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  • Electric Stackers

  • Stacker are simple and effective solutions for Storage and Retrieval of Palletized load at vertical spaces inside the Warehouse, Logistics or Plant.

    1.First company to start the manufacturing of Stackers in India.

    (from last 33 years.)

    1.Designed for Flexible and Retrieval handling of Palletized Load.

    2.Increased Performance at Height .

    3.Comfortable Maneuverability in Narrow Aisles.

    4.Available in Pedestrian, Stand-On and Straddle versions.

    Brief Description about Stacker

  • 1. Available with options of DC as well as AC drives.

    2. Available in capacities ranging from 2000 to 5000 kgs.

    3. MOSFET programmable Stepless speed controller.

    4. Best gradient performance in its class.

    5. Safety features like

    a. emergency power cut off

    b. Anti-collision

    c. Pressure release valves and non-return valves against inadvertent situations.

    Brief Description about Stacker

  • Stacking & Retrieving of Palletized goods Height Upto 6.3 mtrs.

    Machine Loading applications :- Die loading (roller frame attachments over forks)

    Loading & Unloading operations on Trucks & Containers.

    Boom Attachment Handling of Coils of Wires, Rods, Paper Rolls etc.

    Tapered Forks Handling Reels, Textile Rolls,

    Block Stacking of palletized loads.

    Order Picking Cage Attachment over the forks

    Lifting Materials from Top Hook attachment below forks.

    EJD/ERD versions can be used to handle Two Pallets at a Time.

    Applications of the Stacker

  • Pedestrian Stackers

    Model Ranges offered by Josts

    Manual Stackers

  • Straddle Stackers

    Model Ranges offered by Josts

    Stand On Stackers

  • Model Ranges offered by Josts

    EJD / ERD

    EJD / ERD :- Pedestrian / Ride- On

    Capacity :- 2000 kgs.

    Width over Forks:- 570 / 670 / 750 mm

    Length of Forks :- 1150 (Mast)1100 (Arm)

    Lowered Height :- 90 mm

    Lift Height :- 1590 / 2490 mm

    Drive :- AC / DC

  • Manual Stackers

    Capacity :- 1000 kgsLength of Forks :- 1150 mmLowered Height :- 90 mmLift Height :- 1600 3000 mmWidth over Forks :- 550 mm

    Capacity :- 1000 kgsLength of Forks :- 1150 mmLowered Height :- 90 mmLift Height :- 1600 3000 mmWidth over Forks :- 580/695 mm



  • Pedestrian Stackers ST

    Capacity :- 1500 / 1700 kgs

    Length of Forks :- 1150 mm

    Lowered Height :- 90/95 mm

    Lift Height :- 800 6300 mm

    Width over Forks :- 570/680/750 mm

    WOF (Adjst.) :- 1000 mm (Optional)

    Drive :- AC / DC

    EJC 15/17

  • Stand-On Stackers

    Capacity :- 1500 / 1700 kgs

    Length of Forks :- 1150 mm

    Lowered Height :- 90 / 95 mm

    Lift Height :- 800 6300 mm

    Width over Forks :- 570 / 680 / 750 mm

    WOF (Adjst) :- 1000 mm (Optional)

    Drive :- AC / DC

    ERC 15/17

  • Straddle Stackers

    Type :- Pedestrian

    Capacity :- 1500 / 1700 / 2000 / 3000 kgs

    Length of Forks :- 1150 mm

    Lowered Height :- 90 / 95 mm

    Lift Height :- 800 6300 mm

    Width over Forks :- 1000 mm (Adjst.)

    Width Bet. Straddles :- 1250 mm

    Drive :- AC / DC

    EJB 15/17/20/30

  • Straddle Stackers

    Type :- Stand On

    Capacity :- 1500 / 1700 / 2000 / 3000 kgs

    Length of Forks :- 1150 mm

    Lowered Height :- 90 / 95 mm

    Lift Height :- 800 6300 mm

    Width over Forks :- 1000 mm (Adjst.)

    Width Bet. Straddles :- 1250 mm

    Drive :- AC / DC

    ERB 15/17/20/30

  • Model of your Truck. : EJC/ERC 15 17 EJB/ERB 15-17-20-30

    Type of Model : Stand-On / Pedestrian

    Load Capacity. : 1500/1700/2000/3000Kg

    Power Unit Battery : 24V, 195 or 330 Ah

    Drive & Hyd. Motor : DC/AC, 24 V

    Controller. : MOSFET

    Steering. : Manual

    Tyre : PU Bonded Wheel

    Max. Lift Height : 0.8 to 6.3 M

    Customized Solutions are also available on Customers Request.

    Technical Details of the Stacker

  • Long tiller-arm to walk by the side or pull afterwards

    Know Your Stackers

  • Know Your Straddle Stackers

  • Maximum Base Capacity : 1000 / 1700 / 2000 / 3000 kgs.

