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Cruise Club, India's leading cruise specialist, presents India's first Cruise Planner - Embark 2013!

Transcript of Embark 2013

  • you need to choose your dream cruise

    in 2013.

    One of the highlights of this edition

    includes a section on Polar Cruises

    which showcases Cruise Clubs first-

    hand encounters in the Polar regions.

    So lets get packing, and make 2013

    the year of cruising!

    Kiran BhandariFounder, Cruise Club

    WelcomeWelcome to Embark - Indias first

    Cruise Planner, meant both for

    seasoned cruise travellers and first

    timers, thinking about taking a cruise

    holiday in 2013!

    Embark, 2013 Edition is a comprehen-

    sive guide which simplifies the cruise

    discovery process and gives you a

    complete lowdown about where to

    cruise, when to cruise and with which

    cruise ship. From destination features

    to proposed itineraries in these desti-

    nations, to exciting new ship launches

    around the world, we have all the help

  • Choosing the perfeCt Cruise03


    river Cruising53

    new at sea57

    Best at sea61

    CeleBrations at sea65


    tahiti &Bora Bora








    panama Canal25



  • southameriCa

    south east asia29

    australia & nZ09



  • many destinations, one vacation

    relax &enjoy

    Bepampered1 2 3

    Imagine wandering the streets of

    Barcelona, having lunch in France,

    buying shoes in Italy and seeing the

    Acropolis in Athens - all in one vaca-

    tion! Cruise holidays are becoming an

    increasingly popular choice for holiday-

    makers simply because of the fact that

    they offer many things that you cant

    always get from a land-based holiday.

    Fall asleep in one destination and

    awake to a new horizon. When you go

    on a cruise you only have to unpack

    your bags one time. You may explore a

    variety of world destinations, but you

    only unpack and settle in once. Then

    its time to relax and enjoy!

    If you are looking at being pampered

    you need to get onto a cruise! Many

    cruises offer a dedicated hospitable

    service to spoil you at all times. Many

    major cruise lines offer luxury spa

    services and rejuvenating treatments

    to relax your body, mind and soul.


  • Why cruIse Is the neW VacatIon

    value formoney

    state of the art

    are You Convinced yet?!4 5

    Choose to cruise for value. One price

    buys your luxurious accommodation,

    cutting edge entertainment, tantaliz-

    ing dining options, a floating resort

    and much more.

    2013 is a bumper year for new ship

    launches. Be amongst the first to ex-

    perience the state-of-the-art cruises!

    See our section on new ships in 2013

    on Page 59.

    Let our cruise experts help you plan

    your next cruise vacation. Whatever

    your style of travel, well help deter-

    mine the best options for you within

    your price range. For assistance, call

    our cruise hotline at +91 8408 99 1111.


  • choosIng the perfect cruIseCruising is become more and more popular amongst Indian holidaymak-ers, and it is not without reason.

    While in the early days, cruises tended to be most popular with the retired and the wealthy, over the years cruising has evolved into everymans holiday. The average age of cruise passengers is decreasing year after

    year and cruise lines are re-tooling their on board products and offerings to appeal to even younger and more active Indian and Asian passengers.

    There are cruises that are great for families with children, others that cater to couples, some that are perfect for active adventurers, and some that are low-key and cater to those who

    just want to relax. While demograph-ics vary from ship to ship, there really are cruises for any kind of person who is looking to see the world and have a good time.

    Which brings us to the dilemma how to choose your cruise? With so much choice, it become critical that you select the right ship.


  • When it comes to cruising, you can

    sail anywhere in the world. Options

    range from Mediterranean to Caribbe-

    an to the Baltic, Norwegian fjords, the

    Black Sea, Western Europe, Alaska, or

    the east coast of the USA and Canada.

    If you dont fancy the Caribbean in

    Winter, there are ships chasing the

    Where do I want to go?

    How much time do I have?

    Whats my budget?

    Is it important to have drinks and/or excursions included?

