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Email is Killing You! Digital Dealer Conference Workshop...For more information on various services available for car dealers, visit and join the online network set up by Ralph's ADP Social Media Reputation Management Team at

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Digital Dealer Advertising Presentation

E-mail is Killing You!Type one wrong word and youre dead you will laugh when you recognize the real world examples of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of e-mail Actual examples of best and worst practices in e-mail communication from dealerships all over America. Improve e-mail communications with customers, increase phone contact percentages and appointments scheduled. Implement words, phrases and template e-mails on your first day back to start selling more cars on your second day. What to avoid, and how to recognize the e-mail death traps that too many Internet sales specialists are using in thousands of dealerships. See examples of actual disaster scenes, sales mayhem and the brutality of gross profit destruction caused by as little as a single word that was poorly chosen. Gain insight into pitfalls of e-mail when used inappropriately as a replacement for good phone communication skills. See lead management tactics that leverage e-mail to dramatically increase the number of phone conversations between your dealership and the people that sent those leads. Learn how to use e-mail the right way. Attendees will receive access to online resources:. Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 2008INTRODUCTION: Ralph Paglia Director - Digital Marketing ADP Dealer Services

20+ year automotive industry leader in Digital Marketing, Advertising, Lead Management and dealership CRM process design and execution.Executed Digital Marketing strategy that generated144,000+ leads to single-point Chevy dealer in 2 years.Built dealer team that sold 4,000+ Vehicles to Web Leads in 2006. Worked with Ford in 2007 to develop first Tier 3 Digital Advertising program providing dealers with geotargeted Tier 1 marketing assetsManaged first retail automotive Behavioral Targeting Digital Ad pilot program while at Courtesy Chevrolet in 2005, 2006 and 2007Started generating Internet leads in 1988 using CompuServe ISP access and vehicle listings on defense contractor BBSs in SoCal Internet Sales & Marketing Consultant to Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GM, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai and over 200 dealers.

Cell: 505.301.6369 ##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 20082

Do any of the email messages sent to customers by your dealership generate radioactive sales fallout?RADIOACTIVE SALES FALLOUT:Negative impact that occurs when an opportunity to do business is handled incorrectly on a scale that in addition to losing 1 sale, the customeris transformed into an outspoken criticmotivated to take additional actions to prevent other customers from doing business with your dealership.##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 20083----- Email Message From Customer to Toyota -----

From: Jeff McGrath [] Sent: February 05, 2009 2:18 PM To: Subject: Re: JEFF, how is your TOYOTA request going?

My request went terribly. XXXXXXX would not send out a quote by email as requested. The salesman told me I had to come in to the dealership to talk about options before giving a quote. They misquoted MSRP to me. Then after I came in, XXXXXXX held onto my license for 3 days. I tried to get it back and they said they would send a salesman to my house with the car. I said no and that I wanted to pick up my license at the dealership -- it took 3 days for them to get it there.

I got a apology mail from them later - but I never gave them my address. They got my address from my license as they withheld it. If they ran a credit check on me while they held my personal information I'm going to scream. I will never go to that dealership again. Where do they make people like that?? AND I LOVED THE CAR. I WANTED TO BUY IT.

I am not upset with - you guys rock. I hope you guys find out a way to bypass the dealerships altogether.

Thanks, Jeff##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 20084----- Email Message From Customer To ISS -----Subject: No SubjectI got your voicemail, I was in lecture. What do you mean my email message made you laugh? You should respond via e-mail so I can read what I wrote plus your response. This is the wonderful thing of e-mail, no phone calls. When you get this message, please reply by email. Denise##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 20085The Telephone - Still the Killer Sales App!Before we get into more detailed talk about email communication, theres one thing that every Internet-savvy dealer needs to keep in mind:

The telephone is still the killer sales application, second only to the face-to-face meeting. I once heard that Donald Trump never uses a computer; hes always on the phone. Regardless of what you might think of Mr. Trump, you cant deny the mans success. Yes, youre an Internet dealer, and yes, these are Internet prospects who prefer to interact online. Still, its business critical to get on the phone whenever possible, in addition to emailing your prospects, until they expressly tell you not to.That being said, the following slides present techniques that can help you eliminate the problems preventing your email messages from producing their desired outcome with prospects and customers ##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 20086##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, says:NEVER type out the same, or similar email message a second time! If you must write an email message about something related to buying a car, then odds are you will need to write a similar email message again in the future. Save any email you create as an email template, then every time you use it, refine that template, improve, rewrite, edit and rework it. Then, save it again as a template before sending Repeat process so you develop a powerful set of email templates that are CONTINUOUSLY OPTIMIZED!##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 20088 says:Use a system of Email Templates organized by number prefixes, with the template numbers sequenced according to the process workflow of how they are most often used Then you can create email and phone process charts that refer to the template or phone script by number. Having documented processes makes it easier to train people, review and improve the processes ##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 20089

##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 200810Anti-spam filters are the mine fields in the war against spam, and theyre a threat to your outbound dealership emails. There are spam filters on the mail server, or Internet service provider, side; in corporate firewalls; and also on the client-side, or your intended recipients PC.

Many filters today assign a point system to certain trigger words, phrases, or punctuations that are commonly seen in spam emails. If an email surpasses its quota of spam points, it is sent to the junk email folder or else destroyed before it ever gets to your intended recipients inbox.Spam Filters have Changed the Rules And, the Penalties!

Spam Filters work like a Missile Defense system, blowing up your dealerships email messages before they hit your customers inbox##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 200811Spam Filters have Changed the RulesThe top Internet service providers, like AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Verizon, all have their own customized rules for defining and weeding out spam. The big ISPs have routers for their email domains that analyze all incoming emails. These routers can block emails that come from certain addresses, which the ISP has black listed, because consumers have complained about spam.

Dealers that have been put on Black Lists may not be aware of the problems it can create And, it is almost impossible to get off!

Dealers need a good email reputation with customers, because complaints can mean doom for your email marketing program. This goes for both your dealership and your CRM tool vendor both of which have an impact on ISP relations and a hand in staying off email Black Lists.

ISSs can inadvertently get dealers Blacklisted##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 200812Create Relationships with Your Customers Top 5 ISPsThe most important element to getting your emails through is maintaining good relations with Internet Service Providers. Email servers that send your emails must remain in good standing. If a few consumers complain to their ISP about junk mail coming from a particular dealerships mail server, the ISP will address the issue by categorically blacklisting, or blocking all mail, coming from that server. This will affect every department that sends emails from that server. A quality email service provider will always work to maintain good relations with ISPs.As a dealer, the part you play in maintaining that good reputation is building your email list and controlling email content. Do not abuse how often and how many people you send bulk emails to. Seek a partnership where you and your supplier protect each others interests.Web analytics will show the Top 5 ISPs used by your customers

##Ralph Paglia; Digital Dealer 6 Las Vegas, NV April 19-21, 200813Your Email Content, Structure and FormTo and From Fields1. Watch what you put in the To and From fields in your emails. Try to avoid the following: friend@ public@ success@Especially Watch Your LanguagePart and parcel with maintaining good relations with ISPs is the content and format of your email communications. Words, phrases, punctuation and HTML coding commonly used by spammers raise red flags to the spam filters, so its important to be cognizant a