Email authentication methods to protect your brand or domain reputation

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  • 1. Email AuthenticationMethods To Protect YourBrand/Domain ReputationBy:

2. Inception The idea of email authentication orverification is not completely new.For the reason that the way emailwas originally created, it is difficult toverify if an email is really comingfrom the person who alleges to besending it. Actually, emailauthentication method solves theproblem by verifying that the sendingserver is 3. Email Authentication Principles Without going into too much technical detail,there are some email authentication principlesyou should follow:1.SPF (Sender Policy Framework)/Sender ID2.DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)3.ADSP (Author Domain Signing Practices)4.DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication,Reporting & Conformance)5.VBR (Vouch by Reference) 4. Sender policy framework SPF and Sender ID are quite easy to apply.This authentication method depends onindividual records linked to your domainthat tells e-mail system that it is ok toreceive e-mail from other system or domainon your 5. Domain keys identifies mail Domain Keys are a pair of encryption keys thatare produced for validation. DKIM or domainkeys identified mail inserts a private encryptedkey in to each of your email to authenticate that ithas really originated from someone you haveallowed to send 6. Author domain signing practices ADSP or author domainsigning practices allows youto stipulate a policy formessages signed by theauthors domain. An email idhas to go through DKIMvalidation first, then ADSPcan imply a punishingbehavior if the message isnot signed by the 7. DMARC It allows you to identify apolicy for valid messages.It reflects both DKIM andSPF as a joint emailauthentication technique.The "R" in DMARC, whichis called reporting,provides feedback to theauthor domain. Thus,provides for informedpolicy 8. Vouch by reference VBR or vouch byreference givesassurance to apreviously validatedidentity. This methodneeds some globallyaccepted authoritiesthat confirm thereputation 9. iprev The IP reverse, verified by lookingup the internet protocol address ofthe name just found, is just asignal that the IP was set upcorrectly in the DNS. The reversedeclaration of a range of IPaddresses can be given to theADMD (AdministrativeManagement Domain) that makesuse of them, or can be managedby the network 10. Conclusion Keeping up with thesevarying standards is notan easy job for theaverage e-mail marketer.Even though marketers donot want to apply emailauthentication methodsthemselves, they should atleast make sure thatsomebody in the companyis doing it for 11. Alphasandesh offersbulk email marketingservices. For moreinformation feel free