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  • 1. Effective Email Communication Lokesh Gupta Co-Founder

2. Why need to write effective emails Make sure emails are read Convey message clearly Increase productivity Avoid confusion/ 3. Some common email mistakes Vague or non existent subject line Changing topic without changing subject Sending before thinking Inadvertent Replying to all Misaddressed recipients Replying Vs. 4. Effective Email Structure Addressing Subject Line Message Text Signature Line Attachments 5. Addressing Limit to who really needs to know Make it clear in text who has action and who is info addressee Use Bcc to protect email addresses unless every one knows each other Watch reply all Avoid typing addresses free hand. Many addresses are similar. Fill addresses last to avoid sending an incomplete email 6. Subject Line Headline (think newspaper) Grab attention Summarize 7. Subject Line Examples Good ExampleBad Example Subj: Important! Read Immediately! Subj: Meeting Subj: Announcement Subj: Follow up about meetingSubj: Do we need a larger room for social meeting on May 14th? Subj: 99acres Team Building Meeting (10 Jan) 8. Message Text Keep the message focussed and readable Keep it short Use inverted pyramid structure (like newspaper) Break into paragraphs Avoid Capital letters, fancy typefaces Proofread and spellcheck Add attachment first so that later you do not forget it 9. Signature Line Include (if you want people to contact you) Name, Title, Organization, Email, Phone Can be shortened for frequent 10. Do's for Email Communication Check spellings Check attachments Check if only relevant people are included Proper salutations and signature are in place Subject is relevant Set clear actionable items for different people Keep content short and bulleted Review before sending 11. Don't for Email Communication Never let your emotions control your mails. Wait for 24 hours before replying to any heated conversation. Let it cool down. Never say in Email what you wouldnt say in person or would not like to see in the press or defend in court. Do not use professional mails for personal use Do not send mail to everyone in your team or company. No body has time to read irrelevant mails. Send to only relevant people. Do not write long essays. Keep mail short and 12. Questions & comments?