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An overview of facilities and services available at Surrey Sports Park, Guildford, Surrey in the UK for elite aquatics training camps.

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  • Surrey SportS park, Guildford, uk ElitE training and PrEParation VEnuE


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    Everything was perfect. it was the best training camp in the last 10 years.

    Tonu Meijel, esTonia olyMpic swiMMing coach, london 2012

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    surrey sports Park has established itself as one of Europes leading elite sports training venues.

    paul Blanchard, chief execuTive, surrey sporTs park

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    since opening in april 2010, surrey sports Park has established itself as one of Europes leading elite sports training venues, featuring world class facilities and host to a number of professional teams, athletes and sporting events.

    owned and funded by the university of surrey at a cost of 36 million, surrey sports Park provides state-of-the-art sporting facilities to students and staff at the university and the surrounding community.

    set in the leafy green surroundings of guildford just 40 minutes from london and the south coast. the Park has excellent transport links from the capital, Heathrow and gatwick airports, offering an event and training venue to elite athletes, teams and sporting organisations.

    designated as an official Pre-games training Base for the london 2012 olympic and Paralympic games, the Park played host to several swimming teams including athletes from great Britain, singapore, spain, usa triathlon and china synchronized swimming.

    the Park boasts an impressive list of governing Body standard sports facilities and equipment. the centrepiece, the 50m, 8 lane, olympic training standard indoor swimming pool - complete with a moveable floor, daktronics timing system, video screen and a traversable boom enabling the pool to be split at different 30m/25m/20m lengths for various purposes. the Park is also the home training base of top 5 uk club, guildford city swimming club.

    the pool also includes fully accessible seating for 180 spectators and coaches, warm-up areas, scoring facilities and anti-doping and marshalling areas that comply to international standards.

    unique to the venue, surrey sports Park also offers support services including sports nutrition, on-site accommodation, partner hotels and on-site sports performance and medical testing facilities at the surrey Human Performance institute.

    We feel this combination of facilities and services offers the optimum training environment in which to prepare for major competitions and events and i encourage you to come and see for yourself what surrey sports Park can offer.

    i invite you to come and experience the warm surrey sports Park welcome which so many international athletes experienced during the fantastic london games.

    paul BlanChard Chief exeCutive, Surrey SportS park

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    world classFacilities

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    ssp eliTe Training faciliTies and services 50m olympic standard pool that can be configured

    for elite and short course swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo

    700 sqm, 120 station health and fitness centre with 6 olympic weight platforms

    Private strength and conditioning studio with 3 olympic weight platforms

    3 multi purpose sports arenas with spectator seating capacity of 1,000

    2 large multi purpose fitness and exercise studios

    spinning studio

    Wellbeing studio

    two lane 60m warm up and training track

    Elite athlete medical testing facility the surrey Human Performance institute

    Physiotherapy and massage services

    12 outdoor Football/rugby Pitches

    2 artificial 3g turf pitches

    1 artificial sand-dressed turf pitch

    6 glass backed squash courts

    8 floodlit tennis courts

    climbing centre with 23 roped climbing lines of up to 10m high as well as an extensive bouldering area with overhanging roof

    External fitness trim trail

    52 acres of grounds for cross country running

    close proximity to olympic cycle route

    ice baths

    sauna and steam room

    changing rooms

    Medical and rehabilitation rooms

    WiFi throughout the facility including the pool area

    Pool area coach work or administration station

    range of team rooms

    Full team catering facilities


    dedicated team liaison officer throughout your stay

  • it was a true pleasure to call surrey sports Park our home in our lead up to the london 2012 olympic games.

    andy schMiTz high perforMance general Manager, usa olyMpic coMMiTTee, usa TriaThlon


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    50M x 20M olyMpic pool

    8 x 2.5M wide lanes

    TraversaBle BooM

    MoveaBle floor

    dakTronics TiMing sysTeM

    4M x 2M video screen

    osB12 sTarTing plaTforMs

    relay Break deTecTion

    uv waTer TreaTMenT sysTeM

    weT-side changing

    sTeaM faciliTies

    sauna faciliTies

    Technical specificaTions of The pool and faciliTies the pool is 51.3m long, 20m wide and 2m deep with a 20x20m

    moveable floor and a 1.3m x 20m x 2m traversable boom. the floor can be set at any depth between 0 and 2m and the boom can be set at 25m 33m or 50m

    the water is normally maintained at 28oc using 2 plate heat exchangers supplied with low pressure hot water generated by an onsite biomass boiler

    the water temperature can vary to suit the needs of the delegation

    an atmospheric temperature of 30oc is maintained by the ventilation system to prevent condensation within the pool hall

    the diving blocks are omega Platforms with take off timing and lane speakers

    the timing equipment is supplied by daxtronics and includes timing pads and starter box with visual and sound start

    the equipment runs omisport 2000 pro swimming software through an omisport 2000 swimming console

    there is a daxtronic galaxypro 80X192, rgB scoreboard which can display race time, split time, finish time and positions

    it can be used with a Hy-tEcH or sPortssystEM and can display swimmers and/or team names

    the lane dividers are Malmsten 150mm racing lanes

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    on siTe caMpus accoMModaTion the surrey sports Park is serviced by 1500

    university of surrey modern accommodation rooms on site (not available all year around)

    the rooms are single, en suite with internet connection

    they are in clusters of 5-8 around a shared kitchen area

    supporT services laundry services

    translation and interpreter services

    transport and logistics support

    on site security

    Full on site medical and hospital services

    Free car and coach parking

    parTner hoTel accoMModaTionthe Holiday inn guildford is a four star hotel located on the campus just a short walk from the surrey sports Park via a connecting footpath. the hotel has 168 fresh, light and airy bedrooms, 15 state of the art business suites and a spirit Health club. Holiday inn is part of the intercontinental Hotels group.

    guildford also has a wide range of alternative accommodation to suit all requirements and budgets all within 10 minutes drive from surrey sports Park. Please contact us for more information.

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    Performance ServiceS

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    perforMance TesTing: Maximal oxygen uptake sport specific

    threshold testing (lactate & Ventilatory) sport specific

    submaximal testing sport specific

    Hydration analysis

    nutrition analysis and consultation

    Body composition

    training load monitoring and evaluation,

    Field testing sport specific

    isokinetic dynomometry for strength testing performance focused

    recovery strategies ice/contrast bathing/biofeedback/questionnaires etc.

    sporTs Medicine Healthcare professionals on hand to provide





    TesTing: X-rays/Mri diagnostics

    Blood testing and full county pathology services including bespoke profiles

    Exercise induced asthma screening and management

    cardiac testing Ecg/Echocardiograms rest & exercise

    Physiotherapy services

    access and referral to private consultants across numerous disciplines

    surrey huMan perforMance insTiTuTe at our on-site surrey Human Performance institute, our practitioners work daily with athletes and coaches as part of their elite performance programmes. We work in multi-disciplinary teams to provide a holistic service that supports coaches and performance directors in helping to improve and monitor the training, preparation and performance of their athletes.

    What we do enables athletes to optimise training and practice; assists athletes to achieve peak performance at major tournaments and events, enables athletes and coaches to prevent, reduce and manage injuries; helps athletes and coaches to manage pressure and stress; and deploys performance enhancing technology, insight and analysis to enable athletes to develop strategies to support them for competition.

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    surrey sports Park is situated in the historic town of guildford at the university of surrey, just 40 minutes from london. located only 25 miles from london Heathrow airport and 40 mile