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In cooperation with the Thara Anna Store Front Gallery; WWWG Productions Ltd. is proud to present Emil West\'s Spring Mini-Catelog for 2011...

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  • 1. EMIL WEST SPRING 2011 CATALOGIn cooperation with the Thara Ana Store Front Gallery; WWWG Productions Ltd is proud to offer up this mini catalog of recent art work by Emil west.WWWG Productions. All Rights Reserved 1990 - 2020

2. I sit and stare amazed to spy a thousand graves that catch my eyebetween the birth and death a brandI trace the dash , examine my hand,how could something so small representan entire life in one single dent.not important when your born or dieits that single line that makes mesighour dash is being lived this daywhile a thousand lines have no more tosay Emil West 2011 3. 2011 Emil West Mini-CatalogAll Rights Reserved byWWWG Productions Ltd.1990 2020For licensing rights contact:fredgwest1999@yahoo.comPreviously Published Art.