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Your doom poker is an internet portal which helps you to become an elite poker player. Our website contains many videos which teaches you advanced tactics, methods or tips to enhance your skills. Your doom poker has teamed up with many professional poker experts and players which helps you in becoming an excellent player. This presentation contains information about 25 videos in which all the cons and pros of this game has been presented with very understandable manner so that you can learn and understand easily. So, watch these videos and learn.

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  • 1. Your Doom Poker An Elite Poker Player

2. Advanced tactics Complete course with full 24 videos going into plenty of details and covering each and every topic very clearly. Playing specific hands against raises, slowplaying,bluffing, anti tilt trick and so much more. In this tutorial, how to beat small, medium, and high stakes at over 10bb/100 your doom., how to play against a 40bb stakes etc all these things are taught. 3. Video 1: opening averages from UTG,CO and the button In this video your doom discusses about his opening averages , when and how to take step from UTG, when to open hands from MP,CO and button. Here, UTG is the seat to the left of the big blind. This is the first player to act pre flop. MP can to varying positions between early position and late position. In this example it is the seat to the left of the UTG position. CO is the seat just before the button. This is the second best position in the game. BTN is the best seat at the table. This player acts last on every post flop betting round. 4. Video 2: Button steal success PowerPoint In this video yourdoom takes you through the math behind stealing the blind. Steal success rate: Blind stealing is the way of life in poker. Hitting the flop is just the backup plan for getting called. Poker is a game of skill and using the ability to read situations and opponents to give you the advantage in each hand you play. It is also a game of mathematics, where you should be able to calculate the odds of either you or your opponent winning the hand in any situation. 5. Video 3: SB opening averages and HUD with custom popup Here your doom explains his HUD layout and how to use new technologies The HUD Profile is a duplicate of the default Cash Game profile in Poker Tracker 4, with the Live Amount Big Blind stat removed from the on table HUD group . This is the default Tournament HUD with a revised table average group which contains the effective stack size at the table in BBs (accurate only when Heads Up) with popup for NASH Caller and NASH Pusher hand chart ranges. n-table HUD Group. 6. Video 4:optimizing card spreads Here your doom discusses how to optimize the card spreads. A2/A3/A4/A5 that flops an Ace have no kicker. You're counting on no one else having an ace if one is flopped OR you're hoping for a wheel (which will always be an ignorant straight IE 345 flopped can be beaten by 67. 245 is beaten by 36. 235 is beaten by 46 and 234 is beaten by 56.) or flopping two 2s or 3s or 4s or 5s giving you trips with top kicker. There is a little value added by them being suited, but VERY little. 7. Video 5:how to play AA and KK In this video,YourDoom examines spots that most players play incorrectly. Optimizing AA and KK in unusual positions How to Play AA and KK vs. a single raiser How to Play AA and KK in a multiway pot. 8. Video 6: How to Play AJ and KQ in Position Facing a Raise Here,Your Doom discusses the unique properties of AJ and KQ If you never play AJ or KQ voluntarily you can and likely will win money at low stakes holdem. If you have any skill at all, AJ and KQ are two awful hands to be played by someone who isn't decently skilled and many players lose a boat load of money playing these hands. 9. Video 7: : Making a Big Laydown YourDoom examines cases where it is correct to fold AK preflop in a 6-max game . Folding AK 100BB effective vs. a good regular the art of making a big lay down, an act that can keep you alive in a poker tournament, keep money in your pocket in a cash game by deftly slipping out of a noose your opponent has fashioned for you, or make you feel like a fool or a complete was when you fold the best hand because you were sitting on the saddle point of a decision and just couldnt pull the trigger and call. 10. Video 8: How to Play Against 3-Bets vs. a Single Opponent - Part 1 Here, YourDoom discusses optimal play when facing a 3-Bet. With middle pairs you had better see the flop before u choose to make a move. Betting pre flop can always get over bet and end up with fold. Getting re-raised makes u feel uncertain and playing aggressive can end up with a big lose of chips. Play safe, trap aggressive players. How to flat a 3-bet w a suited connector. The major difference between 76s and 66 11. Video 9: : How to Play Against 3-Bets vs. a Single Opponent - Part 2 In this video, YourDoom continues to discuss optimal play facing a 3-Bet, How to play AJ, KQ, AQ, 66 and 76s facing different 3-Bet ranges 3-betting, 4-betting and 5-betting v/s AQ Facing a 3-Bet while OOP 12. Video 10: How to Play Against 3-Bets in a Multi-Way Pot YourDoom examines the differences between a HU vs. a multi-way pot In position vs. OOP Anticipating the fish call Multiway pots (involving three or more players) cause problems for a lot of players and you frequently see a lot of mistakes being made. Multiway pots are relatively rare compared to heads-up pots in 6-max games. 