    Based on Drive : DC drive & AC Drive

    Based on Operations : Pedestrian operated & StandOn

    Based on Pallets :

    Open Pallets (Non reversible) :- EJC / ERC

    Closed Pallets ( Reversible & Non reversible) :- EJB / ERB

    Based on Mast Preference :

    PT mast :- 100 mm free lift & max. 4200 mm lift ht.

    PD mast :- Higher free lift & full lift up to 6300 mm.

    Based on Residual Capacity :

    ERC17V higher residual capacities

    Most Important Features of Equipment

  • 1. Battery power consumption :-

    a) Battery life - Typically 1000 charging cycles .which means 1000 shifts i.e. 1000 days i.e. say 3.33 years.

    2. Free lift :- up to 2300 mm with Max Close Ht 2825 mm.

    3. AC drive :-

    a) Reduces battery power consumption.

    b) Increases battery life. Other benefits over DC.

    4. Excellent Performance at Gradient .

    5. Josts Offers the Higher Residual Capacity at the Maximum elevated height.

    Key Performance Characteristics

    Important for the Usage of the Equipment.

  • Required conditions for using the Product

    evel flooring- smooth surface, Leveled properly, & No Pits.

    dequate Aisle Width (From Pallet to Pallet)

    allet Overhang should not be more than Designed Overhang

    dequate Door Height or Under Pass Height For Closed Mast Height.

    lear height of roof or ceiling- height For Extended Mast Height.

    aximum Rack Level Height should be 200 mm below the maximum lift height.

    ay load capacity ( Load) should conform to the residual capacity of the stacker at various heights.

    allet entry height should be more than the fork lowered height.

    he pallet size (Std.) :- 800 X 1200 or 1000 X 1200 or 1200 X 1200

    ottom beam in the racks for having more flexibility in using the stacker while storing and retrieving.

  • Robust chassis- Increased stability of the stacker ( Josts stacker chassis design keeps the CG low, by making it inherently safe with loads in raised position)

    Panoramic mast with cylinders at sides improved visibility.

    Carriage held by two chains Maintenance Point of View

    Low hinged corner handle in EJC model :-

    Provides good diagonal visibility to operator operation.

    Allows operator to maintain safe working distance from the equipment while moving along with the truck.

    Ergonomically Designed Drive & hydraulic operation buttons at tiller head (Finger touch)

    "Safe working angle of the handle" - a standard feature for Operators Safety.

    Key Performance Characteristics

  • EPC- Emergency cut-off switch - To stop the vehicle immediately during emergency.

    Belly button Push type switch for instant reverse of the travel.

    BDI with Hour Meter. with lift cut of at 80% battery discharge.

    AC drive :- Traveling speed, Lifting hours, Traveling hours & Fault code.

    Electromagnetic brake comes into operation during power-off condition.

    5 point contact of wheels provides better stability in Ride-on Versions (ERC & ERB)

    4 point contact in EJC version with one side drive & other side caster wheel provides increased stability.

    3 point contact in EJB with straddles placed wider provide improved stability.

    Twin tandem wheel in the straddles enable smooth roll over small bumps,pits.

    Key Performance Characteristics

  • Electro magnetic switch (@maximum lift position) precisely stops cylinder piston reaching to mechanical stop.

    It Prevents from sudden impacts & reduces swaying.

    MOSFET controller provides precise current required for drive motor.

    Mode selection in the controller Standard feature in Lift height of 6.0 & 6.3mtrs.

    To reduce drive speed above specific lift height.

    Battery roller bed for easy removal of battery.

    Hose burst valve in the cylinders to prevent sudden drop of the piston rod in case of sudden hydraulic disconnection

    Optional Duel Speed Selection (Only Ride On Versions) for limitating the maximum travel speed for pedestrian operation.

    Key Performance Characteristics

  • Over head Guard

    Reverse Buzzer

    Adjustable Forks

    Extended Forks

    Hook Attachment

    Boom Attachment

    Battery Options

    Optional Accessories

  • Safety against injury:- contoured body, robust body, power cut off in folded hand rest condition.

    Safety during starting:- delayed start (factory set)

    Safety while stopping:- auto power cut off while butterfly lever release, emergency power cut off.

    Safety while travel :- automatic dual speed limit selection mode, tandem load wheels for smooth operation, belly button for instant reversal of direction.

    Safety while steering :- sensitive handle - operable only in recommended tilt angle, maximum turning angle restriction with mechanical stopper.

    Safety while handling load :-

    Overload protection through controller current setting,

    Main Safety Features

  • Safety while handling the load :-

    Overload protection through sensing system,

    Power cut off during maximum lift,

    Mechanical stop at topmost lift point,

    Travel speed reduction above certain lift height,

    Only creep speed selection during stacking & retrieving,

    Lift lock at 80% batte