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Patent AnalyticsOur approach has been carefully shaped to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.Our Patent Analytics Services are: Patent Landscape Analysis Portfolio analysis Competitive Intelligence IP Watch Patent Valuation IP Asset Management IP Audit

Freedom to Operate (FTO) SearchFreedom to operate (FTO) searches, also known as Clearance Search or Right to Use Search identifies potential patent barriers to the commercialization of products or technologies.We identify published applications and unexpired patents (in a specific jurisdiction or worldwide) containing claims that could possibly indicate a risk of infringement by an inventive product or process of the client. The product/process features are mapped against the claim features of relevant patent references that are in-force in order to determine the degree of freedom to operate without infringing on existing patents.

State-of-art SearchOur State of the Art Search is designed to provide up-to-date information and progress in a specific technical field. It is the broadest of all patent searches which also provides an overall perspective of a particular technical field and is typically conducted prior to making a patent application, or prior to amendment of an existing patent application. This search involves a comprehensive review of all patent and non-patent literature thereby allowing client to update with the state of the art that exists already in a particular technology and then to build on it. It will also allow a company to spot new competitors and to identify new technological trends. Our State of the art search will help in making informed decisions in determining the direction for steering the R&D and prior to making further investments, mergers and acquisitions.Our state of art searches will also help you to make informed decisions, before incurring additional costs in relation to your patent strategies. This search includes all issued patent, published patents and other publications.

Docketing ServiceOur docketing services helps clients to manage and track patent portfolio using commercial docketing systems as well as platform independent delivery model.Deadlines are critical in managing intellectual assets. We keep track of all the pre-filing, post-filing and post-grant dates and deadlines associated with your patents and trademarks, upholding industry docketing standards.Whether you continue using your current docket software, or planning to move to a new fully-integrated solution, we have experience in major commercial IP docketing and management systems. We will perform the following tasks on your behalf through well-documented, best-practice processes and enabling you to focus on strategic issues, our services include: Process and docket all incoming actions from the Patent & Trademark Offices and from foreign associates. Upload all images associated with corresponding actions. Maintain database with respect to deadlines. Prepare docket reports. Distribute docket reports at predetermined intervals. Reminder phone calls/emails as required.

Patent Illustration/DrawingsOur approach has been carefully shaped to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.

Drawings are integral part of the patent documents. We provide both Utility and Design patent drawings as per the standard requirements of all major Patent offices. Our drawings are formally created using latest software and computer equipment by skilled illustrators.We translate our clients inventive and artistic concepts on to paper and help them in filing for IP protection with patent issuing authorities.

Patentability SearchOur patentability search involves searching the prior art, which includes published patent applications, issued patents, and any other published documents in light of your invention, with the aim of determining whether your patent application is worth pursuing based on the patentability aspects of the inventive concept. The basic purpose of a patentability search is to better assess the likelihood of securing patent protection for an invention.

This search answers the questions like your idea is truly novel or not, has it already been patented, has it been anticipated or rendered obvious. Since the cost of preparing, filing and prosecuting or attempting to prosecute a patent application is substantial, the search suggests will it be worth the cost to file a patent at all for the idea and will it be worth the effort and expense to fully develop and market your concept.This search not only makes the application process easier but also helps to strengthen the invention against issues of validity. The search report includes relevant patent and non-patent prior art references listed in a comprehensive manner. Patent search is conducted using public and subscribed patent databases that cover patents from around the globe. Non-patent literature search is conducted in the relevant technology domain using scientific databases.

Patent Design ServiceTo protect the novel ornamental look of an article of manufacture, Design protection is required. It is granted for protecting only the design of the invention and not the utilitarian features of the invention. We have extensive experience with preparation, filing, and prosecution of design applications. We discuss the important aspects of your design and develop a thoughtful strategy that will help you maximize the potential of your design patent.We assist our clients in obtaining protection for their designs either by filing for obtaining a patent or registering the said design.

Our services include: Procurement of design protection Due diligence relating to Design rights Infringements and Enforcement actions relating to Design rights Investigation & Watch Services Licensing of Design Rights Design searches Design Patent filings & prosecution

Patent Filing- National and PCTOur approach has been carefully shaped to take advantage of our unique combination of strategic insight, deep industry expertise and technology.When you want to protect your invention in more countries, PCT is the ideal route to protect your inventions and patents. We at Einfolge perform both, PCT and National stage filing; working with us will reduce your additional cost and save 30-40% less expensive than your current expense. Einfolge PCT filing process includes translations to respective country languages, preparation and filing of PCT national stage. Within 30 months from the priority date, the application enters the National Phase.

Einfolge has the required infrastructure, resources and attorney strategic tie-ups to file patents both at national stage and PCT Patents.We file national stage patents in US, China, Japan, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, Germany, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Korea, Malaysia, Macau, Columbia, Saudi Arabia and Middle East, Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa and all other major countries.

Corporate OfficeEinfolge Technologies Pvt Ltd.Business Centre, UG Floor,Innovator Block, ITPB, Whitefield,Bangalore-560066Phone +91-80-41880622 / 40988990Fax: +91-80-41880628