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Has your library discussed creating a Flickr account? A MySpace teen site? Creating a blog? David discusses the current social networking transformation taking place, and applies those changes to a library setting. Then David discusses the changes a library needs to make to meet and participate in our new online, participatory world.

Transcript of Emerging Trends, 2.0 & Libraries

  • 1. Emerging Trends, 2.0, and LibrariesDavid Lee King Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library davidleeking.com

2. What is Web 2.0? 3. Web 2.0 has done a similar thingfor the web. 4. From Wikipedia: a second- generation of Internet-based services such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies that let people collaborate and share information online in ways previously unavailable. 5. communication, conversation,participation... Community 6. Web 2.0 Church 2.0Music 2.0 Law 2.0Advertising 2.0 Business 2.0Library 2.0 7. TaggingRSS ReadersCommentingRSSGlue of Web 2.0 User- GeneratedFriendingContent Mashups Web as Platform 8. 1. RSS Does 2 things: subscribe to other websites that have RSS feeds (aka syndication) create content in one place, but display it in another place any content - text, photos, audio, video 9. RSS 10. 2. RSS Feed Readers 11. 3. Tagging, or Folksonomies Categorizing the web Choose personal keywords Browseable and searchable web 2.0 uses tagging 12. 4. Leaving Comments one-on-one in the past maybe a letter? Heres what it can be now 13. conversation 14. 29 comments! 15. On a DirectorsBlog!!! 16. 5. User-Supplied Content web 2.0 doesnt exist without user generated content most web 2.0 sites feature my stuff text photos videos 17. 6. Web as Platform web-based software a platform that allows people to interact not the usual heres the info about my organization email is a good example 18. 7. Mashups From Wikipedia: A mashup is a website or web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience. Usually via an API, RSS feed, or JavaScript 19. 8. Friending Buddies, friends, contacts, followers Linking to friends or contacts sharing content trusted buddy list 20. now, lets jump right in blogs social networking sites bookmark managers wikis instant messaging podcasting and videocasting Library Catalogs??? 21. blogs 22. what can you do with blogs? communicate with your patrons! start conversations... new books, videos, whats new at the library internal staff newsletter subject guide current awareness reaching customers where they are... 23. Social Networking Sites 24. What can you do withSocial Networking Sites? Reach patrons in THEIR space Use contact lists to push events and news Direct links to library material Share why should I attend your teen program? Use them as search tools 25. Bookmark Managers AKA Social Bookmarking IE favorites is tied to a single PC Bookmark managers do the same thing but are accessible via the web! how it works add a bookmark, add tags, description, clipping Others can add comments, ratings Others can subscribe via RSS searchable 26. What can you do withBookmark Managers? Access your own bookmarks anywhere Find an expert and subscribe Search Share! actual links expertise 27. Wiki Whats a Wiki? A website that allows anyone to add and edit content Great for collaborative authoring Tracks changes so you can revert back to older page if needed Monitor changes via RSS Searchable Comments can be allowed 28. What can you do with a Wiki? Subject Guides Staff Intranet Project management Committee/Taskforce minutes Allowing patrons to interact with you 29. Instant Messaging AKA IM Pretty easy you type, hit enter, they type, hit enter, etc. Chat history is tracked Real time communication PCs, cell phones, PDAs all have IM 30. IM Clients Individual clients: AOL AIM MSN Messenger Yahoo! Messenger IRC, ICQ, Jabber, GTalk, GroupWise Messenger, etc. Multi-Client services: Trillian, Gaim, Meebo 31. What can you do with IM? IM Reference IM library staff Can be less hassle than email or phone Allowing patrons to reach you! 32. Podcasting Web feed of audio that anyone can subscribe to To listen: Need an MP3 player Need an RSS feed Need a feed reader Even better - A podcasting aggregator (ie., iTunes and Juice) 33. Creating a Podcast Something to say most important Microphone = can be a Radio Shack cheapie Audacity = free Place to store the podcast archive.org, blip.tv, etc. = free RSS feed that will distribute podcasts = free (FeedBurner does this) Free, free, free vs Time, Time, Time! 34. What can you do with Podcasting? Library news/upcoming events Booktalks Oral histories Lectures Local music Author readings Library instruction/guided tours Reach patrons where they are 35. Videocasting same idea as podcasting - but with video to watch: need a video player rss feed feed reader even better - a video aggregator (mefeedia, reant, itunes) 36. Creating a VideoCast Something to say Camcorder cheapies for $30 Digital video editing software Place to store the videocast archive.org = free RSS feed that distributes videocasts = free (feedburner again) pricey, Takes Time, Is Very Cool. 37. what can you do with video? lectures, events, instruction virtual tours book talks something completely original reaching those patrons again... 38. Amazon vs OPAC 39. Extending the catalog... 40. Introducing Topekas Digital Branch 41. Who areWe?DigitalTranslation Goals 42. Who areWe? 43. Busy Library 44. Content! 45. Community 46. Digital Translation 47. Whats a Digital Branch? All services will be both physical and digital Well use the web to build unique stuff to some, the digital branch will be the onlybranch Were running two libraries! 48. Information Superhighway? Virtual Reality? 49. communityconversationconnections participationinvitationsuser-generated sharingits a small world adding mythoughts 50. content 51. Content 52. Content 53. Content 54. Content 55. RSS 56. Media 57. content creator librarian library staff all staff assigned to help out trained and released 58. multimedia content creator we bought cameras and camcorders im training staff of how to use them we encourage it we give time for it 59. Community 60. Community 61. Entryways 62. conversation more than content conversations taking place ref desk comments patron generated content 63. in the website 64. in the website 65. in the website 66. in the website 67. outside the website 68. outside the website 69. outside the website 70. outside the website 71. outside the website 72. tracking conversation summize google alerts others keyword searches answer and comment when it makes sense! pass it on to staff 73. Goals 74. Sharing Content Our Stories Community 75. Telling our Story 76. story means more than the facts being a reporter... or an editorialist blogging! sharing - our favorite recipes our trip to spain and surrounding it with our stuff (books) 77. How do I make time fornew stuff? 78. Finding Time 79. Changing focus Finding timevswillingnessand priority You have towant tochange change jobdescriptions 80. Schedule your time 81. Granting time give time - for reading, playing, learning, creating send staff to formal training practical training for staff - teach what's relevant to your staff and library buy books for training 82. Yikes! My boss says I need to learn this stuff! 15 minutes a day start with your interests find some blogs to read leave comments Work through a Learning 2.0 plan 83. Where to start? blogs: blogger.com or wordpress.com what are you going to write about? Wikis: PB Wiki use it for your next committee project 84. Where to start? IM sign up for AOL Instant Messenger Use Meebo to chat with co-workers (or me!) Social Networks Get a FaceBook account friend other librarians Podcasting and Videocasting think of a reason and a goal, then go for it! Use whatevers handy - digital camera video is ne 85. Why? 86. This is not your library 87. This is your library 88. This is your library 89. This is your library 90. Thank you! davidleeking.com