ELA 7&8 Collaborative Essay- School Uniforms

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ELA 7 & 8 Collaborative Essay: Persuasive Writing TOPIC: School Uniforms Together We: 1. Read 3 articles discussing the issue of school uniforms a. 1 read by teacher, 1 read out loud as a class, 1 read independently b. Identified unfamiliar words and defined them to deepen understanding (highlighted yellow) c. Highlighted all arguments in favour of uniforms green d. Highlighted all arguments against uniforms pink 2. Used a graphic organizer to compile our research 3. Formed an opinion and developed a thesis a. Used the Persuasive Thesis Generator to organize our thesis b. Corrected the grammar to “polish” our thesis 4. Used an online essay map to plan our essay 5. Wrote a persuasive essay a. Both grades contributed sentences through class discussion b. The teacher added and proof read sentences to the essay as they were discussed in class c. Both grades read over and approved the final draft Next Time We Will: Learn how to cite the sources we refer to (give credit where it is due!) THE ARTICLES: “School Uniforms: Pros & Cons” by Anne Svenson http://school.familyeducation.com/educationalphilosophy/individuality/38676.html “Should Kids Wear School Uniforms?” by Sherry Bowen http://www.eduguide.org/library/viewarticle/1401/ “An Argument Against School Uniforms” by Joel Hinckley (Student Piece) http://www.teenink.com/opinion/social_issues_civics/article/63606/AnArgumentAgainstSchool Uniforms/ THE PERSUASIVE ESSAY THESIS BUILDER: http://www.ozline.com/electraguide/thesis.php READWRITETHINK ESSAY MAP http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/essaymap/

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A persuasive essay against school uniforms. My ELA 7s and 8s collaborated on the planning and writing process. A great sample of student work.

Transcript of ELA 7&8 Collaborative Essay- School Uniforms

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ELA  7  &  8  Collaborative  Essay:  Persuasive  Writing    

TOPIC:  School  Uniforms    

 Together  We:  

1. Read  3  articles  discussing  the  issue  of  school  uniforms  a. 1  read  by  teacher,  1  read  out  loud  as  a  class,  1  read  independently  b. Identified  unfamiliar  words  and  defined  them  to  deepen  

understanding  (highlighted  yellow)  c. Highlighted  all  arguments  in  favour  of  uniforms  green  d. Highlighted  all  arguments  against  uniforms  pink  

2. Used  a  graphic  organizer  to  compile  our  research  3. Formed  an  opinion  and  developed  a  thesis  

a. Used  the  Persuasive  Thesis  Generator  to  organize  our  thesis  b. Corrected  the  grammar  to  “polish”  our  thesis  

4. Used  an  online  essay  map  to  plan  our  essay  5. Wrote  a  persuasive  essay  

a. Both  grades  contributed  sentences  through  class  discussion  b. The  teacher  added  and  proof  read  sentences  to  the  essay  as  they  were  

discussed  in  class  c. Both  grades  read  over  and  approved  the  final  draft  

 Next  Time  We  Will:  • Learn  how  to  cite  the  sources  we  refer  to  (give  credit  where  it  is  due!)  

   THE  ARTICLES:    “School  Uniforms:  Pros  &  Cons”  by  Anne  Svenson  http://school.familyeducation.com/educational-­‐philosophy/individuality/38676.html    “Should  Kids  Wear  School  Uniforms?”  by  Sherry  Bowen  http://www.eduguide.org/library/viewarticle/1401/    “An  Argument  Against  School  Uniforms”  by  Joel  Hinckley  (Student  Piece)  http://www.teenink.com/opinion/social_issues_civics/article/63606/An-­‐Argument-­‐Against-­‐School-­‐Uniforms/    THE  PERSUASIVE  ESSAY  THESIS  BUILDER:    http://www.ozline.com/electraguide/thesis.php    READWRITETHINK  ESSAY  MAP    http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/interactives/essaymap/  

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Caged  Up  Behind  Pleats  and  Plaid  A  Collaborative  Essay  by  Miss  Andi’s  Dandy  ELA  7  &  8s  

 Thesis:  Even  though  school  uniforms  reduce  crime  and  bullying  rates,  students  should  not  be  forced  to  wear  them  because  they  take  away  individuality  and  there  isn’t  enough  statistical  evidence  proving  that  uniforms  improve  schools.  Teaching  kids  that  they  are  not  one-­of-­a  kind  is  wrong.    

Can  you  imagine  having  to  wear  an  itchy,  ugly  skirt  all  the  time?  What  about  that  tight  button-­‐up  shirt  with  the  uncomfortable  suspenders  that  give  you  a  wedgie?  When  you  walk  into  a  school  would  you  rather  see  clones  or  individuals?  Even  though  school  uniforms  reduce  crime  and  bullying  rates,  students  should  not  be  forced  to  wear  them  because  they  take  away  individuality  and  there  isn’t  enough  statistical  evidence  proving  that  uniforms  improve  schools.  Teaching  kids  that  they  are  not  one-­‐of-­‐a  kind  is  wrong.  

By  making  students  wear  uniforms  we  are  teaching  them  that  it’s  easier  to  hide  individuality  than  to  embrace  it.  Putting  students  in  uniforms  is  preventing  self-­‐expression  that  can  be  expressed  through  clothing.  Students  are  supposed  to  learn  to  make  smart  decisions  but  how  are  they  supposed  to  learn  if  they  aren’t  allowed  to  make  decisions  at  all?  Uniforms  might  reduce  bullying  but  they  aren’t  teaching  students  to  be  accepting  of  themselves  and  others.  

Uniforms  don’t  really  stop  bullying.  They  just  cover  up  the  real  problem.  We  read  through  three  different  articles  and  found  only  one  study  that  said  uniforms  reduce  bullying  and  experts  said  that  this  wasn’t  just  because  of  uniforms.  Schools  are  not  teaching  confidence,  they  are  covering  it  up!  At  Delburne  Centralized  we  have  a  less  itchy  and  scratchy  way  of  helping  students  to  make  the  right  decisions.  We  have  the  DCS  Awards!  DCS  stands  for  Dedication,  Citizenship,  and  Spirit.  These  awards  give  students  freedom  to  be  themselves  while  being  rewarded  for  things  that  they  do  well.  We  don’t  need  silly  costumes  to  be  good  students.  It’s  not  Halloween.  

If  some  families  can’t  even  afford  food  how  can  they  afford  uniforms?  Even  though  uniforms  might  increase  student  grades,  they  also  increase  school  fees.  Students  still  have  to  wear  their  normal  wardrobes  on  the  weekend  which  means  they  need  two  wardrobes!    

Should  students  be  caged  up  behind  pleats  and  plaid?  You  be  the  judge!  Will  you  make  students  miserable  and  steal  their  identities  just  to  put  a  band-­‐aid  over  the  real  issues?  We  hope  not!  Think  about  freedom  of  expression.  Think  about  the  cost.  Think  about  the…  horrid  wedgies!