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Highland pony sales list 2012

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  • 1. Ellister Islay Highland Ponies - Sales List at January 2012Ellister Islay Harvester, foaled 2010, out of Ballinton Lady by Whitefield King Duncan, is acream dun gelding with black points, to make 14 hands. He is a friendly, quiet pony wholoads and leads easily, is unflappable and is suitable for showing. He has an acceptablewhite star and hind sole (by HPS show standards) and has very nice, straight paces.Harvey would suit any home and would also be ideal for an estate wanting a deer pony ashe has very good bone and is very easy going without any bad manners. His dam is theeasiest possible, traditional type of pony and his sire passes on his excellent paces and kindtemperament. Harvey has been running with colts and gelding in rough grazing; he will bemoved to even larger grazing with some fillies at the end of the month.Harvester is a full brother to Ellister Islay Solo Dance and Ellister Islay Sea Lord.Price: 900. Can be delivered to Lanark Mart or Central Scotland free of charge..
  • 2. Ellister Islay Sea Lord, foaled 2007, out of Ballinton Lady by Whitefield King Duncan, is avery dark steel grey gelding who is greying out and already has a much lighter mane and tail.He is around 14 hands and although has been headcollared and led, is still quite wary in thefield - although will go anywhere following a bucket ! He always comes for a carrot too andis the first to come when called.There is not one hair of badness or naughtiness in Lordy but he still needs a lot of work inthe stable, where he is usually easy to headcollar and to groom all over, even without one.Noise and unusual sights dont bother him at all - hed make an ideal project for someoneand could have a great future in any sphere - especially dressage. Hed need to go to ahome in Scotland, so that he could be delivered by us, and would also need to be seen toappreciate his qualities and his degree of wariness.Lordy has excellent conformation and super, long-striding straight paces; he has just startedleading. He has superb hard feet and his legs can be touched all over without anysuggestion of kicking. He has an amazing length of mane.Price: 750. Can be delivered to Central Scotland or Lanark Mart freeof charge.Price reflects the distance involved in seeing him and the fact that he still needsconsiderable work to overcome his wariness.
  • 3. Tiegandene, foaled 1997 by Highfield Glen Albyn out of Dark Lady of Kildavie is a grey mareof nearly 14.2hh who leaves superb foals.She bred a stallion and two fillies for Scott McGregor (he took the two fillies to Australiawith him) and has bred me four foals here on Islay since being bought in foal to Fyfedenein 2005/6 at the Ballinton dispersal sale. Although fourteen years old - rising 15 in 2012 -she has had her foals interspersed by years off, so should be capable of breeding at leastthree more foals, possibly many more.Tiegan is easy to do, except with her hind feet (one of them especially), for which we haveto use a sedative. They are however good hard feet and she only needs them done two orthree times a year. I feel that with more regular handling than we give, she would sooncome to accept having her hind feet lifted happily.She is easy to catch and loads first time; she has always held to her first season whenrunning with the stallion and is very kind with him. She has always foaled easily andcleansed by herself, doing her foals extremely well. She has left me Forester, SummerThyme (Boots), Smoke and Angus Mor - all of which are of top show quality.Tiegan is not in foal for 2012 (we usually only cover mares every second year), and her coltfoal, Angus Mor, will be weaned early in 2012. She is the mother of my current stallionand I therefore cannot have her covered in 2012. However if a suitable home is notfound, she will have another year off and then hopefully go to our young colt Mariner, ifhe passed his licensing. Tiegan with her 2009 foal, Summer Thyme (aka Boots).1100 ono. Can be delivered to Central Scotland area or Lanark, free of charge.Price reflects the difficulty with trimming her hind feet.
  • 4. Ellister Islay Smoke foaled in 2009 and is by Whitefield King Duncan out of Tiegandene.She is still black, although showed some signs of starting to grey out last summer. Her maneand tail are already light grey, making her a very attractive pony; she has an extremelypretty head.Smoke has the superb paces of her sire and should excel at dressage, although would besuitable for any field, having quality flat bone.She has been head-collared and is starting to lead; she has also been seen by the farrier. She is a friendly filly with a sweet nature, although likes attention. Smoke as a foalSmoke starting to grey out - although muchblacker in the winter; the hairs down theface are just greying, not white marking.Rising three in 2012, and ready for a littlegroundwork, Im looking for 1600 for thisvery elegant filly - although Id rather keepher until the end of the summer 2012.Can be delivered free of charge to CentralScotland or to Lanark Mart.
  • 5. Ellister Islay Juniper was foaled in 2010 and is by Glenbanchor MacGillie Dubh (byMoss-side Iain Mor) out of Tamaradene. She is a big mouse dun filly with good boneand should make 14.2.Shes a friendly filly and has been head-collared; she has an easy going temperamentand would make an ideal brood mare with excellent breeding or would be suitable forsomeone wanting a family pony. It is not known yet whether she has potential for theshow ring, but shes looking very promising.Only rising two, shed probably be better waiting until next year, but could be deliveredto Lanark Mart or Central Scotland; Price 1100.Juniper needs more handling, but is now available to a knowledgeable home who wantsto start the handling themselves.
  • 6. Ellister Islay Merry Dance was foaled in 2008 and is by Whitefield King Duncan out ofKayleighdene (ex Kimdene). She would make a fantastic performance pony, havingreally super, free-moving paces which are both straight and have lovely cadence. Shehas good bone with plenty of feather and correct conformation all round. She is greyingout now, having been dark brown since a foal; she has a small star which has nowgreyed out.Merry likes to know her handler and can be a little shy with strangers; she is very easyto catch, headcollar and lead - and with farrier - once she knows you. I would imagineshe could be a little feisty getting started in a ridden career but would make a fabulouspony with a bit of time spent on her. She is not the nervy type of pony - just has a littlemore attitude than some ! She loads into the trailer willingly and is very good with thefarrier. Estimated to be just under 14 hands.I plan to put Merry to Forester in the Spring of 2012 as she also carries some Rhumblood and I would like to see what she leaves. However I would consider selling her - Ido need to cut down my numbers now, as Im finding it very difficult to organize fieldroom for them all.Rising four now, I would be willing to sell her for 1650 delivered free of charge toCentral Scotland or Lanark Mart, before she goes to the stallion in May/June.
  • 7. Similarly, I would sell Ellister Islay Chanter, because I have bought back her full sisterSea Holly.Chanter is a very laid back filly rising 4, currently around 14 hands though looks bigger.She is a dark cream dun by Whitefield King Duncan out of Ceilidh of Glenmarkie. Shetoo is straight with nice even paces and good conformation, although fractionally longerin the back than Merry. She is ideal brood mare material later on, after perhaps a careerin the show ring.Chanter is easy to do in every way; she may not be as forward going as some would like- but this might well suit someone else.I would like to breed one foal from Chanter, but would be willing to sell her if someonefeels they would like her before she goes to Forester in May/June.Chanter leads, loads, is easy to catch and good with farrier.Price: 1750. Can be delivered to Central Scotland or Lanark Mart foronward travel.Its always worth asking whether we would deliver to other areas; a lot will depend onhow busy we are.All prices reflect the remoteness of our location, but include transport tothe mainland.