    Choosing a Destination

    sunshine in Central America, South

    America, Asia, the Red Sea, the Gulf,

    Australia and New Zealand and clos-

    est to home, South East Asia from

    Singapore. You can also cruise to

    Antarctica or to the Arctic. And if

    youve got three months to spare, you

    can cruise around the world!

    With choices abound, several factors

    need to be considered while choosing

    the destination. Factors such as time

    of the year, duration of cruise, budget,

    and activities you enjoy need to be

    considered in selecting the right desti-

    nation. This planner is a treasure trove

    of information, and you are invited to

    use it to make an informed choice.

    in summary, consider the following questions to help you make the right choice

    What type of people do I want as travelling companions?

    Does it matter if there are children running around?

    Do I want to dress up in the eve- nings or do I want a more casual style?

    Which cabin to book inside, outside, balcony or suite?

    What activities do i want on board?

    Crystal Cruises, Silversea, Regent

    Seven Seas and Yachts of Seabourn

    are amongst the most luxurious cruise

    lines, all-inclusive, which means

    each ship has an open bar and a good

    selection of wines included with din-

    ner. Some of luxury cruise lines give

    generous onboard spending credit,

    so you can choose whether to pay off

    your bar bill or, for example, use it on

    Price is probably the biggest factor in

    choosing a cruise and needless to say,

    the price reflects the level of luxury

    and the quality of dining onboard. But

    dont just look at the price you pay up-

    front rather, consider the total cost

    of cruising! Excursions, beverages,

    gratuities, shows, speciality dining

    the pricing and inclusions vary from

    cruise line to cruise line, and it can get

    quite confusing

    total Cost of Cruising

    shore excursions or in the spa. Regent

    Seven Seas even includes shore excur-

    sions in the price, which can make a

    big difference.

    Consider it all, and get in touch with

    us if you need any help!

    A lot of people assume big equals

    mass market or overcrowded but this

    simply isnt true the Queen Mary 2

    is one of the biggest ships afloat but is

    extremely elegant. Celebrity Cruises

    three newest ships carry 2,850 pas-

    sengers each, but like beautiful, con-

    temporary boutique hotels. Princess

    Cruises designs its ships so that there

    are plenty of smaller, more intimate

    spaces to hide away, drink and dine

    Does style matter?

    (including a gorgeous adults-only area

    on deck, The Sanctuary). The onboard

    lifestyle is more important than the

    physical size of the ship.

    Also, do think about whom youre go-

    ing to be travelling with. Children, for

    example, are an important considera-

    tion. Big, modern ships have fantastic

    facilities for children and teens, from

    special family cabins to superb chil-

    drens clubs (at no additional cost) and

    everything from karaoke to computer

    rooms, climbing walls, ice rinks and

    kids-only excursions. Carnival, Royal

    Caribbean, P&O Cruises, Princess,

    Norwegian and Disney Cruise Line

    are among the most popular options

    for families. However, if you want a

    child-free environment, pick a Luxury

    cruise which appeals more to adults

    or couples!

    happy Cruising!


  • alaskaAlaska ranks as one of the premier cruise destinations in the

    United States and was identified by Cruise Lines International

    Association (CLIA) as the top destination for 2012.

    Alaska offers spectacular sights, including ice glaciers, the Rocky

    Mountains, and the remote wilderness. We also suggest you con-

    sider taking a tour before or after your cruise to experience the

    Denali National Park, the stunning Butchart Gardens, or the Rockies.

    why alaska?

    Your travel Buoy

    shore exCursionsRafting trips, Helicopter Glacier tours,

    Rock climbing, Snorkelling - you have

    a wide range of shore excursions to

    select from in Alaska.

    rounD trip Inside Passage cruises usually begin

    and end at the same port of call.

    These cruises are usually 7 nights

    and set sail from and return to Seattle

    or Vancouver. The Inside Passage is

    popular for spectacular scenery, abun-

    dant wildlife, vivid Native cultures,

    astounding history and exceptional


    one Way An Alaska Glacier is a one way cruise

    and does not repeat its route by doing

    a U-turn back to the original depar-

    ture port. These