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Transcript of EMAIL WEDDING BROCHURE - Pure Energy ¢â‚¬¢ Photography and Videography -...

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    Wedding Brochure

    http://www.Pure http://www.Pure

  • 978-646-9226

    “All y" have to do # say I DO, and we’ll do $ rest”

    http://www.Pure http://www.Pure

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    Table Of Contents

    • About Us - Page 3

    • What Sets Us Apart - Page 4

    • Music Services - Page 5

    • Our MCs - Page 6

    • Lighting Design - Page 7

    • Photography and Videography - Page 8

    • Additional Services - Page 9

    • LCD’s and Memory Montages - Page 10

    • Securing Our Services & Planning - Page 11

    http://www.Pure http://www.Pure

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    Ab!t Us

    Your wedding day is

    one of the most

    important days of your


    Our professional MCs

    and DJs have the

    experience and desire

    to create the perfect

    wedding reception for

    you and your family.

    Our commitment to

    our clients is nothing

    short of amazing. We

    will ensure that your

    special day will be the

    day you have been

    dreaming of your

    entire life. Perfection,

    detail, care and

    inspiration: we can

    assist with every

    aspect of your day.

    From when the first

    song is played to the

    last dance of the night

    we are committed to

    making a lasting

    impression on your

    family and friends.

    http://www.Pure http://www.Pure

  • 978-646-9226

    How can we help you create the wedding reception of your dreams?

    Selecting the right entertainment is an investment into your celebration's success, and one of the most important factors you will consider for your special day.

    At Pure Energy Entertainment, we understand the importance of your celebration, and will create a stress-free entertainment experience that you will never forget. We believe in total event personalization, and utilize a modern approach to provide polished wedding entertainment. From the beginning of cocktail hour to your very last song, we will work directly with you to build a customized reception based on your tastes, ideas and desires. Every couple is unique and the wedding should reflect this.

    Pure Energy Entertainment will ensure that every event detail is addressed in the planning phases and executed on your day to perfection. Each wedding celebration package starts with a two-man team, four hours of continuous music, and a music library spanning the 1920's to today's current hits (roughly one hundred thousand songs). We also offer each client online event tools, the ability to meet and plan your celebration directly with your personal DJ, and a suite of a-la-carte celebration enhancements.

    http://www.Pure http://www.Pure

  • 978-646-9226

    About Mike Connors – 8 Years Experience Performing at Weddings

    Mike joined our team in 2003 and has consistently been one of our top entertainers. He has been in the entertainment business since a young age and is credited with being named "Junior Mister Dance of New England" in 1985. His dancing ability will keep all ages entertained during the entire event. He has entertained at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthday Parties, School Events and was also a featured MC on the Spirit of Boston for over 6 years. You and your guests will be very impressed with Mike Connors and extremely happy you reserved him for your next event.

    About Angel Torres – 8 Years Experience Performing at Weddings

    Every once in a while we will find a prospective DJ that we think has potential. The general rule to developing a great DJ/MC is a ton of training and a severe amount of “Do it agains.” With our training program we generally end up with a well trained and top notch DJ/MC. However, Angel is by far an exception to the rule. He will take you on a trip through time at your request or just keep you mesmerized with his selection of today and yesterday’s music. He has the ability to make it all come together and seem effortless. You and your guests will not leave the dance floor until the party is over. His youth leads him to be one of the most energetic and engaging MC's in the area. He can turn any party into one your guests will remember for years. Angel is highly requested and continues to add dates to his schedule every time he performs. We have no doubt that Angel Torres will be the perfect addition to your Boston Wedding Reception, School Event, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or any other event you're planning.

    About Mark Dixon – 16 Years Experience Performing at Weddings

    Mark started his entertainment career in 1995, and over the years he has established himself as the Premier MC for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations, Weddings, Corporate Events and School Events. He has become highly respected as one of Boston’s most experienced entertainers. As a managing partner, Mark takes his role as a company owner as serious as his role as an entertainer. He is highly requested because of his ability to perform for any age group, and is able to bring together all of your guests to enjoy in your celebration. People love his personality and his ability to keep the party going from when the first guest arrives to when the last guest leaves. He is an expert on playing the right song at the right time. Mark's primary position in Pure Energy is to maintain the quality of entertainers we supply by developing and executing a training program to ensure that every customer is provided with the quality and service they expect and deserve. He is also responsible for developing new products for our clients to offer them something unique that they can't get anywhere else. Mark is a member of our elite team and is one of the most requested MC's in our company. He is constantly working on bringing his entertainment to the next level and we know he would be the perfect addition to you next event.

    About Johnny K – 16 Years Experience Performing at Weddings

    Johnny is the founder of Pure Energy Entertainment, and has been in the entertainment business since 1991. He performs at over 180 events each year and remains the #1 booked MC in Boston. He is currently speaking for the American DJ Association throughout the US and Canada. He is recognized as one of the best MCs in the DJ industry. He has been featured in DJ times Magazine November 2009 issue as one of the best entertainers in the country. He is currently perusing his speaking engagements with the American DJ Association around the country.

    Our MCs !



    http://www.Pure http://www.Pure

  • 978-646-9226

    Live Musicians

    Pure Energy Entertainment can also provide Live Musicians for your ceremony, cocktail hour or even to perform along side your DJ during your reception. From Strings, to Horns, to Percussion, our company has you covered if you’re looking to incorporate a live musical aspect to your celebration. We also have classical musicians that add a beautiful element to any wedding ceremony.

    Custom Introduction and Music Production

    Set the tone and energy level of your celebration with your very own personalized and customized music introduction mix or special dedication song. Personalized introduction production is a great way to set your celebration apart from any other. The staff at Pure Energy Entertainment will help bring your ideas to life when we create and remix your very own custom and personalized edit of your favorite song. You bring us the ideas, and we will go to work in our studio to help you create a introduction song that will be unique, and personalized just for you.

    Samples can be provided upon request.

    http://www.Pure http://www.Pure

  • 978-646-9226

    Intelligent Lighting Our Pure Energy Entertainment staff utilizes today’s leading lighting systems that can be completely controlled to emulate elegant mood lighting effects, breathtaking spotlights (used during a first dance) and also up tempo effects that work with the style of music being played such as club or disco music. We have the ability to control the light fixture colors, patterns, speed, intensity, and brightness. We will