13. Video 11: Expanding our 5-Betting Range YourDoom takes you through the math of 5-betting unusual hands The 3 betting of baby pairs (bonus video). When and how to expand your 5-bet shoving range 100BB effective 14. Video 12: : Which Flops and Which Opponents to Slow play Slow playing (also called sandbagging) is kind of play in poker that is the opposite of bluffing. Betting weakly with a strong holding rather than betting aggressively with a weak one. The flat call is one such play. The objective of the passive slow play is to lure opponents into a pot who might fold to a raise, or to cause them to bet more strongly than they would if the player had played aggressively (bet or raised). Slow playing sacrifices protection against hands that may improve and risks losing the pot-building value of a bet if the opponent also checks. 15. Video 13: When and How to Tailor your Bet Sizing Post flop - Part 1 In this video, YourDoom discussing optimal bet sizing. Bet sizing is one of the barrier that the player has to face when they are on the game. How to make a bet size so you can win more money with less bet sizing. With the full knowledge of bet sizing, players can increase their chances of winning and decreasing the chances of loss. 16. Video 14: When and How to Tailor your Bet Sizing Post flop - Part 2 YourDoom discusses the value of over-betting specific situations Over betting is a situation when you have to bluff instead of betting. It leads to win some few wins but you lose the big ones. Over betting in a HU pot: One of the most mistakes players make in heads up games is making their bets either too big or too small. Over betting will leads you to lose if you dont have proper knowledge of game. 17. Video 15: : C-Betting the Flop and Turn - Part 1 - The Basics YourDoom analyzes hand playability and board texture The result of the continuation betting is the combination of your strength in game , board texture and the tendencies of opponents. The best boards to continuation bet are dry flops. The reason for this is because the less coordinated the board, the harder it is to hit. 18. Video 16: C-Betting the Flop and Turn - Part 2 - Advanced YourDoom discusses double and triple barreling Double or triple bluff is the process of continuing the bluff or semi bluff even after the flop. The turn is blank for you, but you still continue to bluff in hope that the opponent will fold on you. So you carry on with the another bet. 19. Video 17: C-Betting the Flop and Turn - Part 3 - Advanced In this video, YourDoom discusses the merits of aggressive vs. passive play. The player passiveness and aggressiveness is depicted in their risk tolerance power. Passive player plays with a fear of loss and less likely to take risks Aggressive players plays with no fear and takes risks again and again. 20. Video 18: When to Bluff Shove the River YourDoom examines situations where it's optimal to bluff shove the river. Many poker players have taken to over betting the river for the reason that their opponent will believe theyre bluffing and call them with a weaker hand. What you are doing by over betting is getting your opponent to assume the obvious if they had me beaten, they would bet smaller for value. 21. Video 19: : Bluff Raising a Multiway Flop YourDoom examines a very powerful spot to bluff raise on the flop. When to bluff raise a 3-way flop. Call open ranges preflop. When to follow up your bluff with a double barrel . 22. Video 20: Helpful Tips that Most People Do Not Know here, YourDoom discusses its favorite personal tricks that very few players use: Play like a mega-fish My personal anti-tilt tricks Confuse your opponents 23. Video 21:QUIZ #1 - 10 Hands In this video, a short quiz is taken based on your study until now about the poker. 10 Hands where you have to choose a course of action . 10 Situations where you have to choose a course of action . Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation. 24. Video 22:QUIZ #1 with Answers - 10 Hands In this video, the discussions and answers to the previous quiz is shown. Explanations of which answers are the best and which are the worst. Finishing the hands out with detailed analysis. Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation. 25. Video 23:QUIZ #2 - 10 Questions Here, again a short quiz is held where you have to pick the most appropriate option from the 10 questions. Multiple Choice questions . Selecting multiple correct answers from a list of possibilities. Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation. 26. Video 24:QUIZ #2 with Answers- 10 Questions In this videos, the answers of #quiz 2 are discussed and grading is done. Explanations of which answers are the best and which are the worst. Scoring: 0 to 5 points possible for each situation. Cumulative scoring and your report card. 100 points = perfect. 27. Video 25:How to use my HM2 HUD and Popup Here the your doom explaine