviews of the books of John Sarno, MD. O’Connor’s research into emotion-based medicine connects the work of pioneers: Lorin Stephens MD, who developed the first course in doctor-patient relationships in the 1960s at the University of Southern California School of Medicine; Norman Cousins, whose 1979 Anatomy of an Illness wakened the medical community and inspired Sarno’s first book, Mind Over Back Pain (1982), and led to the creation of the Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology at the University of California, Los Angeles; and Bernie Siegel, whose Love, Medicine & Miracles (1986) opened the way for discussion of emotions in a medical mindset that had become focused solely on technology and pharmacology. Emotion-based Medicine provides detailed results of a survey of all known American emotion-based medical providers, telling how they learned about emotion-based medicine, and how they came to accept the concept. Their belief in the exceptional results for their patients, which were not possible using conventional practices, supports the need to provide education for all physicians about the role of unconscious emotions in the etiology and treatment of pain and illness. Psychology programs also need to be developed to support the emotion-based medical providers and their patients.

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